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Lotus Leaves

White Chocolate Rice

Bluchard Root

Shenkuu Sticky Rice recipe:
For preperation, first get your ingredients ready. Pick some Lotus leaves from Shenkuu the Imperial Palace garden. Meanwhile desiccate your Bluchard Root for two days on the main stone of the Tyrannian Plateau. When the two days are over, cut the Bluchard Root into pieces, using a Paper Dagger from Shenkuu.

Now that you have all ingredients prepared, boil the White Chocolate Rice in the Pango Pango pot using the bubbling pit water. After 5 minutes, add the Bluchard Root to the pot, and cook for 3 more minutes.

When ready, let them rest for 2 hours in the Snowager's Cove (when he sleeps).

After this, wrap the rice mix with the Lotus leaves and let them rest for another hour. Serve fresh.

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