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The Wraith Resurgence

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Destroyed Faerie Festival Characters
A few old and new faces have appeared during this latest development. Here you can find out information on them.

Queen Fyora

Queen Fyora is the Queen of all Faeries. She has done many great things such as turning the Darkest Faerie to stone, as well as returning Hanso from stone back in the The Faeries Ruin plot.

Aethia is the well-know Battle Faerie. Perhaps more push to prepare for battle.

Taelia is a Snow Faerie who gives quests for Neopets to complete. She helped many pets stuck in the cold and nursed them back to health. She can use her alchemy skills to save Neopets from any curse. Will we see curses in this event?

Kaia is a new faerie that Fyora brought in for the Faerie Festival 2017. She is the only faerie from Shenkuu and trained at the Faerie Academy. On Oct 13th, 2017, Fyora said it was time to put her skills to the test. What might her skills be??
The Light Faerie

The Light Faerie appeared talking out Taelia's strategy on creating potions from wraith remains. The two together thought of a plan moving forward. May she play another roll?
Yurble Foreman

The Yurble Foreman has appeared many times all over Neopia classically in an angry mood. He is classically in Altador at the Hall of Heroes and featured in the Altador Plot. He also has made an appearance in the Lost Desert Plot, The Faeries Ruin Plot, and even some games.

Damon is a Jetsam who started out as a wraith in TWR. You battled the wraith and upon defeating them, transformed back into himself, a Jetsam. He gave all he could remember to Taelia.

Finn is a Meerca who started out as a wraith in TWR. You battled the wraith and upon defeating them, transformed back into himself, a Meerca.
Spotted Xweetok
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We don't know much yet on this character. Though, we find it odd that in The Faeries Ruin, Xandra was a speckled xweetok, and now we have a spotted xweetok. Is this a hero? Or possibly another betrayal?
Blue Koi
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This Koi appears to be random - not typically humanoid like other plot characters on land.
The Masked Intruder
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The Masked Intruder is apart of the Defenders of Neopia. Though, he was hypnotized in the past as well as been known to be prone to stealing. It is hard to say whether he will be a villain or a hero this time around. And is he acting on his own accord, or is he once again under the control of something darker?
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Not much is known about this lovely colored korbat. More to come as we learn more.
Possible Villains
Hooded Lupe

Not much is known yet about this Lupe but he appears to be the hooded figure you chased once before in the Wild Woods. Note: all the victims who've recovered so far claim they saw a flash of red light and the clasp on his cloak is glowing red.

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