Chia Bomber 2

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General Info:
Chia Bomber 2 might seem like a difficult game, but after reading this guide you may think otherwise. To get the avatar you need to score 1,300+ points, and doing so is not very hard at all. Let's get to what Chia Bomber 2 is about.

In Chia Bomber 2 you control the wily Geoffrey Chia. Apparently a bunch of Chia bombers have attacked his neighborhood, and he's not standing for it. Unfortunately, the Chia bombers are packing mud-slinging bazookas, so Geoffrey has made his own artillery: a water balloon gun. Let the games begin!

How to play:
To play, all that's needed are the arrow keys, space bar, and the 'M' key. The arrow keys move Geoffrey around, the space bar shoots water balloons at the Chia bombers, and the 'M' key sets a mine down for the Chia bombers to step on!

You have 5 mines you can set each level, and your own mines cannot hurt you. Chia bombers have 3 mines they can set each level, and their own mines cannot hurt them either.

Geoffrey's Mine

Chia Bomber's Mine

At the bottom of the screen you can see your score, lives, mines, and also the end game button. You start with 3 lives at the beginning of the game (4 if you use the cheat). The score that is shown at the bottom of your screen will not actually be your final score at the end of the game. This is discussed later in the guide.

Game play:
Each level your objective is to kill all of the Chia Bombers. There are 12 rounds in all, and each level gets progressively harder. We will now cover the basics of the game.

There are 5 different kinds of Chia bombers: green, blue, yellow, red, black. Green Chia bombers take 1 hit to finish, blue Chia bombers take 2 hits, yellow Chia bombers take 3 hits, red Chia bombers take 4 hits, and black Chia bombers take a whopping 5 hits to kill! Sadly, poor Geoffrey can only take one shot before he goes down, so be careful!

Here is a chart just in case that was too confusing.

Chia Bomber
Number of hits to kill

Green Chia Bomber
1 hit

Blue Chia Bomber
2 hits

Yellow Chia Bomber
3 hits

Red Chia Bomber
4 hits

Black Chia Bomber
5 hits
Mines take out any color Chia Bomber in 1 hit.

Your water-balloon slingin' gun has its limits too. There can be only 1 balloon on-screen at one time. This means you can't just jam the spacebar 100 times a second to win. Your shots have to be more precise; because once a balloon has been fired you're vulnerable. As soon as a water balloon hits something (a wall or a Chia Bomber) you can fire another. The same sets of rules apply to the Chia Bombers mud-slinging bazookas.

Shoot short-range more often than long-range. You can only have one balloon on-screen at a time, so if you shoot long-range you're vulnerable for a longer time, and you have a better chance of missing.

Level Overview:
Here is a level overview to help you understand what you're up against.

Chia Bombers
Level 18 Green Chia Bombers
Level 27 Green Chia Bombers
1 Blue Chia Bomber
Level 36 Green Chia Bombers
2 Blue Chia Bombers
Level 45 Green Chia Bombers
2 Blue Chia Bombers
1 Yellow Chia Bomber
Level 54 Green Chia Bombers
2 Blue Chia Bombers
2 Yellow Chia Bombers
Level 63 Green Chia Bombers
2 Blue Chia Bombers
2 Yellow Chia Bombers
1 Red Chia Bomber
Level 72 Green Chia Bombers
2 Blue Chia Bombers
2 Yellow Chia Bombers
2 Red Chia Bombers
Level 81 Green Chia Bomber
2 Blue Chia Bombers
2 Yellow Chia Bombers
2 Red Chia Bombers
1 Black Chia Bomber
Level 92 Blue Chia Bombers
2 Yellow Chia Bombers
2 Red Chia Bombers
2 Black Chia Bombers
Level 102 Blue Chia Bombers
2 Yellow Chia Bombers
2 Red Chia Bombers
2 Black Chia Bombers
Level 113 Yellow Chia Bombers
3 Red Chia Bombers
3 Black Chia Bombers
Level 125 Red Chia Bombers
5 Black Chia Bombers

Scoring points:
At the end of the game, your score is decided by how many Chia's you killed with water balloons, how many Chia's you killed with mines, and your total lives left. Killing a Chia Bomber with your water balloon gun is worth more points than a kill using your mines.
For every kill you get 1 point. The number of balloon kills you have at the end are multiplied by 3, and the number of mine kills you have are multiplied by 2. This means that you should *never* resort to using mines until the last 3 or 4 levels, or you won't be able to get the avatar score.

