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Wheel of Monotony

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During the Save the Wheels site event in July, 2010, the Wheel of Monotony was saved. The Wheel was redrawn from its old version and the prizes were revised. In this guide, you can see the various prizes available from the new Wheel of Monotony. The wheel is located on the Tyrannian Plateau, and the cost to spin it is 150 neopoints.

Note: Since this is a site feature that gives out neopoint rewards and prizes, you may not play the Wheel of Monotony on your side accounts. For more information look at our side accounts guide.

The Wheel of Monotony Basics:
The Wheel of Monotony is located on the Tyrannian Plateau. The cost to spin the wheel is 150 neopoints. You can spin the wheel once every 24 hours. And of course, you can only spin the wheel on your main account.

You can also get an avatar from the Wheel of Monotony.

Wheel of Monotony
Land on the Question Mark or on the Paint Brush at the The Wheel of Monotony.

❘❙❚Monotony! Spend the day in Tyrannia



Results from the Wheel of Monotony
There are 16 different spaces you can land on when spinning the wheel. Some are more common to get as a result than others. Below we've made an overview of all possible results.

Wheel of Monotony Results
Space Results

Takes you to The Volcano, where you will be greeted with the following message.
The Volcano

How did you find your way this far North?!!? You shouldn't have ventured past the Plateau... there are scary things to be found up here! Go back now!

Green Codestone Symbol

Not bad! Was your prize
worth the wait?

Bri Codestone

Receive a Bri Codestone.

Not bad! Was your prize
worth the wait?

Flaming Gauntlet

Receive a Battledome item.
Question Mark

Not bad! Was the prize
worth the wait?

You found an avatar!

Receive the Wheel of Monotony avatar.
Tyrannian Petpet Paint Brush

Not bad! Was your prize
worth the wait?

Tyrannian Petpet Paint

You receive a Petpet Paint Brush.
Lottery Ticket

Not bad! Was your prize worth
the wait?

You got a lottery ticket! If
you win the lottery you'll be
Neomailed automatically!

You receive a ticket for the Neopian Lottery

Better luck next time. Come
back when you have a lot of
time to kill.

Your Neopet loses half
their hit points!

Your active neopet will lose half their hit points.
Tyrannian Paint Brush



Receive a Tyrannian Paint Brush.

Receive this result and know what the text is? Contact us!
Bag of Neopoints

Not bad! Was your prize worth the wait?

5,000 NP

Receive 5,000 NP.
Food (Terry Berry)

Not bad! Was your prize
worth the wait?

Evil Blancmange

Receive a food item, includes Evil Blancmange and Honey Blossom.

Not bad! Was your prize
worth the wait?

Wheel of Monotony Poster

Receive an item, possibly Wheel of Monotony Poster or Pterattack Action Figure.
Light Faerie

Not bad! Was your prize worth
the wait?

You got a Faerie blessing,
which increased Petname's
level in Spark!

Your pet's ability level is increased.

If your pet has no faerie abilities:

That prize is almost as boring
as watching this Wheel spin.

You would have gotten a Faerie
blessing, but Petname has
no abilities!

Nothing happens.

These are in reference to the old Faerie Abilities.
Red Codestone Symbol

Not bad! Was your prize worth the wait?

Mag Codestone

Receive a red Codestone.
The Beast

When you go to collect the prize, you will be directed straight to The Beast without a message from the wheel.

Not Bad! Was your prize
worth the wait?


You win a Mazzew petpet.
Stack of Neopoint Bags

Not bad! Was your prize worth the wait?

20,000 NP

Receive 20,000 NP.

Spinning within 24 hours
You can only spin the wheel again 24 hours after you've last collected your prize. If you try to do so before that time has passed, the Tyrannian Quiggle will tell you to come back later.

The Wheel of Monotony

Wow, you must be really bored if you want to spin again. Maybe you should go watch some grass grow for a while and then come back.

Old Wheel of Monotony
Before the Save the Wheels site event, the Wheel of Monotony looked slightly different. However, the prizes you could win were more or less the same. Below you can see how the Wheel has transformed:

Old Wheel of Monotony                                   New Wheel of Monotony

For more information about the Wheel of Monotony you can check the Neopedia. The Neopedia has a great article about the Wheel of Monotony:

Neopedia : Wheel of Monotony

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