Kass Basher

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General Info
In the land of Meridell there is a favorite sport among the inhabitants. After all the evil Lord Kass has done to Meridell, it is only natural that the Neopians found a way to let their anger out. A plushie of Lord Kass was made. You are to bring anything you can find to hit the Lord Kass plushie as far as you can. Clearly, the further you launch the innocent plushie, the higher up on Lord Kass' revenge list you are. You can read more about the sport in the Neopedia.

How To Play
There are a few elements to the game that make the difference between obtaining the avatar and the 1,000nps per play. However, the gameplay itself is simply the same for each difficulty.

After you chose the difficulty, the screen will show the plushie up on a tree branch with the blue blumaroo holding the respective batting tool. All you have to do to start the game is hit the space bar or click the mouse which will make the plushie fall. From there, you can hit the space bar or click again to swing the batting tool to hit the plushie. The turtum will then walk up and measure your distance. If you are not happy with the score, simply hit the spacebar or click again and the game will restart with the plushie back on the branch.

Be careful not to have too fast of fingers and push the space bar or click the mouse too quickly or you may lose a high score. Also, when you use the mouse to send, be sure to hit the button. If you click off of it, you will restart the game with the plushie on the branch and lose your score.

There are three difficulty levels which you can unlock by clicking each difficulty and gaining a certain score. Naturally, the higher the difficulty, the further the plushie will fly. However, be careful as the speed the plushie drops to be hit increases.

Difficulty Plushie Drop Speed
Once you unlock the difficulty, you do not have to again unless you delete your temporary internet files.

Automatically Unlocked

Requires a 175m Hit

Requires a 450m Hit

Random when playing the game.
Same Speed as Hard - Bat, but falls from the sky since the branch is no more.

Wind Speed
The wind always has a factor when outdoors. The stronger the wind is the further it will carry the plushie. The positive numbers (1 through 9 meters/second) will help push the Kass plushie further. Neutral wind (0 meters/second) will not help nor hinder the plushie's flight. Negative numbers (-1 through -9 meters/second) means the wind is blowing in the opposite direction. This will fight against the flight of the Lord Kass plushie and may even send it backwards. From what I've seen the wind typically fluxuates by 2. So it goes from 1 to 3 with only a sliver of stop at 2. So to get to 9, if you start with even numbers, restart the game by letting the plushie fall to the ground and hitting space bar. Occasionally however, when the wind is on 8, it will then move down to 7-8-9 quickly. So if you start the game and the wind is a higher even number, you can see if this comes into play. However if the wind goes lower, simply restart the game.

The animation below is an example of the flag that helps illustrate the wind direction and strength.

Flag Break Down

9 meters/second

8 meters/second

7 meters/second

6 meters/second

5 meters/second

4 meters/second

3 meters/second

2 meters/second

1 meters/second

0 meters/second

-1 meters/second

-2 meters/second

-3 meters/second

-4 meters/second

-5 meters/second

-6 meters/second

-7 meters/second

-8 meters/second

-9 meters/second

AH! The Kass plushie is coming back toward me! - the effects of negative wind.

When To Hit
Of course, where you hit the kass plushie depends on how far it will fly. You want to try to hit the kass at the top of the batting tool.

With the bat with a windspeed of 9, if you hit the plushie correctly, when the plushie starts coming down it will cross through two clouds diagonally.

The projection direction will either limit or further your gain. If you hit the kass too late, it will head straight down. If you get an okay hit, the plushie will be at an angle pointing upward. If you hit it in the ideal spot at the top of the batting item, it will be pointing even further up.





Control The Flight
The Lord Kass plushie actually flaps its wings which can be used to help increase the distance - only if you use it correctly.

The moment you hit the plushie using the spacebar or mouse click, do not release. This will stop the wings from flapping which will in turn make the plushie shoot through the air with less drag. Once the plushie reaches peak height and begins to descend, release the spacebar or mouse so the plushie flaps its wings to keep him moving forward instead of plummeting back down. As the plushie bounces, hit the space bar or click each time to try and bounce more.

Don't send scores with bread or stick.
These are simply qualifying rounds that you do not have to send to unlock, and do not give you much of a score. It also does not qualify you for the avatar.

Use the wind to your benefit.
Wait for the wind to get to 9 meters/second before you release the plushie to hit it. This will give you the maximum help with distance.

Be sure to use projection angle to increase score.
When the Kass plushie is angled upward, you can get a decent score. However, when you get the best hit, the plushie will be nearly pointing upward increasing your distance.

Bouncing on landing adds distance.
If you do not hit the spacebar or click the mouse on landing, the plushie will bounce twice. If you do, you can get a total of five bounces if you click or hit the spacebar at the exact moment the plushie hits the ground each time. It can be difficult to get all five bounces all the time as a warning.

High Scores and Trophies
Unless you get lucky when the games are reset and enough bounces to increase your distance to the 1,177 minimum score, the only way to get a trophy is to get the tree as a bat. The tree increases your distance by far.

Gold Trophy

Silver Trophy

Bronze Trophy
Minimum Score: 1,177

An avatar was released for this game on July 6, 2004.

Score 850 or more points at Kass Basher.

    H ˙·. 
        A ···
   C .·˙

Score Marker Change
There is a rock between 800 and 850 distance that if you click on it, the score marker will turn from a turtum to a drackonack. This has no effect on your score, just simply a visual difference. However, it does reset back to turtum afterwards.

Previous Name
The game used to be called Whack-A-Kass but the game was renamed on December 12, 2007 for copywrite with other "Whack-A" games. This however explains the avatar which is called "Whack A Kass" and says "Whacked" along with the Neopedia article.

Whack-A-Kass, the original name.

Awhile ago, the name of Whack-A-Kass was changed to Kass Basher because Lawyerbot informed you of some legal issues and such. However, after a long day, I felt the need to show Kass who's boss and noticed (yes, I'm that unobservant) that at the bottom of the game it says Farthest Whack. Should this now, perhaps, say farthest bash? Just wondering. ^.^ ~titian_starfire
Thankfully, no one has claimed the word "whack" for their very own yet, so we think we can still use it!

This is question 5881, archived from Editorial Issue 384.

So, TNT -- I totally just noticed that you changed "Whack-a-Kass" to Kass Basher, but the icon beside the game still says "Whack-a-Kass"! Were you guys getting around to it, or trying to trick us? ~Mushroomsofdoom
Lawyerbot's programming was updated and he learned there might be some "whack-a" games that existed prior to our Neopian games, so we renamed them. (He tends to be touchy about those things.)

Hey guys... could use a little item renaming over here.

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