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Neopets Premium is the paid membership of Neopets. If you pay for Premium membership, you will be able to get extra features on the site. These features are designed to provide a more convenient gameplay and other exciting perks. This page is designed to give you an overview of those features and perks so you can make an informed decision of whether or not this service would be worth paying for to you.

Below you can see an overview of all the information we have collected, divided into smaller easy to read pieces. Click on a topic to make this information appear.

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Changes from Former Premium Membership

As you might know, premium membership experienced a huge overhaul in the summer of 2012 (Y14). During this time, premium was completely renovated to remove many of the unnecessary features of premium and add new useful features, but there were a few big (and somewhat disappointing for many premium members) changes that occurred, as well.

Premium E-mail Service
Premium membership used to feature an e-mail service hosted by a third party; however, TNT removed this feature to avoid relying on a third party for any Neopets features. With this feature, premium members could create their own [email protected] e-mail address; this was much different than neomail and could be used to send e-mails to any and all non-neopets e-mail addresses. Through the webmail service, premium member would also receive 'Something has happened!' e-mails, which held neopoints and/or an item.

Alias Accounts
Another featured that TNT removed with the new premium service was that of alias accounts. Premium members used to be able to connect a side account to their main account as an "alias" - although premium members were still not allowed to generate neopoints on their alias accounts, they could use this feature to apply some of the premium perks (like no advertisements, access to the Premium Portal, and another webmail address) to their alias side account.

The easiest way that members used to be able to sign up for premium membership was by receiving a referral from an already-premium member. This, of course, has changed to allow anyone interested in premium membership to sign up. Premium members got rewards for referring a certain number of new premium users; some of these prizes included the space faerie site theme, avatar, and lucky space faerie charm that are now automatically awarded to all premium users. More information on the prizes can be found on the Referral Awards page.

Premium Portal
Another thing removed from the premium membership was the Premium Portal. The Premium Portal had customisable sections, which allowed users to choose which ones they wanted on it, and which they did not want displayed.

Sections included:
Quick Links, News Module, Super Shop Wizard, Neofriends, Neopets e-mail, Neomail Module, Neopets Stocks, Beta Testing, Reference, Portal Feedback, Real Stocks, Calendar Clock, My Weather, Neopian Weather, Directions, Movies, Random Game, Plushie Tycoon, Multiplayer Competition, Site stats, Your Neopet Info, My Items, My Trades, My Auctions, My Highscores, Favourites, Calculator, NeoPoll, Great Games, Guilds, Boss Button and Dailies bar.

Many premium members found a strong majority of the things contained in the portal to be unnecessary and provide no improvement to the Neopets experience. For example, the Portal used to have a section about Neopets weather and the real stock market (not just the Neopets version), a link to find directions, movie times and locations, and more. Some of the information in the Portal was redesigned into the new Premium Toolbar, but a strong majority of the links and options were simply removed from the membership. There was also a portal view, which was an alternate way of browsing neopets, which can be seen below:

Not all features from portal have been replaced. For instance, your portal would allow you to see exactly when your neofriends had last been seen online (in days, hours or online now).

It would also show you your 5 most active stocks (easy to keep eye out on whoich ones to sell).

Both the portal and portal view also had some nice features that are now gone. For instance it would quickly show you offers on trades, auctions updates, new guild messages, whether it was your move in a multiplayer game and status updates on your plushie tycoon.

Beta Game Testing
Premium members also used to be able to test all beta versions of games and features before TNT released them to the general public. Although the games never awarded neopoints or game scores, it was still a perk that was removed with the installation of the new premium membership. However, when the new battledome closed beta was released, premium members were still given first priority for gaining access, so this perk could still present itself if a few ways.