Bloomin' Neggs

What is Bloomin' Neggs?
In March 2013, a new NC Mall activity appeared at the NC Mall, called Bloomin' Neggs. It features an Acara in her greenhouse. She planted some seeds in pots and she wants you to help her grow them into plants. By doing so you will earn neocash items.

There are four different pots that you can grow: zigag, argyle, stripes and pokadot.

How can you participate?
You can buy Planting Kits at the NC Mall. There will be 4 different kits for sale. One for each of the four pots. Each costs 500 NC and will allow you to use it for 5 days. In total you can receive 20 items. Plus a bonus item if you activate all four planting kits.

Bloomin Neggs Planting Kit #1 - Zigzag
500 NC

Bloomin Neggs Planting Kit #2 - Argyle
500 NC

Bloomin Neggs Planting Kit #3 - Striped
500 NC

Bloomin Neggs Planting Kit #4 - Polka Dot
500 NC

Once you buy the pack in the mall, you can activate it by clicking on it in your inventory. Then choose the Activate Planting Kit action. This will activate the corresponding pot in the Bloomin Neggs page. You can only activate one of each planting kit, you can not activate more than one of the same kit. For example, you can not activate 2 zigzag planting kits.

Once your negg pot is activated it will be greyed out in the Bloomin Neggs page and will be sitting on the table.

How does it work?
Your pot will start out as just being a seed in the soil. Everyday for 5 days you can use the planting kit (by clicking on the pot) and the seed will grow into a bud and eventually a negg.

You will receive an item for each day you help the negg grow. You do not need to remember to click the pot everyday, if you forget you can just collect your items on another day. If your pot is yellow then it means that you have more than 1 day of items to collect. Just be sure to collect them before the event ends fully, or you will not be able to pick up your items.

If you buy and activate all 4 packs, on the 20th day (April 9th, 2013), you will receive a bonus item as well.

Which prizes do you get from the plants?
The table below shows the prizes that are given out for each of the planting kits.

March 21st March 22nd March 23rd March 24th March 25th

Woven Basket Dress

(Click to preview)

Negg Basket Wand

(Click to preview)

Striped Floral Gift Box

Painted Flower Contacts

(Click to preview)

Spring Flower Mask

(Click to preview)

March 26th March 27th March 28th March 29th March 30th

Carrot Crown Wig

(Click to preview)

Fancy Negg Gate Foreground

(Click to preview)

Pastel Ombre Trousers

(Click to preview)

March 31st April 1st April 2nd April 3rd April 4th

Sugary Jellybean Tree

(Click to preview)

Layered Pastel Wig

(Click to preview)

Soft Floral Cape

(Click to preview)

Striped Floral Gift Box

Impressive Flower Shield

(Click to preview)

April 5th April 6th April 7th April 8th April 9th

Faellie Flower Garland

(Click to preview)

Flower Covered Parasol

(Click to preview)

There is a bonus item for activating all four Planting Kits. You'll get the bonus by clicking on the plant on the right side of this image. This plant will have grown with each Planting Kit you've bought.

Bonus Item

Ruffly Negg Apron

(Click to Preview)

Frequently Asked Questions

The Neopets Help Page offers some answers to the most frequently asked questions. They are displayed below.

Can I collect item prizes for days that have passed?
Yes, prizes can be collected on days that have passed or on that day. Simply click on the pot to activate your Planting Kit and begin claiming your prizes. If your pot turns yellow after you claim a prize that means there are more prizes for you to collect. There are a total of five stages for each plant.

Can I give a Planting Kit to another user?
Yes, Planting Kits are like any other NC item and are giftable via a NC Gift Box (one item per NC Gift Box).

Can I participate in Bloomin' Neggs on my side account(s)?
Yes, you can participate in Bloomin' Neggs on your side accounts.

How do I activate my Planting Kit?
To activate your Planting Kit, visit your inventory, click on your Planting Kit and select "Activate Planting Kit" or visit the Bloomin' Neggs page and click on the pot you'd like to activate. Once activated, visit the Bloomin' Neggs page to start receiving your prizes.

How do I purchase a Planting Kit?
Visit the NC Mall to purchase your Planting Kits. Keep in mind that there will be four different Planting Kits that will be released during the event. Be sure to carefully select your Planting Kit during checkout as each kit corresponds with its own specific pot. Once you have purchased your Planting Kit, be sure to activate it to start claiming your prizes.

I purchased a Planting Kit, how do I get my prizes?
Simply visit the Bloomin' Neggs page and click on the corresponding pot that matches your Planting Kit. Once you activate your Planting Kit you can now begin growing your Neggs! Be sure to come back daily to grow and collect your NC item prizes!

I'm trying to activate an additional Planting Kit, why isn't working?
It's possible you have already activated the same Planting Kit. You will only be able to activate each Planting Kit once.

Is there a time limit to when I can grow Neggs and collect my daily prizes?
There really isn't a time limit for collecting your daily prizes but the sooner the better so you can enjoy them! If you activated and have not collected all your prizes, you will be able to return to the page to claim your prize as long as the Bloomin' Neggs page is still accessible.

What is Bloomin' Neggs?
Bloomin' Neggs is an NC Mall event where you grow Neggs to receive NC item prizes daily! There will be four Planting Kits that will be released at the NC Mall during this event. Each kit can be used to grow a specific pot of Bloomin' Neggs. Each pot will have five stages of growth to care and collect prizes for. Once you activate your Planting Kits, visit the Bloomin' Neggs page to begin the fun.

What is the duration of Bloomin' Neggs?
Bloomin' Neggs will run from March 21st through April 9th. You can participate any time within that period by purchasing Planting Kits in the NC Mall.

Why is my pot yellow?
It looks like more growing can be done today! Click on the pot to get started and collect your NC item prize.

Will I be able to collect prizes for the same Negg pot more than once?
No, unfortunately you can only collect prizes for each Negg pot once.

Will I receive a bonus item for participating in Bloomin' Neggs?
Yes, you will receive a bonus item prize if you have participated and activated all four Planting Kits. As you activate each Planting Kit, the Negg on the right side of the page will slowly bloom. Once you activate your fourth Planting Kit, you will be able to unlock your exclusive bonus prize!