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What is Kiko Pop?
On September 4th, 2014 Neopets released Kiko Pop. For Kiko Pop, you get to throw one dart a day to try and pop a balloon. You can chose a difficulty, and there are different prizes to be won.

Note: Since this is a site feature that gives out prizes, you may not visit Kiko Pop on your side accounts. For more information look at our Side accounts guide.

How To Play
It is rather simple to play Kiko Pop. Select your difficulty: "Easy & Effortless", "Standard, I can take it", or "Super Crazy Hard!!!"

The game will then begin, and the wheel of Balloons will begin to rotate. Your goal is to pop one of the balloons with the dart. Simple point and click where you'd like to aim.

If you pop a balloon you will see a little picture coordinating with the prize you receive.

Images And Reward Category

Battledome Item







Already Played
You can only play once. This Kiko never forgets a face, and he will send you on your way if you return to throw another dart.

Grab a dart and...

oh, wait. I remember you! You've already played today. Please come back tomorrow if you'd like another throw.

Item Rewards
The item rewards are based on difficulty and then which image is behind the balloon you have popped. Did you receive an item not listed ? Please contact us.

Last updated: August 2018.

Prizes Based on Difficulty
Easy Standard Hard Close
Items - Hard Difficulty



Basic Rubber Axe

Battle Biscuit

Battle Muffin

Blue Ruki Dagger

Blue Ruki Spear

Blue Sticky Hand

Brain Muffin

Bronze Short Sword

Bucket of Mud

Cheap Air Ring

Cheap Fire Ring

Cherry Tomato Darts

Chocolate Battle Biscuit

Chocolate Chip Battle Biscuit

Clay Slingshot

Clay Sword

Earthen Wand of Stone

Elephante Peanut Launcher

Emerald Chomby Axe

Evil Snowball

Fiery Hissi Amulet

Fighting Folder

Foil Wrapped Mystery Food Ball

Gelert Wand

Gilded War Hammer

Golden Muffin

Green Frost Cannon


Hand Buzzer

Ice Club

Ice Scimitar

Immense Rubber Axe of Doom

Inflatable Kyrii Bat

Inflated Hammer

Jade Slingshot of the Ogrin

Jade Sword of the Ogrin

Jetsam Fin Guard

Jetsam Fish Bone Saw

Knotty Wooden Blade

Lightning Wand

Magical Battle Paste

Mallow Launcher

Meerca Negg Bomb

Meerca Water Mine

Menacing Grarrl Gauntlet

Moehog Hoof Pad

Molasses Snowball

Poison Snowball

Poison Tipped Dagger

Red Frost Cannon

Red Sticky Hand

Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer

Rotten Artichoke

Rotten Beetroot

Rotten Carrot

Rotten Onion

Rotten Parsnip

Rotten Radish

Ruby Sword

Rustic Wooden Sword

Smelly Dung Muffin

Striped Gnorbu Lance

Studded Ixi Battle Boots

Supersize Mega Ultra Plus

Supersize Ultimate

Tomato Spitter


Utensil of Deadly Utensils

Void Snowball

Von Roo Dice

Wet Snowball

Winged Hammer

Yellow Snowball

Yoyo Bomb

Yurble Battle Yoyo


101 Uses For Paper

A Bori Alphabet

A Special Christmas

Acara Gormball Tips

Acara Magic

Aisha Sea Life

All In A Days Work

Angry Shoyru Friends

ARRRR! A Pirate Scorchios Tale

Baby Bath Time

Baby Buzz Manual

Basic Design

Basic Survival Skills

Beak Shining

BIG book of Puzzles

Blueprint Basics

Blumaroo Fashion

Book of Bruce

Boomerang Throwing Techniques

Borovan: The Truth Behind the Smell

Brians Guide to Winning Gormball

Briar The Ixi

Bubble Sculptures

Buzz Gourmet

Buzz Snot

Camouflage Kougra Expressions

Chomby Carnival

Chow, Baby!

