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Pet Colour Creator

General Info
This page contains a colour creator, one for 150 x 150 pixel images. This colour creator can display all pets and their colours. It can also display moods, and battledome positions.

We also have another colour creator, one for small 80 x 80 Neobadges, that one can only do the happy and sad poses. You can find it here:
Neobadge Creator

Red X's
There are countless of combinations that will not give you an image, like a Carrot Wocky. it gives a red X. This happens because these images simply don't exist, Neopets hasn't made a Carrot Wocky.

Below you can see the Pet Colour Creator, by picking a colour, species, state and position, you can see any coloured pet out here.

The Position should be set on Regular in combination with the following States:
Angry, Beaten, Circle, Happy and Sad.

The Position should be set on Left or Right in combination with the following States:
Close Attack, Defended, Hit and Ranged Attack.


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