Faerie Quest Event

What is the Faerie Quest Event?
Beginning February of 2011 (month of Awakening, Y13), the Faeries started to rebuild their homes after the fall of Faerieland. They are doing this by giving out daily Faerie Quests during the Faerie Quest Event. There is also a daily gift that you can claim each day. For more information, see the FAQ below.

This year, the Faerie Quest Event has returned. Again, you will be able to do a daily quest and claim a daily gift for visiting the Faerie Quest page.

Right now, the faeries need help with the restoration, so they are offering daily quests and free gifts to all who visit! Be sure to check back every day, when the faeries will return to bestowing quests only when more supplies are needed.

Queen Fyora sets aside a list of construction projects and picks up a list of materials needed. "Are you here for quests? My sisters and I appreciate your assistance," she says gently. "I have asked several faeries from each of the elements, as well as some of the most powerful faeries in Neopia, to prepare spells for Faerieland's restoration. These spells require items from the far corners of the world. It's up to you to find them and bring them back to us."

Faerie Quests
During this event you're able to complete one random Faerie Quest a day. Two of the newest Faerie members who give out Quests are the Battle and Crafting Faerie. The Battle Faerie gives out random stats, while the Crafting Faerie hands out Neocash wearables when you bring her the correct crafting materials. That's not the only thing which has changed: the Earth Faerie has changed her rewards from restoring the hitpoints of one of your pets, feeding that same pet, and making it gain one pound in weight, into giving out random stats.
Right now all stats will be given to your active pet, so before you complete any Quests, be sure the correct Neopet is active. For more info about the Faerie Quests and their rewards, check out our Faerie Quest page. -- ((The page referenced here is out of date and is in need of repair.)) You can always abandon or cancel a Faerie Quest without fear of a penalty.
After this event the Faerie Quest will become random events again.

During the 2011 Quest Eevent, everyone who completed four Faerie Quests, received a bonus Quest from the Crafting Faerie. It appeared on February 10th 2011. It would show up after completing the Faerie Quest of the day:

During the 2012 quest event, some people did get a bonus Crafting Faerie quest on February 9th if you completed three quests so far. It's not know why some people did get a quest, while others did not at this point.

If you rejected a quest earlier on, the bonus quest didn't show up either.

Daily prizes

If you visit the Faeries every day, you will be rewarded a free gift. If you visited the Faeries during the whole event, you will even be awarded a special prize. The Quests don't count for the special prize, those are just considered extras.

Be sure to only do this event with your MAIN account, otherwise all your accounts might get frozen for gaining np on multiple accounts. The Crafting Faerie Quest and other Quests can only be completed on side accounts AFTER this event. See the FAQ below.

Click on the year of your choice to see the prizes that were given out for that year. If you receive any missing prizes, please Contact Us.

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Daily Prizes

Air Faerie Eye Shadow

(Click to Preview)

Air Faerie Cookie Sandwich

Collectors Edition Quiguki Boy Plushie

Collectors Edition Quiguki Girl Plushie

Comfort in the Cold

Dark Faerie Eye Shadow

(Click to Preview)

Earth Faerie Broccoli

Earth Faerie Cookie Sandwich

Earth Faerie Daisy Ring

(Click to Preview)

Earth Faerie Eye Shadow

(Click to Preview)

Faerie Flute

(Click to Preview)

Faerie Furniture Shopkeeper Stamp

Faerie Gnorbu Plushie

Faerie Kau Plushie

Faerie Poetry

Faerie Rules

Faerie Tonu Plushie

Faerie Tracing Book

Faerieland Petpet Shopkeeper Stamp

Festive Faerie Fizz

Fire Faerie Eye Shadow

(Click to Preview)

Guide to Faerie Instruments

How to Talk to TDMBGPOP

Lemon Curd Gormball Truffle

Light Faerie Cereal

Light Faerie Eye Shadow

(Click to Preview)

Light Faerie Lemons

Rebuilding Faerieland: A Journey

Simple Faerie Grundo Backpack

Simple Faerie Kougra Backpack

The Comma Faerie

The Strengths of Faerie Magic

Tooth Faerie Ice Lolly

Unidentifiable Weak Bottled Faerie
Magic Item

Weak Bottled Air Faerie
Magic Item

Weak Bottled Dark Faerie
Magic Item

Weak Bottled Earth Faerie
Magic Item

Weak Bottled Fire Faerie
Magic Item

Weak Bottled Light Faerie
Magic Item

Weak Bottled Water Faerie
Magic Item

Bonus item
On March 12th 2015 you would receive a special gift from Fyora for visiting the Faeries every day during the Faerie Quest Event.

