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Illusen's Glade

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General Info:
Illusen is a Faerie who has her home in Meridell; far, far away from Dark Faeries like Jhudora. According to her, Meridell is peaceful and serene. Illusen is a very busy faerie and has some jobs for you to do. If you help her out, she will reward you with an item once every few quests.

How to Play:
There are a total of 50 quests you can do for Illusen, after having completed all those quests you will restart at the beginning.

If you choose to help Illusen with her quests, she will ask you for an item. You will have 16 minutes to get her the item shes asked for, or you will need to restart at the very beginning, level 1. Don't be afraid though, to make things easier on you, you can use the Shop Wizard to find the items she's asked for.

In the beginning Illusen will ask you for very cheap, easy to find items. However, the further you move on in the quests, the more expensive and the harder the items she asks for will be. By the time you've reached level 34, Illusen will start asking for items with a rarity of 98 or 99, and at level 35 she will start asking for items with a rarity of 99 only. Mostly these items are so expensive that you cannot buy them at the shop wizard. You will need to depend on the trading post and auctions. This means you might fail the quest because the people who have such items might not be online. That way you might not be able to get the item you need within 16 minutes. Another difficultly is that you'll need a lot of money to be able to buy the items at the higher levels, possibly millions so make sure you're ready before you accept the higher levelled quests.

You can do an Illusen's Quest every 12 hours.

If you didn't know yet, Illusen and Jhudora are enemies for life. They hate each other more than anything, in fact, thats the reason why Illusen moved to her home in Meridell.

If you do one of Jhudora's Quests, Illusen will not be pleased. You will not be able to do one of her quests for 12 hours, thats how long it will take her to forgive you for your *mistake*.

On Jhudora Day on the 4th of February you can only do Jhudora's quest and Illusen will say:

Illusen's Glade

*Start Recording* Hello, my quests aren't very good. Maybe you should go to Jhudora and do a quest for her. *End Recording*

Below you can see a list of all rewards you will get for completing Illusen's Quests. You will not get a reward on every level.

Level 1
Illusens Cream Cookie

Level 3
Illusens Potion

Level 5
Illusens Comb

Level 8
Cucumber Eye Cream

Level 11
Illusens Novel

Level 14
Mud Mixture

Level 17
Flower Cake

Level 20
Rain Water Shampoo

Level 23
Rose Shake

Level 26
Earth Spell Book

Level 29
Leaf Shield

Level 32
Illusens Earth Potion

Level 35
Honey Potion

Level 38
Illusens Scroll

Level 41
Illusens Blade

Level 44
Leaf Taco

Level 47
Illusens Orb Plant

Level 50
Illusens Staff

When she asks for neohome items...
On the first levels of her quests, Illusen often asks for neohome items wuch as floor tiles and wallpapers. If you look for them with the Shop Wizard or Trading Post, you won't find them. It's because these neohome items are non-trade. You can actually buy them however. They are for sale at the Neohome Superstore. If your item is not listed, click on 'more' at one of the categories, to see a wider variety of items for sale.

Apart from items, you can also get avatars for completing Illusen's Quests.