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Aboard The Coincidence

Approaching the now active portal in Moltara takes you to The Coincidence, a spaceship in orbit above Neopia. Here you meet Dr Landelbrot, the Lutari scientist who send out the messages asking for help.

Aboard The Coincidence

Before you is Dr Landelbrot, a brilliant scientist. He's standing between you and all of the shiny buttons. It's like he wants you to focus on the task at hand instead of going wild flipping toggles and pressing keys. This is a spaceship, though! Who is he kidding? Eh, maybe you should be listening to what he's saying.

"You made it!" the scientist cries. "Oh, thank goodness, I thought I was going to have to resort to smoke signals. Scintilly guided you through the portal, then? Good. I'm Dr Landelbrot. This is my spaceship, the The Coincidence. I'm glad you're here; we can begin immediately. Begin what? Oh, I've gotten ahead of myself again." He coughs.

"My Random Event machine is malfunctioning. What, you thought Random Events just happened randomly? Pish tosh! Back in the early days of Moltara, I invented a technology to create chaos. Just as Moltara maintains balance with the fiery magma at its core, so too must we balance order with chaos. I took it upon myself to spawn random events, er, randomly. But I couldn't reach enough of the planet from underground, so I was forced to invent a spaceship. From space, I can cause probability vectors to instantiate virtually anywhere on the planet and its surrounding orbital bodies. I laid in a good supply of Cog Stew and Ionised Onions and have been here ever since. Only -- no doubt due to an aspect of chaos theory I haven't been able to interpret yet -- my Random Event machine has, well, stopped."

Dr Landelbrot brightens. "That's why you're here. I need your help to fix it. Don't worry, it isn't hard, but I appear to be missing some key materials. I need you to acquire them for me. Will you help me repair my machine? Your Random Events are at stake."

Refusing to help will take you back to the Map of Neopia. If you click on "yes" Dr Landelbrot will ask you to bring him several items he needs to repair the machine.

The three items you will need to find are different for everyone and the quantity of the items varies between 1-3. It used to be between 2-5 items, but TNT changed this so that you need fewer items to complete the event.

Once you have found all required items, refresh the page for Dr Landelbrot to collect them.

In return you will recieve a random console piece which will be added to the Random Events machine.

Once you have done this, you will again have the option to leave the ship, or to promise help.

Promising to help will set off a timer, which runs for about 10-12 hours. This is the time you have to wait until you can get another console piece.

Back again? I'm still working with the materials you gave me. Don't worry, I was able to calculate how long it would take me to finish this part of the Random Events machine. Here is a handy timer you can watch while you wait.


Or you could go outside and play. You might need a spacesuit, though. It's cold out.

Component Build Single

Item 1

Assembling Chaos Rays

Item 2

Mallard Tape

Item 3

Dice of Ultimate Probability
Build All

Spaceship Interior Background

(Click to Preview)

After completing all the items, you will receive the following.

Mechanized Laboratory Assistant

Assistant Scientist Jacket

(Click to Preview)

Aboard The Coincidence
Complete all the items Aboard The Coincidence

coincidence . . ?     
  ♗   i think not !
      ﹋ ﹋ ﹋ ﹋ ﹋


NC Comets
Clicking on the petpet to the right of Dr. Landelbrot will take you to the NC Mall portion for this step.

Mission: Capture the Comets

Mission: Capture the Comets Astronet 1-Pack
250 NC

Mission: Capture the Comets Astronet 7-Pack
1500 NC

After activating the packs you will receive two items each day for helping Scintilly capture the comets.

March 25March 26March 27March 28

Cosmic Ray Wig

(Click to Preview)

Interstellar Dress

(Click to Preview)

Cosmic Cloud Face Paint

(Click to Preview)

Nebula Contacts

(Click to Preview)

Electromagnetic Shield

(Click to Preview)

Spiral Galaxy Wings

(Click to Preview)

Star Cluster Wig

(Click to Preview)
March 29March 30March 31

Cosmic Sky Shirt

(Click to Preview)

Neutron Star Staff

(Click to Preview)

Irradiated Sky Background

(Click to Preview)

Astronomical Umbrella

(Click to Preview)

Burst of Stars Armour

(Click to Preview)

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