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All About Shrooms

The Apothecary
A long time ago (this was years ago, only Neopian veterans will remember) The Haunted Woods had a small little shop called The Apothecary. This shop sold several kinds of shrooms, some being very powerful and some being just food. Unfortunately this shop was closed on March 20th 2002. However, some of these ancient shrooms are still floating around in Neopia, and even though they are retired, they have kept their powers.

The Shrooms
So, what are all these ancient shrooms? What are their names and what do they look like? And most importantly, what do they do? In the table below you can see all the shrooms that The Apothecary used to sell.

Picture Name Effect
Bad Toadstool Decreases your pet's hitpoints and makes your pet unhappy.
Bloatershroom No effect, just food.
Blood Mushroom No effect, just food.
Blue Healthshroom Heals 1 hitpoint inside or outside the Battledome.
Flakyshroom No effect, just food.
Floatyshroom No effect, just food.
Green Healthshroom Heals 11 hitpoint inside or outside the Battledome.
Green Toadstool Heals 3 hitpoint inside or outside the Battledome.
Level Up Shroom Increases level by 1
Mega Power Plusshroom What this shroom does exactly is unknown. It will give your pet better stats. This shroom most likely increases your pet's defence.
Pink Toadstool No effect, just food.
Poisonous Mushroom No effect, just food.
This shroom used you give your pet Neopox until Neopets turned it into regular food. This happened because people were abusing the shroom to change their pet's diseases in a war a long time ago.
Propellorshroom No effect, just food.
Smellyshroom No effect, just food.
Spindly Mushrooms No effect, just food.
Strength Shroom Increases strength by 1-3
Super Fast Shroom Increases movement by 1-3
Tealshroom No effect, just food.
Ugly Mushroom No effect, just food.
Yellow Healthshroom Heals 15 hitpoint inside or outside the Battledome. Also cures your pet from any disease.

Other Shrooms
Apart from the shrooms sold at The Apothecary, there are also a few other Mystic Mushrooms that can be found in Neopia. These shrooms can be won by completing Jhudora's Quests. For more info about her quests check SunnyNeo's Jhudora's Cloud guide.

Picture Name Effect
Dark Shroom No effect, just food.
Gnome Shroom No effect, just a gourmet food.
Purple Spotted Shroom Either heals 3 hitpoints, increases hitpoints by 1 or increases strength by 1.
Toxic Shroom No effect, just food.

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