Winter Font Fair

Sponsored by Avatarlog and Sunnyneo. To get the neoHTML code for any code, click on the "get neoHTML code" link appears on the upper right above the font. A box will pop up with the coding. Happy Holidays!

NOTICE: Webdings/Wingdings may not display properly in Firefox browser if used on Neopets. Some special characters might be un-viewable in certain browsers.

NOTE: Judging was done by 5 judges, 2 from avlog, and 3 from SN. It was done blindly and all usernames were anonymous. The fonts were then choosen as winners based on the amount of total judge votes they got, the winning fonts had the most judge votes (usually around 3 of the 5) for their avatar category.

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Total of 1878 fonts submitted to the event.

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