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Minimum Score: Win or Draw | Daily Cap: 46

Games Updated: Due to the change from FLASH to HTML5, the Altador Cup game guides may be slightly off or missing new information. We are working to update these guides, but please take this guide as is with a grain of salt and as basic general information until this alert is removed.
Below you can see a game guide for Yooyuball. You can also see the game guide for the old version of Yooyuball, in which you could still control with the mouse and there were no powerups.


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Left to right direction is used in the screenshot of the guide

General Info
Yooyuball is a game much like soccer in which 18 teams, from the 18 lands of neopia, battle it out to win the coveted Altador Cup. You will play as one of these teams, fighting every other team in the tournament. You will be part of a team, with every other supporter of your chosen team working with you.

The goal of the game is to get the yooyuball into the other teams goal:

How to play

There are 2 controls to this game. You can choose either to use keyboard or mouse to control your player. You cannot use the keyboard and mouse control simultaneously. You will be given the keyboard control if you uses "WASD" or up, down, left, right arrow at the start of the game. Mouse control will be activated when you hover your mouse over your player.

Keyboard control
To play this game, you use the arrow keys or the W, A, S, and D keys to move a player on your team around the field. The game will automatically select the player closest to the Yooyuball for you to control and will be highlighted by a colored circle as below.

Hitting the right arrow key or the 'D' key will move your player to the right, hitting the left arrow key or the 'A' key will move your player to the left, hitting the up arrow key or the 'W' key will move your player up the field, and hitting the down arrow key or the 'S' key will move your player down the field. Pressing 2 direction keys will enable then to move diagonally. For example, pressing 'W' or up arrow key together with 'D' or right arrow key will enable then to move diagonally upwards to the right.

To steal the ball from the other team, run at the player with the Yooyu and tap the space bar. Your player will slide foward and steal the yooyuball from your opponent.

In order to score you must use the spacebar. First, hold down the spacebar to gain power to shoot or pass the Yooyu. Then, release the spacebar to shoot or pass the Yooyu. However, if you hold the power for too long(flashing full power gauge), the player will automatically launch the ball.

Use the "V" or "L" button to switch control to your goal keeper, your keeper will still be moving around if you do not select it.

Mouse Control
The game will automatically select a player which is the central attacker as your controlling player, when the game starts. You will be using your mouse to move the player. You can select other players by left clicking on it. A coloured circle with arrow indicates that you are using the mouse control. In contrast to the old mouse control, those players that are not selected will be free roaming.

By left clicking and holding the mouse button, the power gauge will start to charge up, provided you are in possession. However, if you hold the power for too long(flashing full power gauge), the player will automatically launch the ball.

By left clicking once, the selected player will launch a tackle, provided that you are not holding on to the ball.

Other than tackle, clicking once on a empty spot will also aumatically select the player that is cloest to the spot, provided that you are not holding on to the ball.

Click on the Goalkeeper to control your goal keeper, your keeper will still be moving around if you do not select it.

Free Roaming

Your free roaming players may pick up the loose ball if no one is in posession. This is useful when the player that you are controlling is far away from the ball. When your roaming player have the ball, it will automatically be your selected player to control.

If your goalkeeper just launched the ball, simply single click to get a player nearest to the ball selected.

Mixed controls
You can use the following control in when using any control type.

Hit the shift key and they will return to their original positions they were in at the start of the game. However, your players will start to free roam again.

You can also skip the goal celebration and the Yooyu entry screens by pressing any of the keys on your keyboard. When any teams score a goal, or Clockwork Yooyu explodes, 8 seconds will be deducted from the total time.

When you start the Yooyuball game you must first select a side of the field that you will defend while the yellow arrow shows the way you will be running to reach the goal.

You can either choose left to right or right to left.

Next you choose a formation. There are three formations. Below is an image which highlights the formation recommended in this guide: 1+3.

The other two formations, from left to right, are 2+2 and 3+1.

