The Return of Dr. Sloth Plot

Background Info

Below there is an overview of all the characters that have appeared in the Return of Dr. Sloth Plot.


Gorix is a Blue Grundo which appears in the first chapter of the RoS plot. He appears to be a spy of some sort.

What do we know about Gorix?
Cybunny Scout

Cybunny Scout appears in the first chapter of the Dr. Sloth plot. She is a 16 years old spy who holds 'dangerous' information. She is running from Ylana Skyfire in the plot.

What do we know about Cybunny Scout?
  • Not much is know about her, she is only found on a Trading Card. The description of the card is: "Even though their access to the ships computers had been cut, the resistance had eyes and ears everywhere."
Ylana Skyfire

Ylana is an Acara who works for Dr. Sloth. She seems to be chasing Cybunny Scout in the first chapter in order to get her information.

What do we know about Ylana?

Cylara appears in the second chapter of the plot, she is on holiday with her parents at the Space Station. When Garoo appears she is mistaken for Cybunny Scout and dragged into the adventure.

What do we know about Cylara?
  • She has a Trading Card.
  • She appear on a Coin with Gorix, on this you can read they rescued Kreludor from Sloth's control together.
  • She also appears in anti-sloth games with Gorix such as: Escape from Kreludor, Moon Rock Rampage and Time Tunnel.
  • She has her own Book which tells us she had beaten many villains.
  • She has a Cylara Plushie. The description tells us: "Little did Cylara know her trip to the space station would turn out far more than a weekend holiday...".
  • She has her own Cylara Poster.
Commander Garoo

In the second chapter of the plot Commander Garoo invades the Space Station. He puts it under control of Dr. Sloth.

What do we know about Commander Garoo?
Resistance Leader

This muscled Green Ixi is the leader of the group Gorix is also part of. In chapter 3 he explains to Cylara what they do. After Sloth was defeated, they didnt believe he was gone for good. To be prepared for his return they formed a group called The Resistance.

What do we know about the Resistance Leader?
  • He appears on the Resistance HQ trading card with Gorix and Cylara. The description says: There were only a few that had not been captured by Sloth's forces, and it was only a matter of time until he found them.

Sloth is the evil villain who wants to take over Neopia. A long time ago he succeeded to do this, and turned all Grundo's into mutants. Fortunately the Space Faerie then defeated him.. but he's back and the Space Faerie has been send to another galaxy, she can't save us!

What do we know about Sloth?
There is a LOT of information about sloth, we will only list the main things.
Commander Gormos

In chapter 4 Commandor Gormos appears briefly; giving Sloth some information about the Space Station. His Trading Card and Plushie make us suspect his role in the plot will get bigger... (see below). Update: The entire story is in the Gallery of Heroes!

What do we know about Commander Gormos?
  • He has a very suspicious trading card. The description says: "Sloth did not suspect that he had been betrayed, but it was only a matter of time until he found out."
  • He also has his own Commander Gormos Plushie, the description says: "Once a loyal follower of Sloth, Gormos had a change of heart that helped save Neopia..."
  • The story on how Gormos freed Cylara and Gorix from the space station is in his entry in the Gallery of Heroes.

Other information
In chapter 1 of the plot you could see a dark figure standing in the back of the last image.

There was many speculation about who this figure was. We have enlarged the image for you, and you will see what this person is Ylana Skyfire.


Keep in mind this is a background picture so it is not very detailed. You can recognise Ylana by her gold metallic suit, her helmet and her gun.

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