Cliffhanger Puzzles

Cookie Dough Bomb Manual

Coping with Happiness

Dance Moves For Scorchios

Decorating Your Hut

Defence for Elephantes

Defenders of Neopia Heroes Colouring Book

Desert Scorchio Care Guide

Dr_Deaths Biography

Draik Ditties

Elephante and the Peanut

Elephante Fossils

Everything Eyrie

Extreme Ixi

Faellie Tales

Faerie Bubbles

Faerie Rock Touch-N-Feel Book

Faerie Vacana Touch-N-Feel Book

Faerieland Colouring Book

Famous Tonu Ghosts

Fireplace Tales

Flotsam Treasure Seeking

Gallant Gallions Comic

Garon the Great

Gelert Night Vision

Geometry Level 1

Glamour Day Magazine

Glitter Fashions

Glitter Postcards

Gone Fishing

Great Grarrl Adventures

Greenest Grass Techniques

Grundo Surf Manual

Heroic Hissi

Hidden Among Clouds

Hissi Alphabet

Hissi History

Hissi Mazes

Hissi Secrets

History of the Meerca Boomerang

Hocus Focus

Holiday Colouring Book

How Many Books?

How to Knit

How To Make Mud Sculptures

How to Ride a Bike

How to Stitch

Ice Sculpting Tips and Tricks

Into the Ice Caves

Island Cybunny Guide

Journey Through the Ice: A Tuskaninnys Tale

Journey to the Skies

JubJub Hair Styling

JubJub Natives

Kacheek Secrets

Know Your Signs

Koi Fashion and Accessories

Kougras of Tyrannia

Language Flash Cards

Lenny Feathers

Love and Caring

Lunch Box Treats

Lupe Meat Dishes

Lupes in Fashion

Maggie the Meerca

Making Homemade Greeting Cards

Map Reading

Math Flash Cards

Medieval Dictionary

Meerca Friends

Modern Drum Methods

Moehog Colouring Book

Moehog Poetry

Muffin Baking Book

Mynci Dance

Mynci Tails

Mystery Of The Kougra Paw

Nasty Lenny

Native Nimmos

Natural Wonders of Neopia: Shenkuu

Neopian Culture

No To Crokabek

On Illusens Wings

On the Wings of a Purple Eyrie

Organic Recipes

Petpet Biology

Picking The Perfect Carrot

Pirate Ixi 101

Pirate Small Talk

Planning Shenkuu Gardens

Poogle Paw Prints

Professional Sock Collections

Punchbag Bob Speaks

Quiggle Pet Guide

Rial the Red

Royal Scorchios

Ruffled Feathers

Ruki Survival Tips

Ruki-Style Traveling Guide

Science is Fun!

Scorchio ABCs

Scorchio Dreams

Shiny Scales

Short Stories from Brightvale

Showing Gelerts

Shoyru Mysteries

Shoyru Summer

Silly Slorg!

Skeith Defender Comics

Snows of Neopia

Snowy - A White Kougra Story

Splatter or Splotch?

