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Lunar Temple

What is the Lunar Temple?
On 16 February 2007 the first Shenkuu Lunar Festival was held. With this festival there was also the grand opening of the Lunar Temple.

In this temple a wise old Gnorbu lives, who observes the movement of the globes, and tracks them here on his chart in order to maintain the official lunar calendar for Shenkuu. The Gnorbu likes to play games, and will challenge you once a day to test your skills at accurately tracking the movement of moon Kreludor.

The challenge
What are you supposed to do in this challenge the Gnorbu poses? The Gnorbu will draw both Kreludor and Neopia on his canvas. Based on these positions you will be able to calculate which phase of Kreludor would most likely be seen from Neopia. An example of the canvas is shown below:

This is just an example canvas, yours will most likely be different, and it will change daily as well.

You can choose 16 different phases for the moon Kreludor will look like from a viewpoint of Neopia. These are shown below:

Picking your answer
How on earth should you know what the moon looks like from Neopia? Science is so dazzling and complicated! Don't you worry; there is a very simple way to find the answer.

First of all, go to the page with the puzzle you need to do, you can do so by clicking here.

Now you need to view the source of the page with the actual puzzle on it. The first page you go to when you go to the temple is not the same as the puzzle page. So make sure before you view the source that you are on the right page, you need to view the source of the page that has the options to pick which moon you want. There are two ways of opening source, whichever one you use is up to you. You can either right click on the background of the page and choose View Source, or go to View in the menu, and then choose View Source.

Note: if this doesn't work for you, then it is suggested that you clear your temporary internet files and restart your computer.

Now that you are in the source screen of the page press CTRL + F on your keyboard (or Edit, Search in the menu), a search window will appear. In this window you should enter (you can copy and paste this):

Now you will get a line that looks like this:

The number behind the word Kreludor is the one you need, you can disregard all the other things. Now you should copy the value into the next field and press calculate:


Alternatively you can click the link below to show the lunar table, so you can lookup the correct moon yourself.
Below you can see the items you could receive if you give the Gnorbu the right answer to his question:

Black Cherry Tea

Blue Moon Petpet Bed

Glow-in-the-Dark Moon

Golden Moon Comb

Green Tea Custard

Lotus Leaves

Lunar Astrolabe

Lunar Cape

(Click to Preview)

Lunar Chart

Mint Rolls

Moon and Star Stickies

Moon and Stars Background

(Click to Preview)

Moon Crunch Cereal

Moon Dust Scroll

Moon Orb

Moon Paving Stone


Moonlit Esophagor Stamp

Phases of the Moon

Snazzy Moon Comb

If you fill in the wrong answer, you will not go home empty handed!
You will receive any of the following items:

Bitten Green Apple

Neo Crackers

Orange Chicken

Rainbow Dung

Shenkuu Firecrackers

Shenkuu Lunar Festival Commemorative Guide

Shenkuu Postcard

Shenkuu Sushi Roll Magnet

Soggy Old Box

Soothing Stones

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