Piper Panic

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Introduction to Piper Panic
Piper Panic is a game where you control a Cobrall across a carpet, guiding it from basket to basket, collecting items along the way. The objective is to clear the level by collecting all of the baskets. There is a total of 10 levels to this game.

How to Play
There are a total of 10 levels in this game. Each level has a different way of completing it. Although Cobralls appear in different colours for each level, it does not affect any scoring in the game and is just a visual effect.

Each of the 10 levels has a total of four possible starting positions for the Cobrall. Each position is a clockwise rotation of 90 degrees from the original position. If you scroll down to the level guides, you will see that each level has 4 possible solutions, depending on your starting position. The position that the Cobrall is placed is completely random, the Cobrall may start from the right or even at the bottom. Note that when when you lose a life, the Cobrall's starting point is the same as it was before.

The Controls
To move the Cobrall use your arrow keys or mouse. Click left and the Cobrall will move left, likewise for the other directions. The Cobrall cannot move diagonally.

The table below shows you all the items that the Cobrall can collect during the game. An item is collected when the Cobrall crosses it while moving over the carpet. The gems may move or fade away. Those are only collected if the Cobrall crosses them while the item is right underneath the Cobrall and not faded.

Collect all of these to clear the level.
Star basket
Collect the star basket last for the bonus score. The more star baskets you collect throughout the game, the more star bonus points you will receive.
Pharaoh headdress
Multiplier for your score. See below for more info.
Gems give you points when you collect them. The gem on level 1 is worth 1 point, gems at level 2 are worth 2 points and so on.
There are 3 type of Gems.
1. Gems that stay in 1 position, fading in and out. You can only collect the gem when it's visible.
2. Gems that move horizontally.
3. Gems that move vertically.
Adds 5 seconds to your time to complete the level.
Gives one additional life. The extra life symbol appears randomly throughout the levels.

Pharaoh Headdress-Multiplier
Pharaoh headdress gives you a multiplier of a range from x2 to x4. The position of the Pharaoh headdress on each of the levels will never change. Similarly the value of multiplier will always be the same on each of the levels. For example, referring to the image below (which is of level 10), the headdress above the Cobrall will always be a x4 multiplier while the one beside the Cobrall will always be a x3 multiplier when you play level 10.

The Pharaoh Headdress multiplies your total amount of star bonus plus time bonus to give you a final score.
The score system goes like this: (Time bonus + Star bonus) x Multiplier.

Note that collecting another Pharaoh headdress with a lower or higher multiply bonus than the last multiplier you have collected will override your previous multiplier. Say your last multiplier collected was 4x and you then collect a 3x multiplier. Your multiplier will go down to 3x.

Quick Tips
Below are some tips to help those who are new to the game.

1. Pratice frequently to get familiar with each level set up, by knowing what to do at each level, you would save some time as you would not need to refer to the guide for every level.

2. Do not look at the time remaining, just calmly navigate your Cobrall through each level, chances are the time limit given is more than enough.

3. Those who are new to the game, you may want to refer to this guide while playing the game by having two browsers open side by side.

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Images legend
Use the navigation below to navigate which level to view. The images below show the Cobrall at the top position then it goes clockwise to right position, bottom position and then left position. The lines on the pictures also indicate important features of the game:

The blue line shows the direction you should move the Cobrall
The red dot shows the starting point
The blue dot shows the end position

Level Navigation: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10A | 10B

Level 1

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Either wait for the gem to travel back to the cobrall path to collect the gem or just move straight to the basket immediately. Both method should yield the same score.
Time limit: 30 seconds

Level 2

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Wait for Gem A to appear then go and get it.
Time limit: 30 seconds

Level 3

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Wait for Gem A to reach the indicated position, move and collect Gem B when it is at the position indicated below.
Time limit: 30 seconds

Level 4

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Follow the route and collect all of the Gems. Careful, the Gems on the blue line do not move instead they fades so make sure they have appeared when you cross them.
Time limit: 30 seconds + 5 seconds from the Scarab

Level 5

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Follow the route and collect all of the Gems.
The Green dot shows the location of the Extra Life icon.
TIP: The Extra Life icon most commonly appears here.

*NOTE: The Extra Life icon MIGHT not appear on all 10 levels.
Time limit: 20 seconds + 5 seconds from Scarab

Level 6

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Follow the route and collect all of the Gems.
Time limit: 20 seconds + 5 seconds from the Scarab

Level 7

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Follow the route and collect all of the Gems. Gem A and B move in an up and down direction whilst the other Gems move in a left and right direction.
Time limit: 20 seconds + 5 seconds from the Scarab

Level 8

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Stop at the Green dots and collect the Gems, clear this stage quickly as time is limited.
Time limit: 20 seconds + 5 seconds from the Scarab

Level 9

^top | Next-with lives | Next-without lives

Clear this stage quickly as time is limited. You may want to stay at a spot to collect the gems but do take note of the remaining time.
Time limit: 15 seconds + 5 seconds from the Scarab

Level 10A - Suicide

^top | Next

Use this format to gain the maximum score with your remaining lives. You may want to take some time to get some moving gems since time bonus is not calculated if you were to lose a life. When you've used up all your remaining lives (Cobralls:0), move on to level 10B.

Time limit: 15 seconds

Level 10B - Clear


Finish the game when you have used up your remaining lives (Cobralls:0).
Time limit: 15 seconds