Bonus prize

Frequently Asked Questions

If I cancel a quest, is there a penalty?
Nope! You're free to abandon a quest if you like. However, you won't be able to accept another quest until tomorrow if you abort today's quest.

Can I choose which kind of faerie quest I go on?
Sadly, no. You never know which faerie would require your help at that moment hence the faerie quests are still given out at random.

How long does the event last?
The event begins on April 17 at 5:30:00 AM NST and will end on May 3 at 11:59:59 PM NST. After the event is over, regular faerie quests will resume via Random Events, so keep an eye out for those fluttering wings!

Can I use the Shop Wizard when I am on a faerie quest during the event?
No, the Shop Wizard will still be unavailable to you while you are on a faerie quest unless you are on a quest for the Crafting Faerie, in which case you would need to visit the NC Mall.

Can I choose which Neopet receives the reward from the faerie quest?
The reward for completing a quest will be applied to your active Neopet.

Do I have to complete a quest every day?
Nope. You're given the option of completing a quest every day, but you don't have to.

Can I participate in the event on my side account(s)?
For the event, I'm afraid, no.

Since regular faerie quests are given out in Random Events, you may participate in those on your side account(s) if you happen to receive one, so long as you earned the NP for the requested item on your main account. (Remember, earning NP or items on side accounts isn't allowed.)

However, since the faerie quest event -- where you receive a "free" faerie quest every day -- gives out extra daily prizes, it is treated like any other event or daily and you may only participate on your main account.

How many Faerie Quests can I receive in one day?
Every day during the event, when you visit the Faerie Quest page, you can receive a random Faerie Quest. You can choose to complete or abandon this quest. Upon completing or abandoning the quest for that day, you will be given the option to complete a Delina quest. You can choose to complete or abandon this quest as well. If you have a Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie, you can also receive that quest.

So, for each day, you can receive up to three Faerie Quests during the event.

Can I cancel a quest once I am on it?
Yes, you can choose to abandon a quest at any time. However, if you decide to abandon a quest, you will not have the opportunity to replace it with another quest. You'll need to wait until the following day for another quest to be offered to you. If you abandon a quest on the final day of the event, you will not have the opportunity to complete a quest until a quest is randomly offered to you through a regular Random Event.

Do I have to complete a quest in order to receive a prize?
You receive a gift each day just by visiting the page. No questing needed! That's how nice the Faerie Queen is. ;) However, the faeries will also reward you for completing their quests, so you might consider helping out.

Is there a prize for visiting the Faerie Quest Headquarters every day?
Yes, if you visit the Quest Headquarters every day, regardless of whether or not you complete any quests, Queen Fyora will grant you a special gift at the end of the event.

What is the Faerie Quest Event?
Queen Fyora has asked the faeries to give daily quests, and with the items they collect, they will cast spells to improve Neopia. During this time, you'll be presented with the option of accepting one faerie quest each day. The quest you receive will be selected randomly from the group of quests available.

Where do I find the items needed to fulfill the Faerie quests?
There are several places that you can search for items once you have been offered a Faerie Quest. You can search user shops in the Marketplace; you can look for trades on the Trading Post; you can hunt for items in the Auctions; and, if you are over 13, you can check the Quests board and look for helpful Neopians to assist you in your search.

What if I don't complete the quest I accept on the day that I accept it?
You can complete the quest whenever you like, but you may miss out on other quests. If, for example, you accept a quest on Tuesday but don't complete it until Thursday, you will be able to accept and complete Thursday's quest, but Wednesday's quest will no longer be available.

What if I was on a quest before the Faerie Quest Event started? Is it lost or will I be able to complete it?
If you were on a quest before the event, it's been put on hold and will not affect you being able to participate. Once the event is over, your quest will be reinstated, and you will be able to continue where you left off. (In other words, your Fountain Faerie quest is not lost forever! Don't panic!)

Where do I find the items needed to fulfill the Crafting Faerie's quest?
Once you have received a Crafting Faerie quest, the Crafting Shop will open in the NC Mall. You will be able to purchase the items that are requested by Delina the Crafting Faerie in this shop.

What if my active Neopet is in the middle of a battle?
A reward cannot be applied to a Neopet actively in battle. If your active Neopet is in battle at the time of completing a faerie quest, you cannot turn in your item. Make sure you either remove your active Neopet from a battle or change your active Neopet before you complete the quest in order to receive your reward.

Can I use my Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie during the event?
Yes! If you have a Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie activated during the event, you will be able to claim your quest from the cookie each day along with receiving the free quest each day from the event.