Rainbow Pool

What is it?
The SunnyNeo Rainbow Pool is an expanded version of the Neopets Rainbow Pool. While the Neopets Rainbow Pool only shows images of converted pets, our rainbow pool offers more.

On each pet it will show you the date is was released and how you can obtain this specific pet-colour combination. Also you can see all facial expressions of all pets, such as happy, sad and angry. In addition to that you can also see how a pet will look without clothes, as well as which clothes are available (if any). As male and female pets look slightly different, for both gender types you can see all facial expressions. This rainbow pool also shows you what an unconverted pet looks like in this colour combination if it is available. On all older pets, you can also see what they looked like before customisation was invented.

How does it work?
Below you can see two dropdown boxes, one that says All Species, and one that says All Colours. You can use these two to find a specific pet-colour combination, by setting both. If you only set one of both, for instance Biscuit, you will see all available Biscuit pets. Similarly if you set the All Species dropdown to Kougra, you will see all available Kougra colours. Once you've found the pet of your choice you can click on it for more detailed information.

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Glowing Pets

GlowingReleased: February 9, 2001
PB name: Glowing Paint Brush
Estimated Price: 330,000 NPS
Available From: Glowing Paint Brush, Fountain Faerie, Premium Perk; Random Possibilities: Lab Ray, Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water, Feeding Glowing Jelly

Glowing is available in 50 species

View PB Clothing
The icon indicates whether a specific painted pet comes with clothing. You can click on the pet to see additional information.

Glowing is unavailable in: