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General Info:
Cheeseroller is a game located in Meridell, the goal of the game is to roll your (round) cheese to the bottom of a hill within 60 seconds. If you succeed you get to keep the cheese, and you have a chance at unlocking an avatar. Things are not as easy as they sound though. While trying to roll your cheese down the hill it may get stuck causing you to lose many seconds.

You can only play Cheeseroller three times a day.

How to play:
To start playing Cheeseroller you need to buy a cheese. The Techo who runs the game does not tell you which cheeses you can buy. The table below shows all of them and their price.

At the bottom you can also see some unknown (possibly unreleased) cheeses of which we only have images, no names or prices.

Cheeses for Cheeseroller

Spicy Juppie Cheese

Smoked Snorkle Cheese

Triple Mustard Cheese

Honey Cheese

Big Beefy Cheese

Purple Spotted Cheese

Brain Cheese

Alkenore Cheese

Mutated Cheese

Bubbling Blueberry Cheese

Tyrannian Dung Cheese

Quadruple Fudge Cheese

Brick Cheese

Gooey Snot Cheese

Peppermint Cheese

Overgrown Cheese

Heavy Bark Cheese

Warty Blue Cheese

Fragrant Ummagcheese

Furry Chocomint Cheese

Mummified Cheese

Nimmo Tube Cheese

Space Cheese

Angelpuss Cheese

Meaty Cheese

Potato Cheese

Very Stinky Cheese

Fishy Cheese

Shiny Golden Cheese

Stinky Zebie Cheese

Overripe Cheese
Cheeses also for sale at Merifoods

Stinky Cheese

Plaid Cheese

Liquorice Cheese

Berry Cheese

Rolling down the cheese
After you purchase your cheese, the game begins. You start at the top of the hill and must roll your cheese 120 meters down. In order to do so you must choose between 5 different moves:

  • Forward Somersault
  • Push Cheese Faster
  • Hold Cheese Steady
  • Dive Left
  • Dive Right

The move which you choose will affect the time in which your cheese rolls 10 meters further down the hill. Because the hill is 120 meters long, you must select a move 12 times. After 12 moves your cheese will be at the bottom of the hill. But the most important part is to get your cheese down there as fast as possible, or at least within 60 seconds.

It doesn't take a mathematician to see that if there are only 60 seconds to do 12 moves, each move should on average cost 5 seconds or less.

After selecting an action you will see how well (or badly) your pet is doing with the cheese. There are good moves and bad moves.

Good moves
Cost only 1-3 seconds to move 10 meters down the hill.
hitting a rock the cheese bounces high in the air - wow its going much faster now, that saved you at least three seconds!!!
.. and what a LUCKY BOUNCE. The cheese flies forward, saving you two seconds
and a freak gust of wind blows you down the hill... wow you saved at least one second there!

Regular moves
Cost 4-6 seconds to move 10 meters down the hill.
... the audience roars with applause!
and the cheese rolls faster and faster towards the goal!
... and a big rock is jutting out of the ground to the right ... good thing you dived left!
... good thing you avoided that low branch, eh?
... keep going, Petname is nearly there!
... the cheese bounces merrily down the slope towards the finish line
the cheese bounces around as it rolls quickly down the slope!

Bad moves
Cost 8+ seconds to move 10 meters down the hill.
It's a hot day and the sticky cheese is causing it to roll slower, thats going to cut your time down by at least 2-4 seconds!
... and a big rock is jutting out of the ground to the left ... SLAM!!! - That's going to cost at least four more seconds
... and the cheese gets stuck down a pothole.. uggh, that took 2-10 seconds to get it free :(
... and the cheese starts to wobble all over the place, Petname should have held it steady, thats going to cost 3 seconds!
... and the cheese bounces off a rock and falls on the floor.. uggh, that took 5/6 seconds to get it rolling again :(
... and a big rock is jutting out of the ground to the right ... SLAM!!! - That's going to cost at least five more seconds
right into a low branch... SLAM!, thats going to cost you six seconds

Rewards & Ratings
The time you finish in determines your reward and rating for the game. If you finish within 60 seconds you get to keep the cheese that you bought. You also get a neopoint reward for finishing within 84 seconds. If you finish after more than 84 seconds, you get nothing.

In the table below you can see all ratings and neopoint rewards. For each extra second in your finishing time 30 points are deducted from your score. This means that if 38 seconds gives you a score of 1,410 points, then 39 seconds gives you a score of 1,380 points.

Note: We do not know the ranks below 25 seconds, if you have any information regarding this, please contact us.

Time Score / Neopoints Rating
25-50 1,800-1,050 CHEESEMASTER!
51-52 1,020-990 Head Cheese
53-54 960-930 Awesome!
55-56 900-870 Fantastic
57-58 840-810 Brill
59-60 780-750 Great
61-63 720-660 Cheeseriffic
64-66 630-570 Cheesy
67-70 540-450 Moldy
71-75 420-300 Could do Better
76-80 270-150 Awful
81-85 120-0 Pathetic
86-90 0 TERRIBLE
91+ 0 Beyond Redemption

Out of all of those cheeses, which one should you buy, and then what moves should you do? Lots of testing has proven that there are immense differences between the different cheeses and moves. Most of the cheap cheeses will have really low finishing times, while some of the more expensive cheeses get better scores.

A good strategy is to buy the 'Tyrannian Dung Cheese' and to keep using the move 'Dive Left'. Using this strategy should allow you to finish within 60 seconds most of the time. This does not mean all of the time.

You Finished in 60 seconds!!!

Your Score :
(and you win that many Neopoints!)

Your Rating : Great

Congratulations, you did it under a minute so you get to keep your cheese!

Something Has Happened!
You are now eligible to use 'Techo - Cheesy' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!

If you are lucky you can also unlock this random avatar:

Techo - Cheesy

Finish Cheese Roller within 60 seconds. Getting this avatar is random, it might take a lot of tries before you get this avatar.

Tip: Visit SunnyNeo's Cheeseroller Guide.

I ♥ Cheese
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