Map Links

This page is intended to provide direct links to all map locations in Neopia. Some site events recently have had steps that are hidden in certain lands, but in random locations for each user. This page will show all the possible links for each land.

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Altador Main Map
Altador Cup
Altador Water Distribution Plant
Altadorian Archives
Altadorian Archives - Archivist
Altadorian Archives - Archivist, list of clues
Altadorian Archives - Archivist, book
Altadorian Archives - Notice Board 1 (Herbalism Club)
Altadorian Archives - Notice Board 2 (Mining Club)
Altadorian Archives - Notice Board 4 (Engineering Club)
Altadorian Archives - Notice Board 5 (Alchemy Club)
Altadorian Archives - Notice Board 6 (Astronomy Club)
Altadorian Docks
Exquisite Ambrosia
Hall of Heroes
Hall of Heroes - Observatory
Hall of Heroes - Observatory Telescope
Hall of Heroes - Jerdana Statue
Hall of Heroes - Siyana Statue
Hall of Heroes - Kelland Statue
Hall of Heroes - Florin Statue
Hall of Heroes - Torakor Statue
Hall of Heroes - Janitor
Hall of Heroes - Marak Statue
Hall of Heroes - Fauna Statue
Hall of Heroes - Psellia Statue
Hall of Heroes - Gordos Statue
Hall of Heroes - Sasha Statue
Hall of Heroes - King Altador Statue
Hall of Heroes - Council Chamber
Hall of Heroes - Council Chamber Story
Illustrious Armoury
Legendary Petpets
Magical Marvels
Old Follies Farm
Perfectly Flat Rock Quarry
Restive Tomb


Brightvale Main Map
Brightvale Armoury
Brightvale Books
Brightvale Colouring Pages
Brightvale Fruits
Brightvale Glaziers
Brightvale Motery
Royal Potionery
Wheel of Knowledge
Wise Old King


Faerieland Main Map
Faerie Bubbles
Faerie Caves II
Faerie City
Faerie Cloud Racers
Faerie Foods
Faerie Furniture
Faerie Paint Brushes
Faerie Personality Quiz
Faerie Quests
Faerie Weapon Shop
Faerieland Bookshop
Faerieland Colouring Pages
Faerieland Employment Agency
Faerieland Petpets
Healing Springs
Hidden Tower
Jhudora's Bluff
Maths Nightmare
Poogle Racing
Rainbow Fountain
The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity
Wheel of Excitement

Haunted Woods

Haunted Woods Main Map
Neovia Map
The Deserted Fairground Map
Almost Abandoned Attic
Apple Bobbing
Carnival of Terror
Chesterdrawers' Antiques
Coconut Shy
Cork Gun Gallery
Deserted Fairground Scratchcards
Game Graveyard
Ghost Paint Brushes
Halloween Paint Brushes
Haunted Marketplace
Haunted Weaponry
Haunted Woods Colouring Pages
MAGAX: Destroyer II
Neopet Masks
Neovian Printing Press
Prigpants & Swolthy, Tailors
Sophie's Shack and, grudgingly, Prize Shop
Spooky Food
Spooky Furniture
Spooky Petpets
Stone Dome
Tale of Woe - Player Stats
Tale of Woe - Puzzle Solutions
Test Your Strength
The BRAIN Tree
The Castle of Eliv Thade
The Crumpetmonger
The Esophagor
The Gypsy Camp
The Gypsy Camp Conversation
The Haunted House
The Tale of Woe
The Wheel of Misfortune
The Witch's Tower

Jelly World

Jelly World Main Map
Bouncy Supreme
Giant Jelly
Green Jelly
Jelly Blobs of Doom
Jelly Foods
Jelly World Colouring Pages

Kiko Lake

Kiko Lake Main Map
Glass Bottom Boat Tours
Kiko Lake Carpentry
Kiko Lake Colouring Pages
Kiko Lake Treats