Square Book of Rainy Day Activities

Taming The Hair

Techo Guide to Weapons

The Angry Grundo

The Beautiful Shoyru

The Blue Lutari Tail

The Hot Dog Book

The King of the Desert

The Korbat Who Couldnt Hang

The Loneliest Xweetok

The Magic Apple Tree

The Mane Event

The Nimmo Who Loved to Read

The Nova Book

The Plushie Krawk Book

The Quiggle Knight

The Rich Gelert

The Ring of Noodles Book

The Rock Pool and You: Your guide to Mystery Island Petpets

The Secret Chomby

The Sinking Neopoint

The Story of the Cloud Acara

The Story of the Elusive Strawberry Fields

The Techo Adept

The Wayward Flotsam

The Wicked Little Uni

The Wise Cybunny

There Are Stars Up There And Stuff

Tips for the Beginning Acara Battler

Too Hot

Tree Homes

Trick-or-Treat Tips

Trumpet Lessons

Tying Your Bow

Tyragh the Terrible

Tyrannian Music Guide

Unique Style

Watercolours and You

Week of the Kacheek

Witch Hunting Techniques

Wocky Cookies

Wocky Lullaby

Wonder Koi

Xweetok Grooming

Zafara Keep Fit

Zafaras Rainy Day


Acara Day Pancakes

Aisha Tomato and Potato Soup

Apple Flavoured Borovan

Bag of Peanuts

Berry Delight

Borovan Brownies

Bowl Hominy

Brightly Coloured Easter Negg

Captain Scarblade Crunch Cereal

Cheery Tomato Soup Bowl

Cheesy Popcorn

Chocolate Aisha Sundae

Chocolate Elephante Doughnut

Chomby Juice

Clown Chia Zeenana Ice Cream

Communal Meatloaf

Corn Chowder Soup Bowl

CPMPB Sandwich

Crispy Crunchy Cookies Cereal

Curried Chicken Tea Sandwiches

Deep-Fried Candy Floss

Delicious Borovan Crepe

Dirt Cheese

Dirt Ice Cream

Disco Toast

Draik Soup

Exotic Sliced Truffles

Fishy Poogle Pate

Freeze Dried Sausage

Fresh Durian

Fresh Lemint Juice

Gnorbu Burger

Gnorbu Salad

Gnorbu Wool and Jelly Sandwich

Gnorbu Wool Candy Floss

Grapefruit Neocola

Holiday Yule Log

Hot Banana Soup

Hot Dog on a Stick

(Click to Preview)

Jhudora Day Burger

Kyrii Chocolate Milkshake

Leafy Krawk Pot

Lemon Sherbert Candy Cane


Lenny Veggie Burger

Lime Yurblecone

Liver Poogle Pate

Mini Ice Cream

Mint Chip Skeith Cone

Minty Flotsam Day Shake

Morel Mushroom Dip

Mutant Milkshake

Mynci Vegetable Soup

Ogrin Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Onion Shoyru Meatball

Paper-Wrapped Chicken

Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwich

Peanut Butter and Jelly Hot Dog

Portobello Platter

Quiggle Veggie Soup

Rambus Salad Sandwich

Raspberry Baby JubJub Lollypop

Raspberry JubJub Mini Burger

Scorchipepper Jacket Potato

Seaweed Bacon Jacket Potato

Seaweed Wrapped Cake

Small Fizzy Drink

Snot Split

Sparkling Suti Fruit Juice

Spicy Salsa Jacket Potato

Spicy Tomato Soup

Starry Star Burger

Suti Jam Triple Decker

Symol Extra Cheesy Cheese Ball

Techo Energy Drink

Techo Foot Sandwich

Tofu Pumpkin

Turkey and Chestnut Dressing

Turkey Steak Dinner

Twirly Fruit Toasty

Vanilla Skeith Cone

Vegan Turkey Dinner

Vegetarian Tonu Day Burger

Water Burger

Wheaty Kyrii Sandwich

Wocky Spaghetti Ball


Air Faerie Cookie Sandwich

Almost Gummy Rat (Grape)


Babaas Baba

Beach Fun Usuki

Best Tooth Catalogue

Blue Cap

Blue Scratching Home

Blumaroo Comedy

Bone Soup

Buttered Rice

Castle Battles Game Guide

Castle Window

Chocolate Aisha Sundae

Chocolate Chip Lenny Cookie

Chocolate Faerie Log

Cloudy Sky Background

(Click to Preview)


Crown Headband

(Click to Preview)

Darigan Eyrie Action Figure

Darigan Eyrie Stamp

Extra Carroty Cake

Extra-Strength Fin Care Kit

Flaming Bomberry Krawkade

Funky Blue and Orange Sofa

Geared Teacup of Borovan

Glaze Doughnut Hole

Golden Ivy Leaves

Gooseberry Snorkle Lollypop

Grape Blumaroo Gummy Die

Green Apple Gelert Gelato

Grilled Negg

Gulper Float Ring

Hand Painted Scarab

Illusen Ice Cream

Immense Rubber Axe of Doom

Jelly Stars

Jhudora Potion Kit

Kougra Tail Skipping Rope

Large Honey Smoothie

Lenny Love

Lime Tea

Macawormi and Cheese

Maraquan Skeith Book

Matador Kau Hat

(Click to Preview)

Mutant Crepe

Obnoxious Nimmo

Orange Yurblecone

Orangeberry Krawkade

Perry Usul Shoes

(Click to Preview)

