Random Event Generator

With this generator you can create your own Random Events that look just like the ones from Neopets. On Neopets, different types of random events exist. There is the regular random event, and the special ones you can get in Tyrannia (brown) and Terror Mountain (blue). There are also events for unlocking an avatar or site theme. We've also added a fifth option, which is to create your own random event, that doesnt look like the one's on neopets at all. Choose what type of event you would like to customise and create your own random event, like this one for instance:

Something has happened!
It has started to rain, and you realise you've forgotten your umbrella. Best get back home quickly!
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    Please keep in mind that you cannot create random events in order to trick someone into believing that they have received something that they have not received. Read the entry from the Neopian Times Editorial below, for more information.

    Hey, I wanted to know, are fake random events against the rules or not? Please let me know, I've been dying to find out! ~ vwbuglvr2008
    If they are malicious in nature or meant to make someone think they received something that they have not, then yes, it is against the rules. If it is obviously not from Neopets and something amusingly benign, such as, "A dragon walks by and steals your socks" then it is fine. You have no idea how much mail we get because someone got a fake faerie paint brush Random Event in a shop and never got the item. =/ Please use your best judgment. If you have doubts whether or not it is appropriate or against the rules, simply don't use it.

    This is question 3554, archived from Editorial Issue 224.

    Make your random event

    Below you can make your own random event. It is very simple to make one, right below this text you see a random event, as you change the information in the fields below the random event will update to show you your progress. If at any moment you feel like you are done, just copy the code in the HTML code field, this code will automatically update.

    Something has happened!
    0 This is where your description will go!
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