Krawk Island

Krawk Island Main Map
Anchor Management
Bilge Dice
Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbucking Academy
Dubloon Disaster
Food Club
Forgotten Shore
Fungus Cave
Governor's Mansion
Krawk Island Colouring Pages
Krawk Island Fashions
Krawk Island Nippers
Smugglers Cove
Stowaway Sting
The Golden Dubloon
The Krawk Island Deckball Championships
Treasure of the Black Pawkeet
Warf Wharf


Kreludor Main Map
Booktastic Books
Cafe Kreludor
Kreludan Homes
Kreludan Mining Corp.
Kreludor Colouring Pages
Meteor Crash Site 725-XZ
Neocola Machine

Lutari Island

Lutari Island Main Map
(Other areas of Lutari Island are not accessible)


Maraqua Main Map
Maraquan Ruins Main Map
A Myterious Statue
Attack of the Revenge
Collectable Sea Shells
Curse of Maraqua Plot
Jubble Bubble
Maractite Marvels
Maraqua Colouring Pages
Maraquan Neohomes
Maraquan Petpets
Petpet Plunge
Sea Slug
The Bubbling Pit
Ye Olde Fishing Vortex


Meridell Main Map
Attack of the Slorgs
Cheese Roller
Double or Nothing
Escape from Meridell Castle
Extreme Potato Counter
Grumpy Old King
Guess the Weight
Illusen's Glade
Invasion of Meridell
Kayla's Potion Shop
Kiss the Mortog
Meri Acres Farm
Meridell Castle
Meridall Rubbish Dump
Pick Your Own
Potato Counter
Round Table Poker
Symol Hole
Turdle Racing
Ultimate Bullseye II
Ye Olde Petpets

Darigan Citadel
Darigan Citadel Colouring Pages
Darigan Toys
Lord Darigan's Chambers
Minions of Darigan
Petpet Battles


Moltara City Main Map
Moltara Caves Main Map
Cave Glider
Cog's Togs
Dark Cave
Igneot's Cave
Lampwyck's Lights Fantastic
Magma Pool
Moltara Gilded Pages
Moltara Town Hall
Moltaran Books
Moltaran Petpets
Molten Morsels
Obsidian Quarry
Tangor's Workshop
The Water Tower
Tunnel Tumble

Mystery Island

Mystery Island Main Map
The Lost City of Geraptiku Main Map
Cooking Pot
Deserted Tomb
Geraptiku Colouring Pages
Geraptiku Petpets
Haiku Generator
Leaving the Island
Mynci Beach Volleyball
Mystery Island Kitchen
Mystery Island Marketplace
Mystery Island Training School
Mystery Island Volcano
Secret Ninja Training School
The Beach
The Mystery Island Mystic
The Parrot on the Hill
The Rock Pool
Tiki Tack
Tiki Tack Tombola
Tiki Tours
Trading Post
Tropical Food Shop

Neopia Central

Neopia Central Main Map
The Neopian Bazaar Map
Neopian Plaza Map
Alien Aisha Vending Machine
Battle Magic
Chocolate Factory
Collectable Card Shop
Collectable Coins
Defence Magic
Defenders of Neopia
Ever Stocked General Store
Gourmet Club
Grooming Parlour
How to Draw
How to Draw Faeries
How to Draw Neopets
How to Draw Petpets
How to Draw Random Items & Characters
Hubert's Hot Dogs
Kauvara's Magic Shop
Magical Bookshop
Neohomes NP Superstore
Neopets Art Gallery
Neopets Poems
Neopets TCG
Neopian Auction House
Neopian Fresh Foods
Neopian Furniture
Neopian Garden Centre
Neopian Gift Shop
Neopian Health Foods
Neopian Music Shop
Neopian Pharmacy
Neopian Post Office
Neopian School Supplies
Petpet Supplies
Plushie Palace
Shop of Offers
Smoothie Store
Storytelling Competition
The Bakery
The Coffee Cave
The Deep Catacombs (Art Centre)
The Deep Catacombs (Art Centre) 2nd link
The Kadoatery
The Money Tree
The National Neopian Bank
The Neopian Hospital
The Neopian Marketplace
The Neopian Petpet Shop
The Neopian Pound
The Neopian Second-Hand Shoppe
The Rainbow Pool
The Rainbow Pool (2nd link)
The Soup Kitchen
Toy Shop
Unis Clothing Shop
Welcome Center (Pet Central)
Wishing Well

