The Wraith Resurgence

Faerie Festival Closed

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Fiendish Formations
On February 10th, the Fiendish Formations step was released. To reach the game simply click on the map in the Headquarters.

Game Play
The goal is to mirror the moves of the wraith on your side of the board. Once you have mirrored all the pieces, you move on to the next round. The faster you make your moves, the extra bonus points you get.

There are different icons. To place an icon, click on the tile in which you wish to place it. Clicking again will filter through the icon type and eventually remove after four clicks. Try to place your icons as quickly as possible to get enough bonus points to reach the required score.

Resistance Icons

1 Click

2 Clicks

3 Clicks

Wraith Special Icons

The Decoy Soldiers which are the icons filled with black are ones you want to avoid making a match with. When you match them, you lose 10 points per time you match on their square.

The Wraith Assassin has a countdown for 8 seconds. If you donít finish the round before the countdown is over the Wraith Assassin will attack one of your squares and remove that icon you have placed.


Start from top to bottom or left to right.
If you start in one direction, it'll be easier for you to know where you've already been and help speed up your game play. Going in a random direction you will loose where you've been or haven't been and slow you down. When you get towards the end it'll be harder to for you to find the icons you have yet to place.

Fix The Wraith Assasin's Strike Right Away
When the Wraith Assassin attacks one of your squares, correct that one first and then move on, otherwise when you get done, you will end up searching for the missing piece and losing time.

Controlled Speed and Focus
Quicker is better, but donít get yourself tense about it, the more relaxed you are, the better your focus.