What is the Esophagor?
Living in the ground under the Haunted Woods, the esophagor is always hungry. When he rises out of the ground, he will always find *something* to eat. So the next time you hear the floor shake... make sure you have some food on you to feed to this beast.

The Esophagor is located near the bottom of the map in the Haunted Woods.
Haunted Woods Map
Doing two of his quests will give you the answers to the Brain Tree's quests. You are allowed to do an unlimited number of Esophagor Quests, whereas you are only allowed to do one Brain Tree Quest a day.

If you are doing Esophagor Quest to get the answers for the Brain Tree, you must accept the Brain Trees Quest first before completing the Esophagor's Quest in order to get the correct answers.

How To Complete An Esophagor Quest
To start an Esophagor Quest, you just click on "Sure I will find you food".

The Esophagor will ask for 1-3 spooky foods, ranging from cheap to expensive. You can see a list of items he asks for below: 
Esophagor Request Items
Last Updated: August 09, 2018
Total Items: 30
This is one delicious burger, if it doesnt eat you first.

Beast Burger

Someone has strategically bled on this toast to make eyes and a mouth.  How thoughtful.

Bloody Ghost Toast

These delicious truffles are shaped like little skulls, and have strawberry filling inside.

Box of Skull Truffles

Eat them while they last! Blink and theyll be gone!

Chocolate Jack-O-Lantern Chip Cookie

If Count von Roo could eat food, he would probably appreciate this cake quite a bit.

Coffin Cake

Eat these delicious buns and repel vampires all at the same time.

Count Cross Buns

These chips are actually quite healthy, and festive at the same time!

Crispy Pumpkin Chips

Just like a deviled egg, only made from pumpkins.

Deviled Delight

The only steak that will fly away if you are too slow...

Deviled Steak

Nobody ever asks what its made from, nobody wants to know...

Devilish Cake

You never know what is going to end up in Ednas brew!

Ednas Spooky Brew

A rather odd looking bap filled with lettuce, tomato and some strange purple stuff.

Eliv Thade Sandwich

Umm... eewww. Why would someone even make this?


Odd, when you try to bite down on this burger, your teeth just pass right through it.

Ghost Burger

Oh, that poor ghost is trapped forever in this soup...

Ghostly Soup

This nightmare goes hand in hand with the Turkey Monster.

Gravy Nightmare

Run Jinjahs, run!

Halloween Jinjah Platter

This rather spooky gingerbread house is quite fancy.

Holiday Gingerbread Mansion

A large meal to fill your young ones. Toe lint now available as an extra bonus.

Large Grundo Toe With Lint Side Order

A big meaty pot pie made almost entirely from pumpkin!

Pumpkin Pot Pie

The perfect treat for any time you are feeling spooky!

Slime Ghostkersandwich

Slime from all over Neopia is gathered to make this soup.

Slime Soup

Take a mouldy cone, add some cream and a fresh snail and you have this cool treat.

Snail Cream Cone

Eat it before it eats you!

Spooky Raspberry Pie

Hot and soothing for the ghostly stomach.

Steamed Ectoplasm

Hot fries with a delicious topping of red... oh. Oh dear.

This Isnt Chili Cheese Fries

Eww its dribbling!

Tongue Wrap

Long feared without a delicious spread of peanut butter, in undeath, celery becomes an even more fearsome foe.

Undead Celery

Once this was a vanilla sponge cake but its previous owner carelessly left it too close to Ednas spell book.

Vanilla Ghost Cake


Walking Carpet

You will have a limited amount of time to complete the Esophagor's Quest, anywhere between 1-3 hours. Once you have all the items he is asking for, you return back and click on "I have your food."It will allow you to turn in multiple attempts-- so if you get 2 of the 3 items and turn them in, you can return again afterward and give him the last item you forgot.

Esophagor Rewards
The rewards are different depending on if you are on a Brain Tree Quest at the time of completion or not. If you are on a Brain Tree Quest, the first Esophagor quest will give you the answer to the year the person has died; the second quest will give you the answer to the location where the person has died.

If you are not currently on a Brain Tree Quest, you still will be rewarded with a treat! These are rarely worth very much, so it is advised to not do Esophagor quests for rewards unless it is very cheap items he is asking for. Otherwise, do Esophagor quests for Brain Tree answers only.

These are some of the prizes you can get from doing the Esophagor's Quest:
Esophagor Quest Prizes
Last Updated: August 06, 2020
Total Items: 10
They taste a bit TOO leathery to be a cookie, Im sure they added some other ingredient.

Bat Cookie

The perfect treat for any time you are feeling spooky!

Chokato Ghostkersandwich

Courgette Ball

Dragonbuds help keep nasty bugs and aphids at bay.  It likes nothing better than munching on the troublesome pests.


Odd, when you try to bite down on this burger, your teeth just pass right through it.

Ghost Burger

Just what every Neopet wants, a Green Kacheek Plushie :)

Green Kacheek Plushie

This Tapira-themed cake is quite spooky.

Halloween Tapira Cake

Ick, this toast has black stuff splashed on it.

Ichor Ghost Toast

Now your breath can smell like an orange.

Orange Mouthwash

If you have been struck by darkness use the Seek Visor to have perfectly clear vision.

Seek Visor