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On January 26th we reported to you about a message that has been placed in the Neopian Times editorial #327:

Okay, I recently shelled out 3.6 million for a Draik Transmogrification Potion -- only to discover that I could not use it! :o I tried to use it on four different Neopets (a Uni, Grundo, Gnorbu, and Blumaroo); each had a different name. What is going on? ~bowen_747
All Draik morphing potions can now only be used on a Draik. However, the transmogrification potions should actually work for all species, so that is fixed now!

This is question 5079, archived from Editorial Issue 327.

We reported the following news post:

A shock goes through Neopia as the Neopian Times falls on doormats in peoples neohomes. What's going on? Today the editor of the Neopian Times Editorial made it clear that you can no longer use Draik Morphing Potions to get a Draik! Any pet that is not a Draik will no longer drink these potions, they can only be used on Draiks now. Many Neopians have seen their dreams of ever getting a Draik shatter into millions of pieces, as Draik Transmogrification Potions and Draik eggs have shot up in price. Why have Draik Morphing potions lost their ability to *morph* pets into Draiks? Nobody knows...

Why don't they just change our names into Draik Painting Potion?

The only positive news is that this new Draik rule is still not implemented on Portugese. Anyone who puts their language on Portugese can still use a Draik Morphing Potion to get a Draik. Whether this is regarded as 'abusing a glitch' is a highly debated topic, use at your own risk.

We now bring you an update on the story. It seems as though tnt has changed their mind about the use of the morphing potions and is making them available to use on all pets again.
The information you can read below is a conversation between the user wefix and a neopets staff member named Charlotte. The screenshots below are used with permission of wefix.

Note: Wefix was not the only user who contacted TNT, many people have, which is why they have changed their minds. However, if it wasn't for her willingness to share her email conversations with us, we would not have known about these changes.

First email, written January 26th, replied to January 29th

Second email, written January 30th, replied to January 30th

Final email, written january 30th, replied to January 31st

What do we see in this week's editorial? Yes they have kept their promise!

Thank you so much for the awesome Return of Dr. Sloth plot! (Just had to throw that in there.) Anyway, for my question... in last week's Editorial, you mentioned that Draik morphing potions will only change the color of an existing Draik and will not work on any pets that are not Draiks. Is this a permanent change or a glitch that you are working on fixing? ~the_real_poetess_123
First, let's start off with a little history. This change for the potions happened in October of 2007. This is not a new change. However, after meeting and talking about it, we have decided that we will change the morphing potions for the Draiks so that all species can use any Draik morphing potion or transmogrification potion to change their Neopet into a Draik.

And there was much rejoicing. Yay!

This is question 5091, archived from Editorial Issue 328.

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