Popcorn Garland

Prom Date Usuki

Pumpkin Ghost Toast

Pumpkin Mocha

Purple Hair Brush


Rainy Day Bruce Plushie

Razumi Mace

Red Maracas

Red Walking Flower

Roo Island Lamp

Roodoku Mobile

Sculpting Clay

Seasonal Greeting Card

Seaweed Drawers

Shrimp Powder

Silver Shoyru Plushie

Snorkle Vegan Platter

Soft Rain Background

(Click to Preview)

Spaghetti Hot Dog

Square Roots-n-More

Strawberry Blumaroo Waffles

Stylish Aisha Wig

(Click to Preview)

Symol Mouldy Cheese Ball

The Secret of the Jewel

The Solutions to Polka Dots

The Techo Cookbook

Toasty Jam Surprise

Tying Your Bow

Uni Lemon Cake

Usuki Campground Play Set

Wocky Cookies


Blue Moon Petpet Bed

Box of Wheat Flakes

Brown Sauce

Cheops Plant

Cyodrakes Gaze Keychain

Dried Apricots

Dried Prunes

Fauna Stamp

Gallant Gallions Comic

Lesser Spotted Fish

Peach Snowball

Pirate Attack Stamp

Pirate Tonu Plushie


Rotten Omelette


Scroll of the Sea


Slime Covered Window

Snazzy Moon Comb

Tchea Fruit

Toy Sailboat

Treasure Map Negg

Tyrannian Acara Plushie

Ubikiberry Elixir

Ultra Bubble Beam

Virtupets Energy Sabre

Yellow Growth

Yellow Snowball


Angry Yellow Usul Keyring

Baby Wocky Plushie

Battle Eyrie Action Figure

Beekadoodle Sandcastle Set


Blue Disembodied Tuskaninny Puppet

Blue Lupe Hoop

Blue Poogle Jigsaw Puzzle

Bouncy Peophin Ball

Brown Goatee

Bubble Paper

Bucket of Cobralls

(Click to Preview)

Bucket of Neopets

Bucket of Sand

Can Telephone

Captain Scarblade Bat and Ball

Carnival of Terror Board Game

Chest of Toy Dubloons

Christmas Peophin Stocking

Cooty in a Balloon Toy

Disco Skeith Puzzle

Faerie Kougra Bookmark

Fake Barf

(Click to Preview)

Fake Uni Hat

Gallion Yoyo

Glowing Yoyo

Greedy Kadoatie Piggy Bank

Grey JubJub Pom Pom Toy

Grooming Time Xweetok Toy

Grundo Ball Paddleball

Halloween Y14 Goodie Bag

Hasee Bounce Bat and Ball

Hissi Spring

Kacheek Baking Set

Kacheek Balloon Animal

Kiko Water Balloon

Koi Fishing Game

Kougra Whistle

Lisha Balloon

Long Grey Beard

Lost Desert Puzzle Box

Lupe Booster Pack

Maraquan Kacheek Squirty Toy

Maraquan Quiguki Set

Maths Blocks

Menacing Halloween Goodie Bag

Meridell Tartan Yo-Yo

Meridell Toy Plane

Mynci Board Game

Neopets 14th Birthday Goodie Bag

Origami Square Ball

Pant Devil Balloon

Paper Fortune Teller

Pin the Tail on the Pteri

Pink Frilly Koi Balloon

Pink Pteri Plushie

Plushie Chomby Balloon

Plushie Mote Balloon

Pteri Jacks

Pull Along Halloween Ona

Pull Along Kougra

Pull Along Poogle

Purple Cybunny Balloon

Quiggle Keyring

Red Paint Brush Collectable Charm

Schnelly Hand Puppet

(Click to Preview)

Set of Marbles

Shoot Kreludor Game

Skeith Balance Board

Skeith Beach Ball

Skeith Board Game

Skeith Guard Inaction Figure

Sketch a Pic

Sloth Sock Puppet Balloon

Smiley Yoyo

Speckled Xweetok Puzzle

Starry Koi Wind Up Bath Toy

Swordsmaster Talek Balloon


Techo Kite

(Click to Preview)

