Solitary Shanty

The Solitary Shanty is all that is left of Krawk Island after it got attacked by what looked like a giant squid. You can find it by clicking on the small island on the new map of Krawk Island.

Until recently, this was the spot where Krawk Island could be found. A few days ago, however, a large set of what's being described as claws or tentacles encircled the island, and the small plot you see now and the shanty that rests upon it are all that remain.

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Island retrieval

July 29th (1)
It's amazin' to think what I've accomplished in such a short time. Why, mere days ago, in the wake of nearly all of Krawk Island disappearin', I sent a ragtag fleet of pirates out in search of an island. Now, due in large part to the leadership of yours truly, a week or so later all the pieces of that island have been located, and the next step in a restoration process that will make the rebuildin' of Maraqua look like child's play can be movin' forward

Throughout this endeavour, one thing I've truly enjoyed is the subjuga--I mean, involvement, of "friends" such as yourself. During the next stage, in which the islets will be returned so that I may reconstitute Krawk Island, I take it that you'll be joinin' the retrieval effort. After all, only a fool would pass up the magnificent spoils awaiting those who stick it out 'til the end...and you're no fool, right?

July 29th (2)
Well, well! Glad to see that that rickety schooner of yours made it back -- with a piece of Krawk Island in tow, no less. Ahh, yes...this lovely plot will be like putty in the hands of a master sculptor as I bring me grand design to life, restorin' our beloved Krawk Island to its rightful glory!

July 30th (1)
It's been said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Similarly, me masterful reconstruction of Krawk Island begins with a single plot of land. If I am to be fulfillin' the promise of this colossal undertakin', it'll require a diligent effort to retrieve the islets on the part of underl--I mean, volunteers, such as yourself. Now go on an' get me somethin' to work with!

July 30th (2)
Ahh, I see ye have returned with a magnificent plot of land... yes, magnificent indeed. By the time I've worked the magic of me bountiful architectural engineerin' skills, why, ye shall hardly recognise the islet that ye brought back just a few hours earlier... which, verily I assure thee, shall be a good thing. You may run along now -- I've got boundless duties that need attending -- but be sure to return tomorrow, when I'll have plenty for you to do.

July 31st (1)
Just as I were sayin', don't it look simply fabulous thusfar? Granted, I came across a few... *ahem* technical obstacles while tryin' to realise me vision for the new Krawk Island, but it's these sort of challenges that truly bring out the best in a talented artist such as meself. Now get goin'! After all, 'twould be a shame if inspiration struck and there were nothin' for me to work with....

July 31st (2)
Hmm, that's an interestin' plot of land that ye just brought back. I suppose they can't all be beauties, eh? Oh well... the ability to take less-than-ideal materials and transform them into a breathtaking spectacle is just the sort of challenge that gets the creative juices of a true artist such as myself flowing. Leave me be now, I need to think... certain you're here tomorrow, though, or someone else shall reap the benefits of doing your work for you.

August 1st (1)
At last, the time to show ye the latest round of revisions has come. Pretty excited, eh? It's totally understandable... okay, ready? Ta-da! Don't you just love it? Seems the new layout has created a squabble between the Food Club competitors an' the Golden Dubloon, but aye, there's no reason why such skirmishes should get in the way of art, right? Let 'em suffer -- we're talkin' about genius here!

August 1st (2)
Ye might want to be lookin' into repairs for that ship of yours... by all appearances, the poor thing barely had the wherewithal to return in one piece. Oh well, at least ye brought me plot o' land back in marvelous condition. I've yet to be makin' a final decision as to what I'll do with this plot, but as long as ye aren't nosy and annoy me, I may grant ye a chance to see what I have up me sleeve in good time. For now, grant me my peace, but be sure to come back tomorrow, though.

August 2nd (1)
'Ere, have a look! As you can see, I took the plot that were containin' the Smuggler's Cove an' got rid of that abomination, electing to create a new cove elsewhere. After all, if there's gonna be any smugglin' happenin' on Krawk Island, ye can rest assured that it'll be on me own terms. Pretty clever, eh? Well, I'm just getting' started... find me more land to work with, an' I'll show you what I'm really capable of!

August 2nd (2)
Ahh yes, the Dubloon-O-Matic! I definitely have to be findin' a place for that straightaway! While I'm still weighin' the pros and cons of convertin' me holdin's to NP, devaluin' dubloons via mass production, an' then issuin' a decree that bans their use on Krawk Island, I'd say at this moment me inclination would be not to bother. After all, once the island's restored I'll be fabulously wealthy an' powerful anyway... we'll see. In the meantime, avast with yer pesterin' and come back when you're of use to me tomorrow.

