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Neopets has a new sponsor offer by Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2. In this offer you need to find 11 Foodimals around Neopia, answer daily trivia questions and play two games, Barry's River Run and I Spy A Foodimal.

Hidden Foodimals
There are 11 Foodimals hidden in Neopia. Each will be released over the next few weeks. You have to collect all the 11 of the Foodimals by clicking on the ads in order to earn the exclusive grand prize. When you collect the Foodimals you earn 1,000 Neopoints for each. This activity was meant to be only available for players in the USA, but something went wrong. See the quote from the Official Neopets Team Message Board below:

As many of you know, we have a new sponsor hub for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. (Hooray!) As according to the request from our sponsors, this hub is only available for players within the U.S. However, we have received reports that our non-U.S. players have been able to find and catch "Foodimals", which is an included feature for this hub. Although the Foodimals hunt was originally intended only for U.S. residents, there has been a mistake. Now that part of the hub has become accessible to our non-U.S. players, we do not intend to take this feature away. Please feel free to continue to benefit from any Foodimal finds and redeem them for Neopoints. Happy hunting! Sincerely, Your Friendly Neighbourhood Neopets Team

Foodimals Locations

Neopia Central
Collectable Coin Shop

Island Chef Academy
Wild Scallion

Faerie Caverns

Sophie's Stew

Shop ID starting with 1

Facebook section of Community Area
Fruit Cockatiel

Extreme Potato Counter

Roo Island

Kiko Lake

Giant Omelette

Springy Things

If you find all Foodimals, you will be rewarded with an exclusive, wearable prize:

Fruit Cocktail Glasses

(Click to Preview)

Trivia questions
For answering the trivia questions, you earn 1,000 neopoints each. New trivia questions are released daily and you cannot go back and answer previous ones. This activity is available for all players. You can access it by clicking on 'Earn Neopoints!' at the bottom of the Cloudy 2 page.

Trivia Questions
Questions Answers
Where is Flint from? Swallow Falls
Which character is known as the "cameraman"? Manny
What 3 ingredients does the Tacodile throw at Flint and company? Lettuce, cheese, tomatoes
What fruit does Barry most resemble? Strawberry
Why does Flint return to Swallow Falls? To destroy his FLDSMDFR
Who drives the boat that returns Flint and crew to Swallow Falls? Flint's Dad
Which characters accompany Flint into Swallow Falls? Manny, Sam, Brent, Earl, Steve, Tim
This Foodimal has a round green shape, a trunk, and likes water: Watermelophant
What fruit are the Flamangos made out of ? Mango
What does the Hippotatomus have in its mouth ? Butter and chives
What are the food monsters called ? Foodimals
Which food does Manny point out as the gang arrives at Swallow Falls ? Pie
What is the mountain in the middle of Swallow Falls made of ? Rock candy
Who invites Flint to join Live Corp ? Chester V
Where does Flint work now ? Live Corp
What does Flint want to use to deliver the crew back to Swallow Falls ? The grocery-deliverator
What food does Flint's dad fight the Pickle for ? Sardines
Who does Flint visit first before he leaves for Swallow Falls ? Sam
What syrupy area does the crew have to cross to get to Rock Candy Mountain ? Breakfast Bog
Which vegetable finds itself in the boat as the crew float through Swallow Falls ? A leek
Which character goes from barista to polista ? Earl
What utensil does Earl use to paddle the police cruiser boat ? Spoon
What kind of waterfall does the crew go over in their police cruiser boat ? Coconut
What are the Mosquitoast's eyes made of ? Raisins
What is the Wild Scallion made of ? Green onions
Where does the Sasquash live ? The mountains
What are the Fruit Cockatiel's wings made of ? Banana peels
What are the Cheespider's legs made of ? French fries
What famous breakfast staples make up the Breakfast Bog ? Syrup and pancakes
Which character talks through a Monkey Through Translator ? Steve
Which character is a weather reporter ? Sam
Which Foodimal resembles a dinosaur ? Wild Scallion
Which character wears a chicken suit ? Brent
What theme are Sam's pajamas after she answers the door ? Weather
Which is the first Foodimal that the gang befriends ? Barry

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