Sega Sonic Colors

What is 'Sega Sonic Colors'?
The game 'Sega Sonic Colors' will be released on November 16th. There is a sponsor activity area on Neopets in which you can earn neopoints by answering daily trivia. Three virtual item prizes will be given out during this sponsor activity before December 8th. You can visit the Sonic Colors sponsor area to answer the daily trivia. This sponsor activity is only open to US residents.

Item Prizes:
Three virtual item prizes will be given out during this activity. We will be listing them here as they are released.

Item Prizes

Chocolate Covered Peanuts

Nov 16

Purple and Orange - The Truth

Nov 27

Green Potion

Dec 5

Daily Trivia:
There's a Daily Trivia activity for Sonic Colors; you can earn 200 nps per day! We will be posting the questions and answers here.

Daily Trivia
Date Question Answer
December 9 What kind of Wisp is Yacker? White
December 8 What does Tails build to help Sonic out with the Wisps? Translator
December 7 Tropical Resort is the entranceway to the: Theme Park
December 6 What level is the home of the Wisps? Planet Wisp
December 5 What does Sonic travel along in Sonic Colors? All of these
December 4 Walls are no obstacle with this color power: Pink Spikes
December 3 Where can you play a multiplayer game? Game Land
December 2 What does Sonic need to access hidden areas? Color powers
December 1 Sonic doesn't believe that Dr. Eggman is: Eggman
November 30 What is the final level? Terminal Velocity
November 28 Which level has lots of secret paths and hidden areas? Aquarium Park
November 27 Orbot is the ____ robot who works for Dr. Eggman. Red
November 26 Cubot works for Dr. Eggman, but he is a bit ... Lazy
November 25 Where is Dr. Eggman getting the power for his evil plans? Wisps
November 24 Which stage has a parade of electric spaceships? Starlight Carnival
November 23 What does Aqauarium Park have? Blue Seas
November 22 Why did Dr. Eggman build the amusement park? World domination
November 21 This Wisp is known for being pretty goofy. Green Wisp
November 20 Play as a Virtual Hedgehog in Eggman's Sonic _____. Simulator
November 19 Look for these when Sonic transforms into the Cyan Laser: Prisms
November 18 Where can you find lots of mysterious plants? Planet Wisp
November 17 Sweet Mountain is NOT surrounded by: Stickers
November 16 What is the first stage of Sonic Colors? Tropical Resort
November 15 How many eyes does an Orange Wisp have? Two