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What is the Charity Corner?
The Charity Corner is where you can donate Neopoint or NC items.

Granny Hopbobbin is trying to get as much help as she can to help those affected by the Wraiths due to The Wraith Resurgence.

The Charity Corner

This year, the Wraiths brought in something rather nasty and left everyone reeling in their wake. Granny Hopbobbin needs your help to make a difference to those affected. Join the Make a Difference Drive to donate absolutely anything you think will help the needy. Your generosity will go a long way in helping to reestablish Neopians who faced the wrath of the Wraiths! Oh, and in case you haven't heard already, Granny's doing things a bit - differently - this year. Why don't you go over and talk to her? She'll tell you all about it.

Donate Neopoint Items
Things have changed this year and you don't need to donate on specific categories. You can donate any Neopoint Items. To donate items, simply pick items from your inventory. It appears this time around you can donate any rarity combination instead of the rarity rules of the past. However, you cannot donate retired items.

Once you click Donate Neopoint Items, you are then lead to a screen where you can fill in items to donate.

Once you have five items entered in, you can then click on the yellowed Donate button. This will trigger your reward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the rarity of the items I donate affect the points I earn?
Yes, the higher the rarity of an item you donate, the higher the points you earn for it.

For how long will the Make a Difference drive be available?
The Make a Difference Drive will start on the 12th of March at 10:00:00 NST and will go on for 11 days, ending on the 23rd of March at 10:00:00 NST.

How do I donate items to the Make a Difference Drive?
Head over to the Charity Corner hub page. For NP items, click Donate NP Items and pick items you want to donate from your inventory. These items will show up when you click on the drop down menus. Once you have selected all the items you want to donate, click Donate and contribute to the drive. Every item donated will earn you points that you can redeem at the prize shop after the event ends. For NC items, complete Step 1 by buying a pack of your choice and proceed to Step 2 to donate from your inventory. Items donated here will earn you a receipt that you can redeem at the Gift Shop immediately.

I have donated but havenít got any prizes in return. When can I expect them?
Every donation will earn you points. Since Granny believes that charity should be for the sake of helping those in need and not a means to earn prizes, you can redeem the points you earn for something else instead. Something special that she has arranged for you by pulling some strings and getting in touch with some very influential people. At the end of the event, go over to the prize shop to redeem your points for these boons. Psst, donít go telling you heard it from us!

Is there a specific kind of item you are looking for?
No. Anything you donate can and will make life a little better for those Neopians who have lost their homes and hearths to the destructions. From food to books to toys to everything else in between, every donation you make will earn you points that you can later redeem.

What can I donate to the Make a Difference Drive?
Absolutely anything! Granny is looking to rehabilitate all Neopians affected by the Wraiths and anything you can come forward with will go a long way in making that a success. Rest assured; your generosity wonít go unnoticed. Though Granny insists charity is only for the sake of charity this year, a little birdie told me she has something grand planned out! Granny will reward you with points for every item you donate to the drive and you can redeem your points at the prize shop for something extra special. Extra special what, you ask? You will have to find out, wonít you? At the end of the event, you will also receive a trophy and bonus prizes!

What is the Make a Difference Drive?
Charity Corner is an annual charitable event run by Granny Hopbobbin. The Year 20 version of the event is called the Make A Difference Drive as this year, the kindly Granny has decided to lend a hand and make a difference to the lives of all those who have been affected by the war against the Wraiths. You can join in and help make her event a roaring success by donating as many items as you possibly can. There are no limits to what or how much you can donate so be extra generous. Now, donít go ask Granny what you are getting in return for your generosity. She will probably tell you off but we have it on good authority that something special is coming your way. Make sure to visit the prize shop at the end of the event.

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