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Coconut Shy

What is Coconut Shy?
Coconut Shy is one of the four games of chance located in the Deserted Fairground. For just 100 NP, you can throw a ball in an attempt to knock down a coconut. If you are successful, you will be awarded a prize!

Note: Since this is a site feature that gives out neopoint rewards and prizes, you may not play Coconut Shy on your side accounts. For more information look at our side accounts guide.

Visiting Coconut Shy
Once at the Deserted Fairground, click on the Coconut Shy booth to arrive at the game. Alternatively, you may enter via the Game Room.


Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by Leeroy, the rather ugly looking Quiggle who runs the booth.

Coconut Shy

Hit those nails in harder, you don't want... *ahem* Sorry, I didn't see you there. Hello and WELCOME to the Haunted Woods Fairground Coconut Shy. Just 100 of your finest Neopoints gets you a throw. Knock down a coconut and win TEN THOUSAND NEOPOINTS, plus a very special (and exclusive) prize!

Hitting the coconut earns you 50 NP, and if you nearly knock it down I'll give you 300.

Roll up, Roll up!

Playing Coconut Shy
To play, simply press "Start." It will show five coconuts of three different varieties lined up in a row, as shown in the image below.

To throw at one of the coconuts, aim and then click your mouse. Voila! Now, one of five things will happen.
  1. You missed.
    In this case, you lose your 100 NP and Leeroy laughs at you.

  2. You hit the coconut, but it only wobbled a little.
    Hey, it's better than nothing, right? You win 50 NP!

  3. You hit the coconut and it circles in its spot.
    Woohoo! You hit the coconut. You are awarded 300 NP.

  4. You hit the coconut and it falls down!
    SCORE. You win 10,000 NP, an evil coconut, and if it is your first time knocking down a coconut, an avatar! However, please note that there is a glitch in the game, and the screen will go blank if the coconut falls down. Therefore, you will not see a screen awarding you your prizes and avatar, but the prizes will still be added to account.

  5. You hit the coconut, and IT EXPLODES.
    Now, this is a very rare occurrence. But if you are lucky enough to have it happen to you, you will win 500,000 NP!!!
However, this is the Deserted Fairground, so obviously the games are rigged. More often than not, you'll just hit the coconut, but not manage to knock it down. You get 20 tries a day, though, so get going! At the end of your 20 tries, you will see the following message:

Tips for knocking down coconuts
All this advice should be taken with the warning that it is, still, a rigged game. Even the best methods are bound to fail from time to time.

By far the most successful method has been placing your cursor in the middle of the "a" in "play" of the "play again" button once you've made your first throw. This is known to be a highly effective method, but it does still come down to chance.

The second method is similar, and it simply involves aiming for the same coconut every time. It helps to aim for the bottom of the coconut (which is what the above method does, just with the middle coconut every time) and to be precise with every throw. There are speculations as to which size and color coconut is the most likely to fall down, but these likely have more to do with personal preference and the desire to see some sort of trend in this impossible game than with actual fact.

Also, if you find yourself getting frustrated that the cursor disappears once you try to throw, there is a trick for making it reappear. After right-clicking inside the game screen, move the cursor outside of the game screen and left-click. When you then move it back inside the game screen, you should be able to see it. This often helps beginners get a hang of the game and what to expect.

Evil Coconuts
The evil coconuts that you can win from Coconut Shy all belong on the evil coconuts page in your stamp album. There are 25 in total, and since they can only be won from Coconut Shy (with two exceptions, shown below the table) and go in your stamp album, they are worth quite a few Neopoints. Most of them hover around 95,000-99,999 NP, although a few are even UBs. The table below lists the coconuts in alphabetical order. They are all r101 (special).

Evil Coconuts

Angry Evil Coconut

Burning Evil Coconut

Damaged Evil Coconut

Golden Evil Coconut

Hairy Evil Coconut

Horned Evil Coconut

Infernal Evil Coconut

Light Brown Evil Coconut

Mini Evil Coconut

Moaning Evil Coconut

Monstrous Evil Coconut

One Eyed Evil Coconut

Painted Evil Coconut

Scorched Evil Coconut

Screaming Evil Coconut

Silent Evil Coconut

Sinister Evil Coconut

Sliced Evil Coconut

Stitched Evil Coconut

Tusked Evil Coconut

Ugly Evil Coconut

Vicious Evil Coconut

Wailing Evil Coconut
The Seasonal Evil Coconut was an Advent Calendar prize in Y6 and is now retired. Coincidentally, it is still much cheaper than all the other coconuts.
The Flaming Evil Coconut was originally a plushie given out as a Lenny Conundrum prize until it got remodeled. It is significantly more expensive than the other coconuts, so good luck finding it to complete your collection.
There is also an unnamed, unreleased coconut that will likely never be released due to the stamp album page already being full.

Battledome Challenger

Mr. Chuckles
Refresh at Coconut Shy




Upon knocking down a coconut for the first time, you will be awarded the Evil Coconut avatar.

Evil Coconut
You get this avatar the first time you knock a coconut off in the game Coconut Shy. Knocking down a coconut is random. Exploding the coconut will not get you the avatar.

There is no strategy to knock off coconuts, the best thing you can do is aim well. If you place your mouse in the second a of the word 'again' your aim should be hitting the middle coconut.

Evil Coconut


Neopian Times Editorial


The NT Editorial is filled with countless inside jokes, and one of them revolves around our very own Wailing Evil Coconut. Way back when, he would often appear below a question screaming, "GOOD NIGHT!" Recently TNT has gotten more creative, and appearances have been spotted of the coconut wearing a Santa hat and even a party hat. Who knows where the fun will go in the future...

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