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Festival of Neggs

Trouble Finding the Glowing Slymook?
If you are having trouble finding the glowing slymook then you can right click and go to view source. Ctrl + F and search for hwmap/ it will then take you to the part of the page that has the image map url. Or you can right click the image and go to save as... and then it will give you the map number where it asks for the name you want to save it under, then you can just close out and not save it. There are 16 different maps 00-15. Here are the maps and a description of where to find the slymook.

Map 00

There isnt a glowing slymook on this map. Continue to hit the keep checking... button until another map comes up. If you click on the map it will reset how many slymooks you have found. You have to catch 5 in a row to move on.

Map 01

In front of the left bottome gate opening.

Map 02

Inbetween the bottom right masks.

Map 03

Bottom right house on the porch.

Map 04

In the middle of the gravestones in the middle of map.

Map 05

Middle bush to the top left of Esophagor.

Map 06

By the halloween aisha under the painting.

Map 07

By Magax the Destroyer's left foot.

Map 08

Inside the bottom right's gray castle mouth.

Map 09

On the left green spindel of the gray castle.

Map 10

Left of the mutant blumaroo.

Map 11

Left of the middle blue house in the trees.

Map 12

On the middle blue house roof.

Map 13

Under the neovia caravan cart in the top right.

Map 14

On top of the carnival of terror face between 2 green earlike things.

Map 15

In the middle of the stone blocks of the collesuim in the top left, very faint/hard to see, but its there.

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