Techo Master Hand Puppet

Toy Scorchio Biscuit Thief

Tuskaninny Figurine

Tuskaninny Puzzle

Usukicon Y17 Goodie Bag

Water Faerie Snowglobe

Wind Up Bouncing Hasee

Wind Up Bruce

Wind Up Fire Niptor

Wind-up Mallard

Wooden Grarrl Skeleton

Wooden Kacheek Puppet

Wooden Pyramid Puzzle

Wooden Quiggle Toy

Wooden Shoyru Spinning Top

Wooden Sphere Puzzle

Wreathy Ball

Xepru Balloon

Yellow Pull Along Hissi

Yellow Puppyblew Flying Disc

Yellow Sandcastle Set

Yurble Bank

Zurroball Paddleball


Acara Nurse Shoes

(Click to Preview)

Acara Warrior Armoured Top

(Click to Preview)

Aisha Rock Idol Glasses

(Click to Preview)

Aisha Warrior Sword

(Click to Preview)

Aisha Warrior Wig

(Click to Preview)

Apple Tree

(Click to Preview)

Arid Ruki Gloves

(Click to Preview)

Baron Quiggle Armour

(Click to Preview)

Beaded Peophin Dress

(Click to Preview)

Bold Flotsam Shoes

(Click to Preview)

Brass Gears Border

(Click to Preview)

Brown Newsboy Hat

(Click to Preview)

Buzz Musketeer Trousers

(Click to Preview)

Censor Bar Glasses

(Click to Preview)

Classy Chic Gnorbu Bag

(Click to Preview)

Cloudy Sky Background

(Click to Preview)

Colourful Zafara Wig

(Click to Preview)

Cool Poogle Wig

(Click to Preview)

Cool Xweetok Shades

(Click to Preview)

Cornucopia Foreground

(Click to Preview)

Crate of Fruit

(Click to Preview)

Cute Pink Wig

(Click to Preview)

Dangerous Kyrii Wig

(Click to Preview)

Decorative Hissi Dress

(Click to Preview)

Delicious Smoothie

(Click to Preview)

Deluxe Bouquet

(Click to Preview)

Demure Uni Dress

(Click to Preview)

Doctor Usul Wig

(Click to Preview)

Dressy Eyrie Bracelets

(Click to Preview)

Dressy Eyrie Dress

(Click to Preview)

Dressy Eyrie Wig

(Click to Preview)

Elegant Blumaroo Jacket

(Click to Preview)

Elegant Lupe Glasses

(Click to Preview)

Emo Gelert Wristband

(Click to Preview)

Extravagant Krawk Gloves

(Click to Preview)

Fancy Green Chomby Wig

(Click to Preview)

Fantastic Ixi Cloak

(Click to Preview)

Fiery Carved Torch

(Click to Preview)

Flamenco Peophin Shoes

(Click to Preview)

Flowy Chia Necklace

(Click to Preview)


(Click to Preview)

Glowy Quiggle Hat

(Click to Preview)

Goddess Nimmo Headgear

(Click to Preview)

Golden Tux Aisha Bowtie

(Click to Preview)

Golden Tux Aisha Shoes

(Click to Preview)

Gormball Splat Foreground

(Click to Preview)

Grundo Resistance Jet Pack

(Click to Preview)

Hand Wrap

(Click to Preview)

Headless Cape

(Click to Preview)

Hissi Ocean Warrior Axe

(Click to Preview)

Illusen Wig

(Click to Preview)

JubJub Coconut Watch

(Click to Preview)

Jubjub Goggles with Flowers

(Click to Preview)

JubJub Hard Hat

(Click to Preview)

Jungle Cliff

(Click to Preview)

Kacheek Fishing Shoes

(Click to Preview)

Kacheek Minstrel Tunic

(Click to Preview)

Kauboy Badge

(Click to Preview)

Kauboy Boots

(Click to Preview)

Kyrii Rogue Shirt

(Click to Preview)

Kyrii Warrior Armour

(Click to Preview)

Lady Draik Knight Shield

(Click to Preview)

Lady Draik Knight Sword

(Click to Preview)

Lady Lenny Dress

(Click to Preview)

Lenny Plague Doctor Book

(Click to Preview)

