The Case of the Missing King

The Case of the Missing King is the NC activity for Daily Dare 2012. Unlike previous years, where you were able to challenge Lulu along with AAA or Abigail, Lulu now has an activity of her own: find King Roo!

The storyline
King Roo has proudly presented Neopia with an all new and improved version of the Games Room. Right in time before the Daily Dare which was about to start, something AAA was quite pleased with. However, since the Games Room was making a weird noise, King Roo had to take it down. Then AAA managed to fix the Games Room himself, and went ahead and started with the Daily Dare.

Now however, the new Games Room seems to be plagued by a weird kind of bugs, who are popping up all over the place in the games room. When you click on these bugs, they will give out a prize. For a full list of prizes have a look at our Daily Dare page.

Abigail thinks King Roo needs to have a look at this, but where is King Roo? It's a good thing Lulu doesn't care much for games and is in for a bit of investigation. Afterall, it can't be that hard to find one Blumaroo, right? Lulu is using her journal to record the search.

How do I participate?
You can participate in The Case of the Missing King by buying Book Packs in the NC Mall. These Book Packs will give you access to the pages of Lulu's journal, where you can read about her progress. You need a Book Pack for each page of the journal. There is a 13 Book Pack that will cost you 1200 NC and will cover the whole event, or a 5 Book Pack that will cost 500 NC, if you do not wish to do the whole event. You can only apply one Book Pack for each page once, so it's not possible to get the prize for day 1 twice, for example. You can also participate in this event on side accounts.

The Case of the Missing King Adventure Book 13-Page Pack
1200 NC

The Case of the Missing King Adventure Book 5-Page Pack
500 NC

How do I activate my Book Packs?
After purchasing your Book Packs at the NC Mall, go to your inventory to activate them. When you active your Book Packs, you'll also receive a bonus item.

Lulus Adventure Satchel
Click for preview

You can now go to The Case of the Missing King page. Here you will be presented with Lulu's journal and her notes. Every day, Lulu has to make a choice between two moves she can make in trying to find King Roo. And here you can participate!

Each day, you'll be presented with the two options Lulu can choose between and you can vote for the one you like best. For voting, you'll use up one of your Book Packs. The voting is a community effort, the option that will get the most votes, will be the choice Lulu will make.

Also, this will determine what prize you will get get for voting. For example, during the first day, you had the choice between asking Advisor Broo what he knew about the missing king, or searching the throne room for clues. The throne room was the option that won and the prize everyone was presented with was the Roo Island Throne Room Background.

When you can claim your prize, a picture in the right corner of Lulu's journal.

Clicking on this picture will give you a message and will make the item show up in your inventory.

Even if you're not participating in this event, you can still read Lulu's journal notes without having to buy a Book Pack. You cannot vote however and you will not get any prizes as well.

Journal logs, choices and prizes

Each day, Lulu will have written something new in her journal. There will also be a new option to vote for, as well as a prize to claim.

Note: You will not get your prize until the next day. It is also possible to apply a Book Pack for a day that has passed. In that way, you will not be able to vote anymore, but you can still come back the following day and claim your prize.

The Case of the Missing King
Day and actionsPrize
March 22th

Journal log:
King Roo looked grimmer than I've ever seen him when I told him about all of the bugs. It was like the whole world turned a little grey. But he soon cheered up; we have a gadget, after all. Gadgets make everything better. I was pretty glad to get home to Roo Island, even if there is still a lot of work to do.

Thank goodness the gadget started working! There are fewer bugs already. However, Tangor warned us that the sonic wave inverter needed power from the Games Room itself, which means everyone needs to play lots of games, or the bugs will just come right back. Somehow, I don't think AAA will be too upset about having to play more games.

AND... King Roo said I could have this dress! He's been carrying it around since he left Roo Island; he ordered a fancy dice-themed cape, but the tailors got the order all wrong and made a dress, and well, King Roo wasn't going to wear a dress. He'd been planning to exchange it, but since I was helpful, he's giving to me instead!

No item.
March 21th

Journal log:
Thank goodness I made that parachute, or I might have gone splat. After a long drop through complete darkness, the tunnel opened up into a big cavern. I landed on the roof of Tangor's Workshop, scaring off a flock of Albots. I can't believe it -- King Roo must have followed the tunnel to Moltara City!

Guess who found King Roo? Yup, I hopped down off the roof, knocked on the door of Tangor's Workshop, and there he was, having a meeting with Tangor himself. So I suppose there ARE reputable mechanics in the middle of nowhere... at least, UNDER the middle of nowhere.

They were pretty surprised to see me. When I explained my purpose in following King Roo, though, he commended my dedication to the Games Room. It turns out that King Roo was on a secret mission to save the new Games Room from the bugs before Roo Island was ruined. Me too, King Roo.