Temporary and Sponsor Areas:
Kid Cuisine
Movie Central
Nickelodeon Slime Park


Neovia Main Map
Apple Bobbing
Chesterdrawers' Antiques
Neovian Printing Press
Prigpants & Swolthy, Tailors
The Crumpetmonger

Roo Island

Roo Island Main Map
Art Gallery
Coffee Shop (The Coffee Cave)
Deadly Dice
Dice-A-Roo Tournament Hall
Games Room
How to Draw
Poetry Contest
Roo Island Colouring Pages
Roo Island Merry Go Round
Roo Island Souvenirs
Roo Island Properties
Spring Shop


Shenkuu Main Map
Culinary Concoctions
Exotic Foods
Fanciful Fauna
Lunar Temple
Mysterious Negg Cave
Remarkable Restoratives
Wonderous Weaponry

Terror Mountain

Terror Mountain Main Map (Happy Valley)
Ice Caves Map
Top of the Mountain Map
Advent Calendar
Advent Calendar Archive
Donny's Toy Repair Shop
Garage Sale Game
Gift Tags
Hannah and the Ice Caves
Ice Arena
Ice Cream Cart
Ice Cream Machine
Ice Crystal Shop
Igloo Garage Sale
Let It Slide
Merry Outfits
Rink Runner
Scratchcard Kiosk
Slushie Shop
Snow Roller
Snow Wars II
Snowball Fight
Snowbeast Snackrifice
Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop
Tarla's Shop of Mystery
Terror Mountain Colouring Pages
Terror Mountain Tilt
The Neopian Neggery
The Snow Faerie's Quest
The Snowager
Wintery Petpets

The Lost Desert

Lost Desert Main Map
Sakhmet Main Map
Coltzan's Shrine
Cool Desert Paint Brushes
Lost Desert Foods
Lost Desert Medicine
Lost Desert Scratchcards
Osiri's Pottery
Peopatra's Petpets
Sakhmet Battle Supplies
Sakhmet Solitaire
Sutek's Scrolls
Sutek's Tomb
Swarm II
Temple of 1,000 Tombs
The Fruit Machine
The Lost Desert Colouring Pages
Tug O' War

Qasala Main Map
Desert Arms
Mystical Surroundings
Qasalan Delights
Wheel of Extravagance
Words of Antiquity


Tyrannia Main Map
Tyrannian Plateau Map
Battleground of the Obelisk
Chia Bomber 2
Concert Hall
Destruct-O-Match III
Giant Omelette
Go! Go! Go!
Grarrl Keno
Lair of the Beast
The Volcano
The Wheel of Mediocrity
The Wheel of Monotony
Ticket Booth
Tyrammet Village
Tyranu Evavu
Tyrannian Cave Painting
Tyrannian Foods
Tyrannian Furniture
Tyrannian Mini Golf
Tyrannian Petpets
Tyrannian Styles
Tyrannian Town Hall
Tyrannian Weaponry
Ugga Shinies
Volcano Run II

Virtupets Space Station

Virtupets Space Station Supply Deck
Virtupets Space Station: Hangar
Virtupets Space Station: Recreation Deck
Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars
Grundo Warehouse
Grundos Cafe
Lever of Doom
Neverending Boss Battle
Space Adoption Agency
Space Armour
Space Battledome Arena
Space Weaponry
The Return of the Return of Dr. Sloth
The Robo-Petpet Shop
Typing Terror