Game Strategy:
At the beginning of EVERY level all the Chia Bombers spawn in the top right corner. You'll start at the bottom left corner in level 1. How the Chia Bombers move is completely random. There's no pattern, so there's no advice to be given. Move to the top row of the screen before you kill the last Chia Bomber in level 1. Make sure you kill the last Chia Bomber while being in the top row for level 1. After you complete the level, hold down the RIGHT arrow key and start the next level. What this does is start you in the top left corner of the screen, leaving a lot of Chia Bombers for you to kill initially. Don't be afraid of them getting to you, you're going to use this trick until level 10. It makes the levels go by much quicker, and you're actually more likely to die if you don't use this trick. So before you kill the last Chia Bomber on any level up to 10, get up in the top row and then kill it. And remember, do not use mines until level 9 or above!

When you get to level 10, do not start up in the top left corner. Instead, spawn normally and prepare to set mines. There is a strategic way to set them to get the best result, take a moment and check the screenshot provided.

Setting them up as shown will likely save your life multiple times. Levels 10-12 are very difficult, and many black Chia Bombers make it difficult for quick kills. Remember that a mine takes out any Chia Bomber, regardless of color, with 1 shot. Just keep setting mines at the start of each level and you should be able to get through all 12.

1. Hold the space bar
A tip that isn't necessary but is very, very helpful is the option of holding down the space bar to shoot. This causes the water balloons to come out IMMEDIATELY after the first one disappears, resulting in quicker shots. This is especially helpful when multiple Chia bombers are charging at you. Holding the space bar down when Chia bombers are close to you will result in very quick fire, thus saving your life. So hold down the space bar when Chia bombers are coming for you.

2. Chaaaaaaarge!
In levels 2 through 6 it's recommended that you charge towards the group of Chia bombers (who spawn in the top right corner) by holding the right arrow key while also holding the space bar down. This makes levels fly by, and will decrease the chance of you dying accidentally. After level 6 it can be dangerous, most of the time you won't be able to kill everything that is charging at you, which takes us to the next tip.

3. Stop charging!!
In levels 7 through 9 it's recommended that you just stay in place at the start of each level. This will allow you enough time to kill whatever is coming at you 99% of the time. Since half the Chia bombers don't run for you at the beginning of each level you should be fine. Doing this will also allow levels to go by faster, and minimize your chances of dying. So just stand in place and hold that space bar down! Once the initial gang of Chia bombers is dead, you need to move around to kill the rest.

4. Keep your cool
Don't flinch! There will be MANY times when Chia bombers are closing in on you. Do not assume you're going to die, and do not flinch. The route each Chia bomber takes is pretty random, and sometimes you'll live if you just stay focused and remain aware. This is also true when multiple Chia bombers are closing in on you. Often times you'll feel like you don't stand a chance, but you should never flinch. Just hold the space bar down and pray! Sometimes things will get so close that you'll look around thinking this is reality TV. Keep your cool and you'll probably come out alive.

Game Codes:
There is a code for Chia Bombers 2. Type 'geoffrey' to receive 1 extra life. This is very good; remember that you get a bonus at the end for how many lives you have, so this cheat is a must. Use it whenever you have a free moment. It's recommended that you type it during the first level, when only 1 green Chia bomber is left.

Chia Bomber 2 also has an avatar for you to collect.

Score 1,300 or more points at Chia Bomber 2.

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