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NC Mall Game: Shenanigifts

What is Shenanigifts?
Shenanigifts is an NC Mall game where you get to go to a party with some dapper looking white Elephantes. Each guest has a gift with them and would love to give it to you! All you need to do is click on whichever Elephante you like the best and see what they are holding. Before you can start picking gifts though, you need an invite to this exclusive party. These can be purchased from the NC Mall.

Shenanigifts Invitation 1-Pack
150 NC

Shenanigifts Invitation 5-Pack
500 NC

Shenanigifts Invitation 10-Pack
900 NC

Picking NC Gifts
Once you pick one Elephante you can see which gift they have for you. From there you have two choices. You can either take that gift and leave, or you can move on to another gift. Be careful though, since if you pass up on a gift you cannot go back and pick that one. You have 3 chances to pick a gift. So if you pass on the first gift, and pass on the second gift, you will be stuck with whatever the third gift is.

There are also three powerups that you can buy for this game. Each has a unique effect on what prizes you can win.

2 Gift Party Shenanigifts Power-Up
75 NC
This power-up allows you to take two gifts away from the party. So instead of only seeing 3 gifts, you get the option of looking at 6 gifts. Useful if you are trying to get a certain gift, since you have a better chance of getting one from the Elephantes.
Extra Chance Shenanigifts Power-Up
25 NC
This power-up allows you to pick a fourth Elephante to see what gift they might give you. But as with only three choices, you will have to keep whatever the fourth gift is, if you pass on all the previous gifts.
Second Look Shenanigifts Power-Up
50 NC
This power-up allows you to pick any gift from the three you saw. So this is useful in that you can see what all three gifts are, and then pick the one that you like the best.

Bonus Items
For each party there is a bonus item that you can win. When you first enter the party there will be a popup saying that you get a specialty item just for showing up at the party. So this way you won't accidentally miss it if you are clicking through the gifts too fast.

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Black & White Party Prizes
The Black & White Party prizes are Retired!
Basic Prizes
Black and White Bracers
Black and White Bracers

(Click to Preview)
Black and White Curtains
Black and White Curtains

(Click to Preview)
Black and White Tree
Black and White Tree

(Click to Preview)
Checkered Floor
Checkered Floor

(Click to Preview)
Checkered Wings
Checkered Wings

(Click to Preview)
Ink Splat Wig
Ink Splat Wig

(Click to Preview)
Bonus Prizes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply more than one power-up during my game of Shenanigifts?
Yes, you can apply more than one power-up during your game. Check out the “How do the in-game power-ups work” question to see which power-ups can be used with one another.

Can I gift invitations to other users?
Yes, you may give Shenanigifts Invitations that have not been activated to other users as gifts using NC Gift Boxes (one invitation pack per NC Gift Box). Once an invitation pack has been activated, it can no longer be gifted. Shenanigifts Invitations, as with all NC items, cannot be sold or traded.

Can I gift Shenanigifts power-ups?
No, these items are in-game items only. If purchased in the NC Mall or in-game, these will go directly into the game and tallied on your game screen. These items will not go into your inventory.

Can I play Shenanigifts on my side accounts?
Yes, since this is an NC-only game, you can play on your side accounts.

How do I know how many power-ups I have remaining?
The count of your power-ups will appear on the main Shenanigifts page on the right side module.

How do I play Shenanigifts?
To play, first purchase Shenanigifts Invitations from the NC Mall. Once in your inventory, the invitations need to be activated in order to start the game. Once activated, visit the play page and select the party you would like to join. At the party, each of the Elephantes has brought a gift. To start the game, select one of the White Elephantes. You can decide to keep that gift or exchange it another Elephante’s offering, up to three times. Once your gift has been selected, it will be dropped into your inventory. If you would like to enhance your game experience, be sure to check out the three power-ups that are available.

How do I win a bonus NC item prize?
If you’re really lucky, you will receive an exclusive bonus item along with your prize.

How do the in-game power-ups work?
There are three power-ups to choose from in the game. However, they only work in coordination with Shenanigifts Invitations, and cannot be used on their own. These power-ups can be purchased on the Shenanigifts main page or at the NC Mall.
1. 2 Gift Power-Up: Using this power-up means that all Elephante’s at this party will come with 2 gifts. The 2 Gift Power-up can be used with in conjunction with the Second Look and Extra Chance Power-up
2. Second Look Power-Up: This power-up gives you the chance to go back after playing your third (or fourth using the Extra Chance Power-Up) turn and choose a prize from the first two (or three) Elephante’s you have previously chosen. This can be used in conjunction with the Extra Chance Power-Up and the 2 Gift Power-Up. In order to use the Extra Chance Power-up with the Second Look Power-up, the Extra Chance Power-Up must be applied first.
3. Extra Chance Power-Up: This power-up allows you to choose a fourth Elephante if you choose. This can be used in conjunction with the Second Look Power-Up and the 2 Gift Power-Up. In order to use the Extra Chance Power-up with the Second Look Power-up, the Extra Chance Power-Up must be applied first.

How many NC items will I get per invitation?
Each invitation can be used to play one game of Shenanigifts. During each game you will receive one NC item prize unless you apply a power-up or if you’re lucky enough to win a bonus prize!

I accidentally accepted a prize I did not want, can I get a refund?
Unfortunately no, once you accept a prize, it will automatically go into your inventory.

I forgot to use a power-up during game play. Can I get my money back to try again?
Unfortunately, no. Please read carefully during the game. If you have power-ups to use, you will be prompted to use them during play. If you do not want to use them please select “No” when asked.

I mistakenly used a power-up. What should I do?
Sorry, but once you have chosen to use a power-up you must play through the entire game with it. Please read all prompts in the game before continuing.

I purchased a Shenanigifts power-up, why don’t I see it in my inventory?
When purchased, power-ups will not go into your inventory but will be tallied in your power-up total within the game.

My computer crashed right in the middle of my game. Will I be able to continue where I left off?
Of course! Simply return to the Shenanigifts page. The game will start up again using the same invitation you were using before the game ended.

What is the Shenanigifts game?
Shenanigifts is a new game in the NC Mall. It looks like there are a bunch of parties going on in Neopia. Each party holds exclusive party themed NC items that can’t be found anywhere else. Pick up Shenanigifts Invitations in the NC Mall, select a party, and join the fun!

Why am I not getting prompts during my game to use power-ups?
In order to use power-ups, you must first purchase them on the main Shenanigifts page or in the NC Mall. Your total tally will show up on the right side of the main page under “Power-Ups”. Once you have purchased power-ups you will receive prompts during the game to play with them.

Why can’t I play Shenanigifts?
In order to play Shenanigfits, invitations need to be acquired. After all, you can’t show up at a party without an invitation ;). Invitations are available in 1, 5, and 10 packs in the NC Mall. After purchasing invitations, be sure to activate it in your inventory. Click on the inventory and select “Activate Invite Pack” from the drop-down menu. Once your invitations has been activated, click the “Close and Play Shenanigifts” to start your game!

Will I earn any Neopoints for playing Shenanigifts?
No, you will only receive the NC item prize that you have accepted.

Will there ever be more party invitations released?
Yes, every so often a new party will emerge with a new theme. When a new party does appear, an existing party will unfortunately come to an end. Don’t worry, something tells us all of Neopia will know when that happens ;).

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