August 3rd (1)
So, that Dubloon-O-Matic turned out to be more of a rascal than I were anticipatin'... each time I found a place for it, the new location obstructed the lovely view of the sea that I have from me mansion! Well... as you might be imaginin', the entire episode had me rather peeved, but in the end me architectural genius naturally came up with a sensible solution...

August 3rd (2)
Well, well... would ye look at this beauteous plot o' land! While I don't be havin' any specific plans for the land itself, these resources on the land will be perfect for the crown jewel of Krawk Island's restoration. What will that be? Avast, swabbie... all in good time. Ye can rest assured, however, that the splendour of this particular facet of the island's rebuilding is sure to make jaws drop all across Neopia... now run along an' get some rest, so ye have plenty of energy for doin' me biddin' tomorrow.

August 4th (1)
Alright, so... I've given it some thought an', since you've been so accomodatin' of me requests, I've decided to share what's in store for the materials from that new plot of land. See, me ragged ol' shanty is hardly befittin' a lofty personage such as meself anymore, so I've decided put those resources from the islet you brought back toward the buildin' of me governor's mansion. Once completed it'll be a sight to see, that's for sure!

August 4th (2)
Ahh, I see that ye have brought back the islet containing the academy... yes, a very crucial part of me plans for Krawk Island's restoration. A well-trained regiment capable of keepin' me interferences to a minimum as I go about me day-to-day responsibilities is absolutely vital to the island's future. Speaking of interferences, if you'll be so kind as to leave me to my work, I'll get back to restorin' the island now... come back tomorrow, though -- ye shall be far less annoyin' to me once there's work for ye to do.

August 5th (1)
As one can see, I've made some overdue renovations to Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy, which the cap'n will find most beneficial. I like that cap'n -- seems like a real obedient sort of fellow, the kind I don't anticipate givin' me any problems... so, the island -- she's really startin' to come in nicely, eh? *puts index finger to lips* Shush-- ye can save all the niceties 'til after seein' the finished product, 'kay?

August 5th (2)
We're gettin' down to the last of the islets, are we not? You know, as demandin' as Krawk Island's restoration has been, I almost feel as though I'm goin' to miss puttin' me prodigious talents to use. Who knows, perhaps if I grow tired of wringin' every last bit of profit out of this island, maybe I'll seek out another Neopian land in need of a touch up. Tyrannia, perhaps? Aye, maybe not... for now, leave me to me ponderin' an' come back tomorrow when I can be findin' somethin' productive for ye to do.

August 6th (1)
At last, me restoration of Krawk Island is nearly complete! I've got a few last minute details, such as postin' me croni--I mean, allowin' me loyal friends to get situated before the mad dash back onto the island begins. Once everythin' is... *cough*under control*cough* then the ceremony to proclaim me governor of Krawk Island may be proceedin'. It won't be long, though, so check back soon!

August 6th (2)
It seems we're still waitin' on those last few plots to be comin' in... as if mastermindin' the entire project and overseein' its execution isn't enough -- apparently I have to hop in a dinghy and row these islets back to shore meself, too! *sigh* Competent help is so hard to find, especially when ye have dedicated yourself fully to the true expression of an artistic vision like I have...

August 7th (1)
The ineptitude of those carryin' out me plans has reached a level that not even I, in all me greatness, can overcome. Alas, another day has come an' gone and the final stage of Krawk Island's renovation remains held up by the retrieval of the very last few plots of land. It now appears as though the all-new Krawk Island's unveilin' shall happen no sooner than tomorrow. You'd better be there to make sure you don't miss it, though - after all, this IS the debut of the greatest architectural achievement in Neopian history.

August 7th (2)
Soooo... despite the last few plots not reachin' harbour yet, I have been assured *scoffs* that me glorious restoration of the new and improved Krawk Island shall be unveiled tomorrow. Honestly, I've learned not to be trustin' a word these so-called assistants tell me. However, given the possibility (however unlikely) that the island's restoration will make its debut tomorrow, it would be behoove ye to be there, just in case.

August 8th (1)
At last, me restoration of Krawk Island is nearly complete! I've got a few last minute details, such as postin' me croni--I mean, allowin' me loyal friends to get situated before the mad dash back onto the island begins. Once everythin' is... *cough*under control*cough* then the ceremony to proclaim me governor of Krawk Island may be proceedin'. It won't be long, though, so check back soon!

A new progress bar was added.

Click on the Join the Retrieval Effort button to start searching!

Once you clicked the button you will be taken to a new map, which is random for everyone. On this map only the small islets are clickable.

