Solitary Shanty

The Solitary Shanty is all that is left of Krawk Island after it got attacked by what looked like a giant squid. You can find it by clicking on the small island on the new map of Krawk Island.

Until recently, this was the spot where Krawk Island could be found. A few days ago, however, a large set of what's being described as claws or tentacles encircled the island, and the small plot you see now and the shanty that rests upon it are all that remain.

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Island searching

Main message:

This humble little shanty may not be much, but it's all that's left of the once-proud Krawk Island. The fellow living here, a venerable old Krawk who seems like a decent enough type, welcomes you in. You can't help but glance at the map on his wall, which is covered with all sorts of observations and ideas.

July 21st (1)
Oh look, a visitor... hello, I'm Gavril McGill. As you can imagine, I were quite startled when I woke up this morning to find that nearly all of Krawk Island had vanished, so pardon me if I seem rather out of sorts. I mean, for this tiny plot of land where I make my home to be spared when not even a trace of the rest of the island remains... it gives me the chills just thinkin' about it!

July 21st (2)
I see you're back from today's search. I can only be imaginin' what it's like out there, considerin' that whatever did this to the island is still roaming the waters. I've heard rumours that a sea monster may be responsible, but you know pirates and their tall tales. If nothing else, with Krawk Island's riches scattered to the four winds, I'm certain you've come across plenty of... fringe benefits, no? Hehe. Let's try not to get too distracted, though... savvy?

July 22nd (1)
Welcome back! I've got some news you may find interesting. Yesterday while straightening up I happened to find this book behind a dresser, which appears to be very, very old. I've only had time to flip through the first few pages so far, but it seems to have something to do with Krawk Island, so maybe it'll have some answers about what's been going on lately -- at least I hope it does!

July 22nd (2)
Still plunderin' the seas in search of Krawk Island, eh? Surprisingly enough, many of the volunteers who've come back to report their findin's have been mentionin' the discovery of small islets... far too small to be Krawk Island, though. I'm perfectly willin' to leave such trifles to the small-timers; my sights are set on doing somethin' big... for the good of Krawk Island, of course.

July 23rd (1)
There you are! I've been waiting to tell you all day -- you're not going to believe this! According to that book I told you about last time, it turns out that rather than being one large island, Krawk Island was originally made up of many much smaller islets! I don't have time to get into the details now, but that'd certainly explain all the small islands everyone's been finding.

July 23rd (2)
Ahoy! Back from a long day of roundin' up me -- I mean, Krawk Island's islets? Now that we know Krawk Island's actually made up numerous smaller islands, I'll have far greater flexibility in rearranging the plots so that I can make Krawk Island better than ever! Don't look so startled, swabby -- the fates must've chosen to leave my plot as the island's sole remnant for a reason...

July 25th (1)
So, I'm sure you're dying to hear what I've learned since the other day... well, listen to this! According to that book I found, what we know is Krawk Island was a cluster of tiny islands, which had repeatedly been picked clean during a series of raids by the Dread Pirate Sherman, the meanest pirate Neopia had ever seen. For their safety, the islands' inhabitants decided to combine their land into one large, single island, which would be far easier to defend. How'd they do it? I'm still working on that part... until then, we should keep searching.

July 25th (2)
Back from another long day of searching for sunken treasure and the occasional islet, eh? Hehe, I'm just givin' you a li'l ribbing, that's all. You know, I like your determination and spirit. If I'm going to get Krawk Island back up and runnin', I'll need the help of those I can count on, such as yourself -- you look out for me and I'll see to it that you're well taken care of, you know, that sort of thing... kind of like how the island's founders banded together, if you think about it, right?

July 27th (1)
Welcome back! More news about the origins of Krawk Island has emerged -- it turns out the islands were brought together and anchored to the bottom of the ocean to keep from floating apart! Amazing, right? Over time, the island's drifting sands covered the inter-island borders and Krawk Island's history was forgotten... until now!

July 27th (2)
There you are! I figured you'd be turning up soon... you know, we're gettin' very close to tracking down all of the islets that I'll be needin' to put Krawk Island back together. With that, we'll have to start lookin' toward the future... now, I've been kickin' around the idea of becoming governor of Krawk Island, and the response I've been getting from my many -- and I mean many -- loyal friends is that it's a terrific idea, especially when they consider what it'll allow me to do for them, if you get my drift...

July 28th (1)
Based on my research, if everything goes according to plan we should have the location of every islet needed to restore Krawk Island by the end of today. Once the last plot of land has been accounted for, the process of bringing back the islands and reconnecting them to the bottom of the ocean can begin. Isn't this exciting? I can't wait!

July 28th (2)
Good day, friend. At last, I have the great pleasure of telling you that all of the smaller islands that make up Krawk Island have been located, save a few. I suspect they will all be located by the end of today. Although this is quite an accomplishment, our work remains far from over. Given your unwavering support thus far, I trust you'll be returning tomorrow to help with the retrieval process. So long for now!

On July 25th a progress bar was added.

Click on the search the seas button to start searching!

Once you have accepted Gavril McGill's request to go searching for Krawk Island, you'll be presented with a map. Your map might look different, for the pattern of the symbols on the map is different for everyone. You can search for Krawk Island by clicking on one of the places on the map. You can try this 5 times each day. If you forgot to do your 5 daily searches, don't worry, you can catch up because they will be added to the next day. Keep in mind: according to the FAQ, those who do their 5 searches every day might get a reward for doing so.

Once you've chosen a spot on the map, you'll zoom in to investigate (or, like the page tells you, you'll sail over there with your ship). You can click on spots again now. Your goal is to find Krawk Island, but most likely, you'll only find other islands.

