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The Wraith Resurgence

Faerie Festival Closed

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The Infirmary
At The Infirmary you can help heal the pets that were once wraith but turned Neopets once defeated.

In order to help the Jetsam, you have to go to Taelia's Brewing Center and click on the scroll. Now you will need to make potions for each of the pets to make the better.

Pet In NeedPotion TreatmentIngredients Required Per Potion

Taelias Concoction I

Wraith Ectoplasm

Taelias Concoction II


Taelias Concoction III

Wraith Fur


Wraith Ectoplasm

Wraith Claw


On December 28th, Dialogue was found at the Infirmary with Taelia questioning the Jetsam that is recovering.

On January 10th, more Dialogue appeared between the Jetsam and Taelia.

January 13th, Fyora appeared at the Infirmary and unresponsive.

January 19th, Taelia and Aeitha converse about Fyora and Finn, the Meerca.

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