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Neopets Premium is the paid membership of Neopets. If you pay for Premium membership, you will be able to get extra features on the site. These features are designed to provide a more convenient gameplay and other exciting perks. This page is designed to give you an overview of those features and perks so you can make an informed decision of whether or not this service would be worth paying for to you.

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Signing Up/Managing Membership

How to Sign Up

In order to sign up for Premium Membership, please click here. You will be prompted to follow a series of steps to activate Premium Membership.

Payment and Billing for Premium

When you first sign up for Premium, you will be asked to select a membership plan (one month, four months, or one year). Prices are shown below.

Payment information is automatically posted in U.S. currency (dollars, $). If you are outside the U.S., the conversion during payment is done automatically according to the current exchange rate.

Once you select a payment plan, you will then be prompted to log in using your Neopets account information. At this point, you will be asked to fill in your payment information; you can pay for Premium membership using only either a credit card or a Paypal account. Once your information has been filed, you will be automatically billed once every month, every four months, or every year (depending on your membership plan).

Credit Card
You can use any of the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover. You can also use debit cards from the same companies.

If you choose to pay using this method, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information (including number, name, and billing address). Payments will be taken directly from your bank account upon each recurring payment date.

Paypal is an online payment system to pay for articles or services online. You can use paypal as a service between your bank account and the receiving person, or between your credit card and the receiving person. This increases the safety of the transfer, because the receiving person does not get to see your bank account or credit card number. This is why this option is recommended for safety reasons.

How does it work? You can only pay for Neopets through paypal if your account is verified. After you have signed up for paypal, your account has not yet been verified. You can verify it either by adding credit card information to your account, or by linking paypal to your bank account. The latter goes as follows. Paypal will send you two small amounts of money (under 10 cents mostly) to your bank account, this will take about a day (on the site it says 5-6 days, ignore that, check your bank account the next day. If the two small amounts of money have arrived then you will need to enter these two numbers into the verification process on paypal. After you've done this your account is verified and ready for the payment of premium.

Please Note
After you have signed up, it can take up to one day for your Premium membership to be activated (although it will typically occur within a few hours). This is necessary to ensure that your Paypal account has been verified or that your bank account will be able to provide the funds necessary for Premium Membership. The first indication that your Premium Membership has been activated will be the appearance of the Premium toolbar (at the bottom of your screen) and the absence of advertisements.

Managing Membership

Once you become a Premium member, you can manage your membership by clicking here. You will be asked to log in, and, once you do, you will see something similar to the following:

On this page, you can see the following:

  • Current Plan: The membership plan you currently have, with an option to cancel membership. If you have the one month or four month memberships and have not previously selected to upgrade, there will also be a link to upgrade your membership plan, as well.

  • Next Plan: The membership plan you have selected to upgrade to (if applicable).

  • Payment Method: The current method you are using for payment of Premium membership (credit card/Paypal), with an option to alter your payment source.

  • Next Billing Date: The date on which you will receive your next recurring bill for payment; this is indicative of the date on which you first purchased Premium and varies from person to person.

  • Next Billing Amount: The amount you will be charged on your next billing date.

  • Upgrading/Downgrading Membership

    If you decide to try Premium Membership for one month without committing to an entire year (or four months) and you find that you enjoy it enough to upgrade to a longer payment plan, you will be able to do so on this page. Next to your Current Plan, there will be an option to upgrade your membership. Your membership plan will be upgraded at the start of your next billing cycle. Therefore, if you purchased one month of membership on the 23rd of the month and decided to upgrade to a four month plan on the 26th, you would be charged $24.95 on the 23rd of the following month, after your first month had been completed.

    There is currently no option to downgrade membership. Therefore, if you have a four month recurring membership plan, there is not an option to return to a one month membership plan. However, you can always cancel your four month membership and, when that expires, you will be able to sign back up for a one month recurring payment plan, if that is your desire. In the long run, this should not affect your premium membership or any of the perks, although you might notice a brief period where your premium membership disappears until the new plan is enacted.

    Cancelling Membership

    As you can see on the Membership Management page shown above, there will be a link at all times to cancel membership, should you choose to do so. If you find that you no longer have the funds to support the membership or the time to continue playing Neopets, it is easy and convenient to cancel membership (now, at least - this was not always the case!). Once you have decided to cancel your membership, you will be asked to fill out a brief survey about why you have decided to cancel your membership. Upon submitting that, your membership will be canceled.

    If you change your mind and decide that you would still like to have premium membership, you will have the option of reactivating it at any point before your current membership plan expires. Your membership will not immediately end; rather, it will continue through the end of your current billing cycle, at which point it will expire. Therefore, if you purchase a one year membership plan in February and cancel it in March, you will still have Premium Membership until February of the following year - you will simply not be charged at the next billing cycle.

    When your membership expires, you will lose all of the Premium perks that you obtained. More information on how the perks are affected by cancelling your membership can be seen under each of the perks listed on this guide.