Default team formations
The team that you face each day will have a default formation. They are listed below:

Default Formations


Darigan Citadel


Haunted Woods

Kiko Lake


Krawk Island

Lost Desert




Mystery Island

Roo Island


Terror Mountain




What formation you're playing against has an effect on your gameplay with this version of Yooyuball, for example, if your opponent is Tyrannia which have a formation of 3+1, there will be 3 offensive players trying to tackle for the ball when they are in front of you. However it will be easier to score when you get past them. If you'd like to know which team, and therefor, which formation you will be playing against, you can visit our Match Schedule Page each day.

Types of Yooyu
In Yooyuball there are seven different types of Yooyu. All of which behave in a different manner.

The Yooyu types
Normal Yooyu

This Yooyu behaves exactly how you would expect it to. No funny lines, no special speeds, no surprises. Not much to say about this one really.
Fire Yooyu

This is probably the easiest Yooyu to score with. It moves quickly, making it easier for you to avoid the goalkeeper. This means that you can shoot from further away, with a better chance at scoring the goal.
Snow Yooyu

This Yooyu can become difficult to score with. It moves really slowly, and can stop before it reaches the desired location. The fact that it moves slowly can mean that the goalkeeper has more time to react, catching the Yooyu. You may have to get closer to the goal before you shoot.
Faerie Yooyu

This is a Yooyu that flys unpredictably as it travels. This can make it very difficult to pass, but there is a simple solution to scoring with it.
Darigan Yooyu

One of the worst yooyus in the game. It has become rather unpredicatable in the direction it goes.
Mutant Yooyu

This is another misbehaving Yooyu. It inherit attributes either fire, snow, faerie or darigan yooyus. It changes its attributes when ever the ball leaves a player.
Clockwork Yooyu

This Yooyu moves as fast as normal yooyu, but it violently explodes after a short period of time. You should try and score with it as quickly as possible.

To help make getting to the goal and scoring easier, there are four powerups included in the game.

Speed Boost

This is the most common of the four powerups, appearing four or five times in a single game.

This powerup will make your team members move twice the speed they normally do. This helps you to avoid the other team and get to the goal faster.
Goal Expansion

This is the second most common of the four powerups. This powerup will make the opponent's goal larger. As shown below.

Mystery Power-up

A rare powerup, this powerup will give your players a large advantage, by making them into GIANTS!

Your shots will also become very powerful.(can travel longer distances)

Freeze Opponent

This powerup does exactly what it says it does. It freezes the other team dead in their tracks. This way, you can go to the goal unopposed. If the other team is carrying the ball when frozen, you can use the spacebar to steal the ball from them.

The effect will last until either you score a goal or the ice melts. If you passed the ball to a freezed opponent, the particular player will be unfreeze immediately.

The next section explains a couple of the methods that can be used to get the most goals possible. There are several methods to play the game and when playing, you will notice you don't need to stick to just one of them. Best is to try out the several strategies posted below and find out what works well for you.

Strategy for Normal, Snow, Fire, Mutant and Clockwork Yooyu

Step 1 - Getting the Yooyu: Method 1

Due to the auto-selector, it is suggested that you use the formation 1+3. This way you have a player that is obviously closer to the ball, therefore there is no confusion as to who you are controlling when you start the game. The next two methods work for the Faerie, Normal, Ice, Fire, and Clockwork Yooyus.

This is how the start of the game will look:

The first thing that you want to do, is nothing. Simply let the other team get the ball first

Then, before the opposing player can move foward with the ball, move foward and hit the spacebar to steal it.

This not only puts you in posession of the ball, but rockets you foward, past most of the defenders of the opposing team. Now you have to move toward the goal to score.

Step 1 - Getting the Yooyu: Method 2

Again for this step it is recommend that you use the 1+3 formation.

When the game starts, use the right arrow key to move forward right away, so you will be the first to get the ball.