All those bugs were attracted by the machine noise, so Tangor made a gadget (he calls it his 'sonic wave inverter', but it looks like a screwdriver to me) to cancel out the machine noise and drive away the bugs. With luck, it might even work...

Options to choose:
- Tell King Roo about the bugs taking over Roo Island.
- Let Abigail know King Roo (and a fix!) has been found.
Winning option shown in bold

Lucky Dice Dress

(Click for Preview)
March 20th

Journal log:
On the docks, I found this torn off corner of a map, which I'm sure came from King Roo's map, and I saw his ship disappearing out to sea. There was no time to waste, so I sneaked aboard the Lazy Hegelob, a fishing boat, and pursued him through the night. Fishing boats need to come with hot cocoa. Just saying. Anyway, by morning it was pretty clear; King Roo was fast sailing for an island in the middle of nowhere.

What kind of mechanic lives in the middle of nowhere? But I finally spotted King Roo's ship moored at a jungle island. I followed his footprints to a cave. I'm no tracker, but these tracks look pretty fresh, which means I missed him by only a few minutes. It looks like the tunnel leads to a long drop into darkness, so I'm finishing up this entry while I can still see to write, and then I'm going in.

Options to choose:
- King Roo is getting away! Leap off into the depths.
- Make a parachute out of jungle leaves, THEN leap off.
Winning option shown in bold

Albot Helmet with Goggles

(Click for Preview)
March 19th

Journal log:
I just spent four hours watching Kou-Jong players match up little tiles. Then Linae walks over and tells me how upset she is that her best player is busy serving tea to the emperor and King Roo and can't play in the Kou-Jong tournament. King Roo was playing Godori today, and I missed him!

So it sounds like King Roo was in the Imperial Gardens with the emperor today. I guess when the emperor of Shenkuu invites you to a game, you don't turn him down. By the time I got there, though, King Roo had already sailed west on a courier ship. He must be following the map!

Options to choose:
- Research old maps at the Lunar Temple.
- Borrow a fishing boat and set sail in pursuit.
Winning option shown in bold

Flowering Vine Staff

(Click for Preview)
March 18th

Journal log:
Heh. So the thieves caught me sneaking into their little hideout. Oops. They offered me membership for getting that far, but I turned them down. I'm not that kind of Cybunny, really. Anyway, their spies told me that King Roo had received word from someone in Shenkuu, inviting him to a game.

So it sounds like King Roo might visit a mechanic in Shenkuu. Either that, or King Roo forgot what he was doing and wandered off to play games. I hope not! I'd like the Games Room to be fixed, if only so Abigail and I don't have to listen to AAA complain about it. At any rate, since I don't have King Roo's map, I just have to keep following him and hope I can catch up.

At least Shenkuu is nice this time of year.

Options to choose:
- See if King Roo is playing in the Kou-Jong tournament.
- Stake out the Shenkuu Tangrams fields for King Roo.
Winning option shown in bold

Lovely Shenkuu Gazebo

(Click for Preview)
March 17th

Journal log:
A fashionable Cybunny is never without her trusty hair pins! It only took half an hour of messing with the lock before I escaped. Valin was still there, filling his treasure bag, so I confronted him and demanded to know where King Roo was. Like any newbie villain, he told me his whole "clever" scheme.

Apparently, Valin had come to the shop while Donny was on vacation. He was in the middle of his heist when King Roo walked in and surprised him. Valin pretended to be Donny's assistant and sent King Roo to fetch a toy from the Snowager. King Roo soon returned victorious from a game of "Don't Blink" with the Snowager, alive and well. (Why does this not surprise me?)

Anyway, Valin was so surprised by King Roo's success that he gave the king a map to find a reputable mechanic. Of course, Valin doesn't have one for ME... so it's back to chasing after King Roo.

Options to choose:
- Make inquiries at the Happy Valley port.
- Secretly follow Valin to the Thieves Guild.
Winning option shown in bold

Dark Thieving Jacket

(Click for Preview)
March 16th

Journal log:
I'd like to say that I arrived in Terror Mountain in style, but the truth is that hot air balloons are kind of slow, chilly, and windy. Great views, though. Anyway, I headed straight up to Donny's Toy Repair. Outside the door I found one of the dice from his crown. That was bad enough to make me worry.

But then, when I knocked, this army of clockwork toys attacked me! I dashed inside, hoping Donny was around to disable his security. Instead, who do I find looting the place? None other than the notorious thief, Valin the Quick! It was Valin who'd unleashed the clockwork toys on me. When he saw me, he locked me up in this broom closet. That fink!

It's pretty hard to read what I'm writing here in the dark. How am I going to get out of this so I can find King Roo? Must think.

