The Return of Dr. Sloth Plot



We are still working on an explanation for the decoding puzzle

You need to finish the decoding puzzle first before you can solve the mazes.

Step 1 -
Read Chapter 4 of the comic to see what is going on.

It appears the Cybunny Scout is in a bit of a mess...

Step 2 -
Go to Virupets Space Station and at the bottom of it click on the door you see. This door will take you to the Maintenance Tunnels.

Step 3 -
Once in the Maintenance Tunnels you will see a second blue door. Click on the blue door to go to "Resistance Headquarters".

Step 4 -
Once you are in "Resistance Headquarters", you will see a convo between Gorix and Cylara.


We have to be careful moving through this cargo bay. If those Garoo Elites see us, we're doomed!

If we can sneak up right next to them, I bet we can knock them unconscious before they see us!

Step 5 -
You will see a checkered screen with a guard and civilians. You need to move Cylara from the bottom door to the top door without getting spotted by the guard.
A guard can spot Cylara across the whole line it is watching, unless there is a civilian in its way the vision of the guard is then blocked from there.
So when moving around use the civilians for cover. You can only move on the spaces where the outlining becomes green, you can only move left, right, up and down if there are no civilians blocking your way.
If your right next to a guard you can step on the guard to knock them unconscious and remove them from the board. If you are caught, the level will start over.

Tips to take down a guard:
- Be patient! Do not think you can just walk up to a guard and knock him unconcious! He will see you. You must be patient and wait for him to come to you while you hide between the citizens.
- Guards cannot move forward and turn (rotate) in the same move. This means that if the guard needs to make one move forward and then look to the side he will not see you in the next move. Remember this strategy as you patiently wait for the guards to come. You will need it to position Cylara at a good hiding spot. In the image below you can see an example of this. If Cylara moves down, the Guard moves up. The guard looks up, so he cannot see Cylara standing next to him. Then Cylara can known him unconcious.

Below are screenshots of the mazes as I got them, everyones maze is the same. However, we cannot supply you with a strategy uide of how to walk because the movement of the guards is random.

Maze 1:

This level has one guard, Cylara is found at the bottom of the screen, the exit at the top.

Maze 2:

Cylara in light green, exit in dark green, 2 guards. Just walk to the exit avoiding the two guards vision.

Maze 3:

Cylara in light green, exit in dark green, 3 guards.
Just avoid the guards vision and exit at the door, if you are patient you can take out the guards.

Maze 4:

Cylara in light green, exit in dark green, 6 guards.
It is best to take out all guards in this maze, because it is hard to avoid all of the guards vision all the time.

Maze 5:

Cylara in light green, parents + scout in dark green, 9 guards. It is best to take out almost all guards in this maze, because it is hard to avoid all of the guards vision all the time. When you arrive at the parents then you are done.

Step 6 -

There they are! We found your parents, and the scout!

Now we've got to get away. Mom! Dad! Over here!


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