Lenny Plague Doctor Mask

(Click to Preview)

Lenny Pop Star Shoes

(Click to Preview)

Lovely Bori Wig

(Click to Preview)

Lovely Heart Bushes

(Click to Preview)

Matador Kau Top

(Click to Preview)

Meerca Bellhop Trolley

(Click to Preview)

Meerca Bellhop Trousers

(Click to Preview)

Meerca Maid Shoes

(Click to Preview)

Meerca Wizard Hat

(Click to Preview)

Metahuman Uni Jacket

(Click to Preview)

Missed Cupid Arrows

(Click to Preview)

Moon and Stars Background

(Click to Preview)

Mynci Archer Bow and Arrow

(Click to Preview)

Mynci Mime Artist Shoes

(Click to Preview)

Mynci Postman Post

(Click to Preview)

Neogarden Background

(Click to Preview)

Neopia Central Background

(Click to Preview)

Novelty Glasses

(Click to Preview)

On the Go Lupe Luggage

(Click to Preview)

On the Go Lupe Wig

(Click to Preview)

Pink Flower Garland

(Click to Preview)

Pleasant Kacheek Jumper

(Click to Preview)

Pompoms Gelert Sweater

(Click to Preview)

Potted Tulips

(Click to Preview)

Protective Lime Helmet

(Click to Preview)

Pteri Schoolgirl Skirt

(Click to Preview)

Punk Meerca Gloves

(Click to Preview)

Punk Techo Jacket

(Click to Preview)

Purple Lipstick

(Click to Preview)

Receding Ice Foreground

(Click to Preview)

Red Riding Lenny Top

(Click to Preview)

Regal Warrior Dress

(Click to Preview)

River Overlook

(Click to Preview)

River Rocks Foreground

(Click to Preview)

Rugged Kacheek Keys

(Click to Preview)

Ruki Feather Headband

(Click to Preview)

Scary Ink Frame

(Click to Preview)

Scenic Tyrannian Background

(Click to Preview)

Scorchio Knight Top Armour

(Click to Preview)

Shenkuu Tea Tray

(Click to Preview)

Slorg Handheld Plushie

(Click to Preview)

Snow Covered Fence

(Click to Preview)

Snowy Cottage Background

(Click to Preview)

Soaked by Gormball

(Click to Preview)

Spooky Tower Entrance

(Click to Preview)

Stunning Bruce Necklace

(Click to Preview)

Stunning Ixi Makeup

(Click to Preview)

Stunning Ixi Robe

(Click to Preview)

Suave Dark Wig

(Click to Preview)

Summertime Kougra Jacket

(Click to Preview)

Superwoman Draik Pants

(Click to Preview)

Sweet Poogle Bracelets

(Click to Preview)

Sweet Vandagyre Purse

(Click to Preview)

Tartan Ogrin Jacket

(Click to Preview)

Tasseled Acara Hat

(Click to Preview)

Tonu Hippie Bottom

(Click to Preview)

Tonu Hippie Wig

(Click to Preview)

Toyed Up Vandagyre Shirt

(Click to Preview)

Tranquil Stream Foreground

(Click to Preview)

Travelling Peophin Dress

(Click to Preview)

Trendy Uni Scarf

(Click to Preview)

Trendy Vandagyre Trousers

(Click to Preview)

Tyrannian Spear

(Click to Preview)

Uni Psychedelic Top

(Click to Preview)

Viking Chia Trinket

(Click to Preview)

Weltrude Wig

(Click to Preview)

White Twirly Kyrii Necklace

(Click to Preview)

Wocky Gadgeteer Air Balloon

(Click to Preview)

Wooden Vampire Stake

(Click to Preview)

Xweetok Racer Shoes

(Click to Preview)

Yurble Chef Trousers

(Click to Preview)

Zafara Fisherman Beard

(Click to Preview)

The Avatar
There is an avatar that you can receive from this daily. It is awarded randomly when you pop a balloon.

NOTE : Not confirmed on Easy Mode.

Kiko Pop!

Randomly awarded when popping a balloon at Kiko Pop.
Note: This has not been confirmed for "Easy" mode yet.

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