What Can You Do?
1. You are free to use any information on this website to enlighten yourself. Read and learn!

2. You may use our premade fonts and siggys on the Neoboards and Guilds.

3. You can edit our fonts and siggys all you want. The codes are meant to be templates and to give you ideas.

4. You can link to us! Actually, we would love it if you did that! You can find premade links on the Link to us page.

5. You are allowed to use the coding of our graphics to create your own. However, you must put the following clearly visible in your layout if you do this: Coding help from SunnyNeo. Preferably with one of our buttons.

Please use our coding for personal use only. If you want to make graphics for other people then use your own coding. We do not want any problems with third party users who are unaware or our creditting rules.

What Are You Not Allowed To Do?
1. DO NOT copy this site's content to your own website. This is called stealing and we will hunt you down if you do!

2. DO NOT claim our fonts and signatures are yours. You may use them, but you didn't make them. If you use our fonts you should be willing to give us credit for our hard work! Even if you use our fonts as a base to create your own it would only be fair to say you made your font with help from SunnyNeo.

3. DO NOT ask for a "tip", items or np in exchange for things we have made. These are free for a reason: because 1. it's against neopets rules and can/will get you frozen for it, and 2. we like helping people and charging or even hinting at payment for help is disgustingly immoral.

4. DO NOT remove the SunnyNeo and SN marks off our images. If your premade layout comes with a button or text that says the layout was made by SunnyNeo, don't remove that either! Pretending that something we made is your own work is considered stealing.

If you have any questions about what you can or cannot do, feel free to contact us.