Posted by toe_bob on 29th of May 2024 at 02:00 PM NST

UPDATE: The livestream has concluded and we've released our coverage guide! TNT Dom also mentioned that the plot will begin on June 17th, Altador Cup will begin in early July and will feature a new team: Dacardia! TNT Fallie also mentioned that the recent "Virtually Alive" avatar will be retired on June 15th, so if you haven't activate it yet make sure you do so!

TNT will be live today at 5PM PST on social media with their monthly livestream. This special Royal Edition live stream will be hosted by TNT Luna and will feature TNT Fallie and theamandafiles to discuss NC Pet styles & unreleased tokens, the recent avatar hunt, and other shenanigans! As always, we'll update this post with the YouTube link to join the live stream and post a coverage guide summarizing the event.

UPDATE: The livestream is now live!


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Happy Yurble Day! Our font maker, Melanie, has a couple new and fun Yurble fonts prepared for you to use around the NeoBoards!


Yurble – Visit a Yurble's lookup.

✧˚ ʚɞ˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚

Yurble - Forefitor – Visit the janitor at the Hall of Heroes.

S T I L L A N G R Y !
ᕙ( •̀_•́ )ᕗ


Yurble can now be painted Transparent! The Jungle Yurble outfit can be found in Cog's Togs. Our Rainbow Pool database has been updated!

Posted by xharryxpotterxluverx on 27th of May 2024 at 03:26 PM NST

Happy Koi Day! Our font maker, Melanie, has a couple new and fun Koi fonts prepared for you to use around the NeoBoards!


Koi - Spotted Plushie – Visit the lookup of any painted Koi while you have a Koi Plushie (any colour) in your inventory.


King Kelpbeard – Click on King Kelpbeard (#33) at the Curse of Maraqua TCG Card Checklist while you have a Maractite Weapon in your inventory.

This is how your post will look on the Neoboards.
King Kelpbeard
∘˙○˚.• ∘˙○˚.•


Koi can now be painted Origami! The Aquarium Koi outfit can be found in Cog's Togs. Our Rainbow Pool database has been updated!

Posted by toe_bob on 23rd of May 2024 at 10:00 AM NST

We've just received disturbing news: everyone's favorite, The Giant Omelette, has turned grey! Currently, we cannot confirm if this will affect the quality of the omelettes or cause them to taste stale.


If you're feeling gloomy or confused by this unsettling change, please visit SunnyNeo’s The Void Within plot coverage guide for more information.

Posted by surging on 22nd of May 2024 at 10:39 PM NST

The Social Media avatar has been solved thanks to the sleepless nights of our dedicated Neopians and their unwavering achievement!

If you would like to solve for the avatar on your own, feel free to use our guide which creates a timeline of social media events to help you! If not, we have posted the code below as a spoiler.

Enter the code TIME4SOC14L1SING at the Grundo Warehouse – if you cannot copy and paste it as is, you might need to remove the hyphens for it to work correctly.

Two new fonts are all ready to go as well, one regular and one pen font. Congratulations to all in the Puzzle Hunters Club!

Virtually Alive – Activated on May 20th, 2024 and was the reward for solving the Puzzle Hunters Club's social media-based avatar hunt. Many Neopians gathered together to solve this puzzle since April and was completely solved on May 22nd.

Normal Font:
⌨ ☠︎︎ ☆

Pen Font:
ᯓ★ ✎﹏ ⌕ ?
Proud member of


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Neopets will be hosting a Royal edition livestream next week on Wednesday, May 29th at 5PM PST. Don't miss out on the exclusive livestream item. You can send any questions for TNT Dom on their StrawPoll:

We’ve got a fun Neopets LIVE coming - The Royal Edition! 👸
Join us on MAY 29th at 5PM (PST) with TNT LUNA as she takes us through the new Pet Styles coming to Neopia! With special appearances from TNT, don’t miss out! 🧨
ALL viewers who join live will receive a friendly companion as a LIVE EXCLUSIVE prize. 🐜
Send your questions for TNT Dom here:


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