Options to choose:
- Unlock the door with a convenient hair pin.
- Pound on the closet door and yell for help.
Winning option shown in bold

Clockwork Wings

(Click for Preview)
March 15th

Journal log:
The concierge didn't want to give out that kind of information at first, but he opened up when I gave him a token for the Qasalan Expellibox. Apparently, this little baby Kacheek made friends with King Roo in the lobby. To cheer him up, she told him Donny the Repair Bori could fix the Games Room. She has a plushie that Donny repaired for her, and of COURSE the Games Room won't be any more complicated to fix.

Then she insisted on sharing her spa coupons with King Roo, which he graciously accepted. I'm never that lucky.

So I guess King Roo went to the spa to recover from his ordeal with the Alien Aishas. Good for him. But it sounds like now he's off to Terror Mountain, so I'm heading there myself. Hold on, someone wants to talk to me.

Okay, back. Unbelievable! These two Acara girls wanted an autograph and would NOT take no for an answer. I finally had to lock them in a broom closet and sneak off. Sloth's bowtie, can't people see I'm busy?

Options to choose:
- Purchase a hot air balloon ride heading north.
- Stow away on a fishing boat to Terror Mountain.
Winning option shown in bold
March 14th

Journal log:
I'm in SPACE! The teleporter put me on the Alien Aisha mother ship. I wasn't expecting that. Anyway, a janitor spotted me peeking into storage rooms. He told me King Roo was caught snooping around the Vending Machine, so they interrogated him. Yikes!

Then the janitor gave me a brochure in case I want to come back and visit. The Splurgles are supposedly delicious. I'll take his word for it.

The Alien Aishas questioned King Roo and then released him at the Neolodge back in Neopia Central. I heard part of King Roo's interrogation: "Bugs! The horror! The Games Room was going to be my triumph, the tourist attraction that put Roo Island on the map, and now look at it -- it's ruined! It's... BUGGY!!" Poor King Roo.

On that note, I guess I'm off to the Neolodge.

Options to choose:
- See if King Roo checked into the Neolodge.
- Order room service and get some sleep.
Winning option shown in bold

Curly Dark Wig

(Click for Preview)
March 13th

Journal log:
Aw, yeah. Pillow fight in Neopia Central, Year 14. This one's going down in the history books. Ahem. I grabbed a pillow and there was epic fun, until some Alien Aishas caught me whacking the Vending Machine... I mean, patting it gently. How much harm can a pillow do, I ask you?

But what I saw behind the Aishas made me drop my pillow. One of King Roo's Jelly Dice snack bags, burnt around the edges. The work of ray guns, no doubt!

Options to choose:
- Demand to know King Roo's whereabouts.
- Sneak into the Alien Aishas' teleporter.
Winning option shown in bold

Alien Abduction Background

(Click for Preview)
March 12th

Journal log:
Never visit the Magical Bookshop during rush hour. You'll just be run over by restockers. When I finally could talk to the shopkeeper, he told me that King Roo bought a repair manual a few days ago. I gather that King Roo tried to just read it in the store, but the shopkeeper yelled at him, and even then our good king left a Jelly Dice snack bag on the floor. The bookseller is pretty annoyed.

So King Roo has a repair manual now. I don't know that the new Games Room machine is really going to be listed in a repair manual anyone can buy at the Bookshop, though. Hmm. I'm going to ask where King Roo went next. But first, what's that noise outside?

Wow, it's a bunch of Neopets holding a pillow fight. Feathers are flying everywhere! Oh no, the're coming this way!

Options to choose:
- Flee from the attacking pillow mob; there are too many!
- Grab a pillow from a clueless bystander and join in the fun!
Winning option shown in bold

Exploding Pillow Foreground

(Click for Preview)
March 11th

Journal log:
Are we sure Dr. Clodbottle isn't a mad scientist? Some of his notes were a little... worrying. But the good news is King Roo WAS here and did consult with the doctor. Apparently, King Roo showed him one of the Games Room bugs. Dr. Clodbottle didn't recognize it, but he still refused to help King Roo do any harm to what he called "potential recruits for the Habitarium".

So Dr. Clodbottle was no help. And King Roo is long gone again. Argh! I guess the bugs aren't any known kind of Petpetpet, after all. Dr. Clodbottle didn't recognise them, and he's an expert. If King Roo can't solve the bug end of the problem, what's his next move? I'm thinking that maybe he'll try to fix the Games Room not to attract pests. I'd better track him down soon.

Options to choose:
- Stop by the Food Shop for a bite to eat.
- Inquire about King Roo at the Bookshop.
Winning option shown in bold

Giant Plate of Jelly

(Click for Preview)
March 10th

Journal log:
Those Rooish royal guards are totally unobservant. I just sneaked into the throne room, found what appears to be King Roo's diary key, and sneaked out without them noticing. Just as well. From what I hear, if you're caught breaking the law, you have to play bingo. The risks I take for my cousins!
Ugh! There's another one! What's with these strange bugs I keep finding? If this is AAA's fault, I'm totally giving away his game controller when he's not looking.