Once you've chosen an islet on the map, you'll be taken inside your ship where you have to arrange your crew like a Sudoku puzzle. This is very similar to the Roodoku game. Most likely, you'll be able to solve one puzzle every day.

You can only have one crew member on each row (horizontal and vertical). You can also only have one crew member in each coloured field. You first click on the crew member which you want to move, so it will get a yellow glow. Then click on the spot where you want him to move to. If you want to correct a mistake, just click on the crew member again and he will go back to the top.

Once you placed your crew members correctly, it will look something like this:

If you don't get it right the first time, you can use the clear the deck button to start over. If you got it right, you can press the "Attempt to Sail" button to receive your award.

Daily puzzle solutions
Although the daily puzzles look similar, there seem to be several different outcomes. Each day, the puzzles are getting slightly harder to solve.

Puzzle Solution
Day 10
Day 9
Day 8
Day 7
Day 6
Day 5
Day 4
Day 3
Day 2
Day 1

Items you can find
Whenever you finished a puzzle, you can come across an item. Here's a list of prizes:

Items list

A Tail Of Two Krawks

Black Skull Candle

Pirate Petpet

Pirate Petpet

Brain Of Mirgle
Magic Item

Buried Scroll
Desert Scroll

Candy Pirate Earrings

Captain Limebeard Plushie

Chocolate Krawk Cake

Darigan Krawk Collectable Figurine
Darigan Toy

Pirate Petpet

Five Dubloon Coin

Pirate Petpet

Green Weewoo Plushie

Hidden Treasure Pasta

Jacques Plushie

Jelly Bean Pirate Chest

Keeping Your Krawk Happy

Krawk Island Travel Brochure
Neovian Press

Mint Chocolate Krawk

Mint Chocolate Krawk Coin

Pirate Petpet

My Life At Sea

Orange Krawk Cake

Outdoor Pirate Flag

Piece of a treasure map

Pirate Avenger Plushie

Pirate Bomber Plushie

Pirate Brute Plushie

Pirate Cybunny Plushie

Pirate First Mate Plushie

Pirate Scout Plushie

Pirate Slorg Plushie

Pirate Warning Sign

Pirates Chest

Seaweed Krawk Cake

Skull and Crossbow
Haunted Weaponry

Springy Skull Toy

Star Map

Ten Dubloon Coin

The Grundo Pirate

The Korbat From Krawk Island

Toffee Dubloon

Treasure Map Negg

Weewoo with Grub Plushie


What happened to Krawk Island? All of my favourite locations and games are missing!
Krawk Island has mysteriously disappeared, and we really arenít sure what happened to it. One day it was there, and the next day, *poof*! All that was left was a tiny speck. This seems to be a pretty large mystery, and it will take some work to figure out what happened, so stick with it! There are sure to be rewards at the end for the most helpful and dedicated Neopians.

The Training Academy is one of the missing locations, and it is my petís day! Can I still get my free training? I mean, come on, it only comes around once a year!
Unfortunately, it is not known exactly where the Training Academy isÖ so that means we canít offer you free training for your pet! However, we are very, uh, confident that the Training Academy will be *shifty eyes* found. Or retrieved. Or rebuilt. Or something. So fear not! Keep checking back with us, and we are certain that your pet will live to train for free another day.

I am assisting with the search for Krawk Island, but I wasnít able to search all of my available sectors in one day. When I come back, will I still be able to search those sectors?
If you miss a day or cannot complete the search in all of your available sectors, you will still be able to search those sectors on another day. However, we have a feeling that there will come a point at which you will no longer be able to search sectors. So pay attention and come back often. Also, keep in mind that if you complete all of your searches every day, there may be an even more handsome reward awaiting you. That is, if we ever find Krawk Island at all.

How long do I have to use my Mysterious Skeleton Key(s)?
You will always be able to open a Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest as long as you have a Mysterious Skeleton Key and a Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest in your Inventory. However, the Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest can only be acquired during the event, and the keys will only be available for a few days after you receive the last Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest.

What do I get for unlocking a Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest?
For each Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest that is unlocked with a Mysterious Skeleton Key, you will receive an exclusive NC prize. You can only receive each prize once, so if you unlock all of the chests, you will receive all of the items.

Why canít I trade for or purchase a Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest?
The only way to receive a Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest is to earn it by searching for Krawk Island.

Why canít I do anything with my Mysterious Skeleton Key?
In order to use the Mysterious Skeleton Key, you must have a Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest in your Inventory. If you have not earned a Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest or if it is in your Safety Deposit Box, you will not be able to use your Mysterious Skeleton Key.

Why canít I do anything with my Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest?
The Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest will remain locked until you purchase or are gifted a Mysterious Skeleton Key from the NC Mall.