Posted by kel_go_wut on 23rd of June 2024 at 05:58 PM NST

Howdy! I hope everyone's having an amazing Pride Month! I've created a non-binary pride blog featuring the Styling Studio's very own Umbra Penn! For more pride-related graphics, visit our Pride Graphics Page!


OMG they are literally everything!

Posted by xharryxpotterxluverx on 19th of June 2024 at 03:16 PM NST

Kau can now be painted Polka Dot! The Kau Fortune Teller outfit can be found in Uni's Clothing Shop and a plethora of stylish nose accessories can be found in Cog's Togs. Our Rainbow Pool database has been updated!



Posted by xharryxpotterxluverx on 17th of June 2024 at 03:42 PM NST

Happy Nimmo Day! Here are a couple new Nimmo fonts for you to enjoy made by the one and only, Melanie! 

    Baby Nimmo – Visit a Baby Nimmo's lookup.

. ݁₊ ⊹ . ݁ ⟡ ݁ . ⊹ ₊ ݁.

    Nimmo - Emote – Post :)*angry*:( on the                                       Avatar/NeoSignatures NeoBoards

      You need to type it, not copy and paste, if you do that it         will not work. The smiley code is: :)*angry*:(


Nimmo can now be painted Maraquan! The Princess Nimmo outfit can be found in Uni's Clothing Shop. Our Rainbow Pool database has been updated!


Posted by toe_bob on 17th of June 2024 at 10:10 AM NST

THE VOID WITHIN HAS OFFICIALLY COMMENCED! This is not a drill, please proceed to freak out in excitement. The Void Within plot homepage is now live! We'll be updating our coverage guide to cover the new developments!


Furthermore, TNT has released new NC Mall items and will be doing a giveaway! You can enter the giveaway at for a chance to win up to 7,500 NeoCash!!

Hi @everyone!! It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for…PLOT TIME 😤

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’ve been so excited to finally be able to take part in a Neopets plot in real time. What is the plot you may ask? Well…have you noticed things getting a bit...grey around here? 👀

It’s not just Neopia getting tired of Kiko Lake taking our items—everything is literally becoming devoid of colour. Brace yourselves, because a mysterious rift has ripped the skies open, unleashing a powerful magic that threatens to eradicate Neopia’s existence.

But wait! A glimmer of hope appears. Nyx, an Aisha trapped on the other side of the rift, was able to survive the unforgiving enigma with the help of her trusty Faellie companion. Now, they may have found a way to escape, but a chilling question hangs heavy: even if they break free, will Neopia still be there for them to return to?

Their adventure takes them across Neopia, from the rolling meadows of Meridell to bustling streets of Neopia Central… and well, I can’t tell you everything yet (mostly bc TNT Aesop is watching).

An interesting cache of new items has taken over the NC Mall. In addition, team up with new faces to vanquish the villainous forces threatening Neopia!
Got questions unanswered? Check out our The Void Within FAQ here:

We’re also doing a giveaway! Enter here: for a chance to win up to 7,500 NeoCash.

The Void Within has now begun. Will our heroes be able to restore colour to Neopia? 🌌
From social media – June 17th, 2024 at 10 AM NST.
Posted by toe_bob on 17th of June 2024 at 12:11 AM NST

Oh the humanity! The grey curse has swept across Meridell, turning it dull and making the King sad. Today is the day where Neopia changes forever. We're not sure what the bleak future holds, but we'll be working to document everything in our "The Void Within" coverage guide.


Posted by xharryxpotterxluverx on 15th of June 2024 at 02:11 PM NST

June's Premium Collectible is starting to be sent out.  This month's collectible is: Premium Collectible: Mysterious Spaced Out Contacts.

You could get lost looking into these contacts! This NC item was given out as a Premium Collectible reward in Y26.
Premium Collectible: Mysterious Spaced Out Contacts See Preview

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