On places you've searched already, you'll see a red X if you didn't find any island. The closer you are to an island, a larger X will show up.

How may tries you'll have depends on how the crew of your ship is feeling.

Each time you fail to spot land, one of your crew mates will turn angry instead of happy. If you missed 5 times they'll all turn angry, so you'll have to quit or else...

The search results
When searching the seas, you'll try to find land, or other treasure...
You can get the following results:


You found an item:

You can find items randomly during your search. You'll also find an item when you're on your last try of your search.

You found land:

When you find land, you'll find an item on it as well. It will also make your crew happy, so you'll be able to search longer.
In the picture below you can see all the islands you may encounter on your search:

You found treasure:

Like most events, this one has a NC Mall part as well. When you get this message, you can go over to the NC Mall, where you can find a Mysterious Skeleton Key for 125 NC.

When you open your Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest with this key, you'll find an exclusive NC item. Early in the day on July 21, there was a certain order that the items would be awarded, but this was changed later in the day and the items were awarded randomly. According to the FAQs, you will not be awarded the same NC item twice.

Skeleton Key item

Skull Staff

(Click to preview)

Crossbone Mask

(Click to preview)

Pirate Fence

(Click to preview)

Big Black Lace Pirate Hat

(Click to preview)

Pirate Dress & Jacket

(Click to preview)

Items you can find
Whenever you find a piece of land, or just explore the seas, you can come across an item. Here's a list of "treasures" you can find:

Items list

A History of Krawks

Bag of Decorative Seashells
Island Merchandise

Blackened Gruel
Medieval Food

Bone Foot Rest
Spooky Furniture

Bucket Cookie

Buried Treasure Crackers

Captain Scarblade Plushie

Cherryberry Krawkade

Chest of Toy Dubloons

Clay Dubloon

Dubloon Charm

Dubloon Nuggets

Fruit Krawk Pot

Fruitmallow Grog
Tropical Food

Golden Tooth

Hook Polish

Hooked on Fishing

I Love Captain Scarblade Hat

I Love Captain Scarblade Tankard

Krawk Island Chronicles
Neovian Press

Krawk Island Postcards 10 Pack

Krawk Island Usuki Play Set
Usuki Doll

Leafy Krawk Pot

Lets Play Deckball

Map Reading

Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest

Meat Kebab
Medieval Food

Mop Cookie

Mops Throughout the Ages

Old Wooden Barrel

One Dubloon Coin

Pawkeet Pencil Sharpener

Pegleg Chicken

Pegleg Wax

Piece of a treasure map

Pile of Bones

(Click to preview)

Pirate Accessory Set

Pirate Chapstick

Pirate Compass Table

Pirate Flag

Pirate Hot Dog
Hot Dog

Red Pirate Socks

Salty Gumball

Sandy Sandwich
Desert Food

Sardplant Fruit Grog
Tropical Food

Scroll of the Sea
Brightvale Scroll

Sea Cocktail

Seafarer Rope

Seafood Pasty

Seafood Twist
Tropical Food

Seaweed Bacon Jacket Potato

Skull-n-Bones Pasta

Stained Glass Pirate Ship Window
Brightvale Windows

Stained Glass Skull and Cross Bones Window
Brightvale Windows

The Bucket Book

The Curse Of The Pirate Aisha

Thornberry Fruit Grog
Tropical Food

Toy Pirate Hat

Vanishing Dubloon

Wooden Pirate Ship


What happened to Krawk Island? All of my favourite locations and games are missing!
Krawk Island has mysteriously disappeared, and we really arenít sure what happened to it. One day it was there, and the next day, *poof*! All that was left was a tiny speck. This seems to be a pretty large mystery, and it will take some work to figure out what happened, so stick with it! There are sure to be rewards at the end for the most helpful and dedicated Neopians.

The Training Academy is one of the missing locations, and it is my petís day! Can I still get my free training? I mean, come on, it only comes around once a year!
Unfortunately, it is not known exactly where the Training Academy isÖ so that means we canít offer you free training for your pet! However, we are very, uh, confident that the Training Academy will be *shifty eyes* found. Or retrieved. Or rebuilt. Or something. So fear not! Keep checking back with us, and we are certain that your pet will live to train for free another day.

I am assisting with the search for Krawk Island, but I wasnít able to search all of my available sectors in one day. When I come back, will I still be able to search those sectors?
If you miss a day or cannot complete the search in all of your available sectors, you will still be able to search those sectors on another day. However, we have a feeling that there will come a point at which you will no longer be able to search sectors. So pay attention and come back often. Also, keep in mind that if you complete all of your searches every day, there may be an even more handsome reward awaiting you. That is, if we ever find Krawk Island at all.

How long do I have to use my Mysterious Skeleton Key(s)?
You will always be able to open a Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest as long as you have a Mysterious Skeleton Key and a Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest in your Inventory. However, the Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest can only be acquired during the event, and the keys will only be available for a few days after you receive the last Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest.

What do I get for unlocking a Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest?
For each Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest that is unlocked with a Mysterious Skeleton Key, you will receive an exclusive NC prize. You can only receive each prize once, so if you unlock all of the chests, you will receive all of the items.

Why canít I trade for or purchase a Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest?
The only way to receive a Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest is to earn it by searching for Krawk Island.

Why canít I do anything with my Mysterious Skeleton Key?
In order to use the Mysterious Skeleton Key, you must have a Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest in your Inventory. If you have not earned a Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest or if it is in your Safety Deposit Box, you will not be able to use your Mysterious Skeleton Key.

Why canít I do anything with my Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest?
The Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest will remain locked until you purchase or are gifted a Mysterious Skeleton Key from the NC Mall.