Now, with one hand, you hold the arrow keys. Keep the right arrow key pressed down to move toward the goal, while you use the up and down arrow keys to dodge you opponents. If you hold the right arrow key and the up or down arrow key down at the same time, you'll be able to move at a 45 degrees angle.

Using this way, you'll end somewhere close to the goal where the goalie can't protect it's goal. With your other hand you hold down the space bar to charge up for shooting the ball. A bar will show up next to your player, either turning red if you've charged up a little, or yellow when you've charged up full.

In this way, you power up for the next step, scoring!

Do note that when you score more goals, it will be harder to get the yooyu as the opponent will become more agresive

Step 2 - Scoring: Method 1

This is the faster method of the two, but also the somewhat more difficult one. The controls for this method are very simple. Once you get the ball, hold down the spacebar to gain shooting power. Then, keep running towards the goal. You can line up to the top corner of the goal paint:

The second you hit that corner release the spacebar and the ball will swoop up above the goalie and into the goal. SCORE!

It's also possible to score at a place where the goalkeeper isn't guarding the goal, like on top or beneath him. You can just let go of the spacebar, and the ball will fly past the goalie, without him being able to do anything.

You can release the ball right in front of the goal, or earlier on if you've powered up enough, meaning the power bar is showing yellow. This works best for Fire and Normal Yooyus.

For the Faerie Yooyu, you're best scoring chances are by standing very close in front of the goalkeeper. The Faerie Yooyu will just arch around him in this way.

This concludes method one. Most of the times when playing, you'll be using this method first. If you fail to score and the goalie catches the ball, it's time to try method 2.

Step 2 - Scoring: Method 2

Method 2 takes more time, but is more accurate. Once you get the ball, keep running to the goal. Then pass it to the goalkeeper. If the goalkeper caught your ball, you can use the same method now.

Once the goalie has the ball, stand directly in front of him/her and repeatedly hit the spacebar, until you have the ball and the goalie runs off to the side.

Now is your chance! Quickly move in as close to the goal as you can and hit the spacebar. If you want to, hold the spacebar down for a second or two to give it more power before releasing.

Step 2 - Scoring: Method 3

This method uses long range shooting to get the ball into the net.

First quickly get the ball when the game start, then quickly bring it back to your own half while charging the power gauge.

Shoot the ball as shown. Note that the power up shown in the screenshot is not needed for this scoring method. For normal yooyu, fire yooyu you can shoot from the halfway line but away from the goalkeeper as shown below.

While for snow or, you need to launch them from your opponent's half as shown below in the shaded area.

The ball should sail towards the goal shown below.

Strategy for Faerie Yooyu

Faerie Yooyu travels a little like an arc. Below are some strategies to score.

Method 1
I recommend using this method to score as it works almost all the time for us. First either head upwards or downwards(while charing the power meter) towards the goalpost, make a sharp turn facing the post then launch the ball immediately after that.

Method 2
Alternatively, you can stand in front of goal and shoot the Faerie Yooyu. However, it is not reliable as the goalkeeper maybe able to catch the ball when you shoot.

Strategy for Darigan Yooyu

For getting the ball, you can use the same strategies as mentioned above. Scoring with the Darigan Yooyu is more difficult, because, unfortunately, in the new version of Yooyuball it is very hard to detect the exact way the Darigan Yooyu will move. You may also want to grab Goal Expansion or Freeze Opponent powerup if avaliable to help increase your scoring chances.

Basically, Darigan Yooyu will move in one of any random direction.

So, there are many ways of scoring the Darigan Yooyu. Firstly, you can pass your ball to your opponent and let them fire away. You may need to bring back the ball if it wonder off to far.

If you don't wish to idle and let your opponent get your job done, then you may want to consider the following methods. However, there is no best possible way as there is no way to tell excatly how the darigan Yooyu will move when fired.

Method 1
Lean against the wall as shown below, if the Darigan Yooyu chooses to move upwards, it will sail towards your opponent's goal.

Method 2
You can also aim your Darigan Yooyu from the example shown below, note that facing the opponent post or not does not matter.