Anyway, in his diary, King Roo said he wanted to visit a doctor in Neopia Central about the Games Room. Naturally, I concluded that he meant Dr. Clodbottle. So I went to his office, but it looks like the good doctor is away on business. Figures...

Options to choose:
- Sneak in and page through Dr. Clodbottle's notes.
- Ask Dr. Clodbottle's assistant about King Roo's visit.
Winning option shown in bold
March 9th

Journal log:
So AAA's running the Games Room in King Roo's absence, which sounds hilarious. But Abigail asked me to help her by finding King Roo, so I decided to use my journal to record the search, like a proper detective. Game scores aren't really my thing anyway, and how hard can it be to find one Blumaroo?

Now, King Roo left days ago; maybe Advisor Broo knows where he went. He's a grumpy old coot, but I bet he knows everything that goes on in the Rooish royal court. Then again, he kind of intimidates me...

Options to choose:
- Find out what Advisor Broo knows about the missing king.
- Sneak into the Roo Island throne room and look for clues. Winning option shown in bold


What is the Case of the Missing King?
The Case of the Missing King is an NC Mall event where you collect daily prizes while joining Lulu in her adventure as she searches Neopia to find King Roo and the missing piece of the new Games Room. Help Lulu choose her path and receive an NC item the next day based on total community votes. Visit the NC Mall to purchase an Adventure Book to start the journey! Once you activate your Adventure Book come back daily to receive your prizes!

What is the duration the Case of the Missing King?
The Case of the Missing King will run from March 9 through March 21, 2012. You can join the event anytime within that period by purchasing an Adventure Book in the NC Mall.

Where do I purchase an Adventure Book?
Visit the NC Mall to purchase your Adventure Book available in a 5-pack and 13-pack. Be sure to activate it in your inventory before visiting the Case of the Missing King page to claim your prizes.

What am I voting for?
By voting, you will help Lulu figure out her next step in her adventure to help King Roo find the missing piece of the new Games Room. You will only be able to vote if you are on the current day of the event. Voting does not mean you claimed an NC prize on that day. Once you vote you will receive a prize the following day in your inventory.

Why can't I vote?
There are two reasons why you are unable to vote:
1. You have not applied a page from your Adventure Pack to that day.
2. The voting for that particular day has already passed.

The result for yesterday's voting is different then what I chose. Why?
The result for the following day is taken by a cumulative vote from the community, not your individual voting. As a community, the choice with the highest vote will be shown the next day.

I voted today, I can't find my prize!
By voting, you're helping Lulu figure out her next step in her adventure to find King Roo and the missing piece of the new Games Room. By helping Lulu, the NC item you receive will be based on how she gets to her next destination the next day. After all, adventures take a little bit of time ;).

I'm picking up prizes for previous days but don't see the prize on my adventure book.
Remember, NC prize items voted on or picked up will appear in your adventure book the next day since Lulu needs that much time to get to her next destination and pick a prize up for you.

Can I collect prizes for each day more than once?
No, unfortunately prizes can only be claimed once per day on each account.

Can I participate in the Case of the Missing King on side accounts?
Yes, you can participate in the Case of the Missing King on side accounts.

Can I claim prizes for days that have passed?
Yes, you can claim prizes for days that have passed. Please keep in mind that if you claim a prize it does not mean you claimed the NC prize awarded that day. Once you claim a prize you will receive the prize awarded on the following day in your inventory.

Help, I accidentally picked up a prize for the wrong day!
Unfortunately once you confirmed the use of a page from your adventure pack there isn't any way to change it. Please keep in mind that voting does not mean you are awarded the NC prize on that day. Once you vote or claim a prize you will receive the item awarded on the following day in your inventory.

How many Adventure Books can I purchase?
You can purchase as many Adventure Books as you like. Please keep in mind you can only activate and consume up to 13 days in this event.

I am trying to activate additional Adventure Books, why isn't it working?
Please keep in mind you will only be able to claim a prize for each day once. If you have already activated an Adventure Book 13-Pack or up to three 5-Packs, you will not be able to activate anymore Adventure Books.

Will I receive a bonus item for participating in the Case of the Missing King?
Yes, you will receive one bonus item for participating in the event once you activate your Adventure Book Pack.

Can I give an Adventure Book to other users?
Yes. The Adventure Book is like any other Neocash item and is giftable via a NC Gift Box (one item per NC Gift Box).

Is there a time limit for claiming my daily prize?
No, if you activated the Adventure Book, you will be able to collect daily prizes as long as the page is still accessible.