Charity Corner


What is the Charity Corner?
The Charity Corner is where you can donate Neopoint or NC items.

Granny Hopbobbin is trying to get as much help as she can to help those affected by the Wraiths due to The Wraith Resurgence.

The Charity Corner

This year, the Wraiths brought in something rather nasty and left everyone reeling in their wake. Granny Hopbobbin needs your help to make a difference to those affected. Join the Make a Difference Drive to donate absolutely anything you think will help the needy. Your generosity will go a long way in helping to reestablish Neopians who faced the wrath of the Wraiths! Oh, and in case you haven't heard already, Granny's doing things a bit - differently - this year. Why don't you go over and talk to her? She'll tell you all about it.

Donate Neopoint Items
Things have changed this year and you don't need to donate on specific categories. You can donate any Neopoint Items. To donate items, simply pick items from your inventory. It appears this time around you can donate any rarity combination instead of the rarity rules of the past. However, you cannot donate retired items.

Once you click Donate Neopoint Items, you are then lead to a screen where you can fill in items to donate.

Once you have five items entered in, you can then click on the yellowed Donate button. This will trigger your reward.

Earnings and Trophies
For donating, you earned four things: Neopoints, NC, Trophy, and Prize Points for the Boon Prize Shop all depending on how much you donated.

Please Neomail Juji on how many prize points you had so we can learn what the trophy ranges are as well as what each place earned.

Gold Silver Bronze Participation

200 NC


Boon Prize Shop
For donating this year, Granny didn't give out prizes each donation, but rather points that you could spend and a new Boon Prize Shop. Below is a table of the boons available.

Notable Achievement Your pet will be showcased on the homepage for an entire day for your generous contributions.
Duration : 7 days
Points : 10000
Burp! All the pets in your account will be fed and full for an entire week. This perk can be applied thrice.
Duration : 7 days
Points : 1000
Sunny Tip - Consider only using this if you cannot use any others. The Neolodge does the same thing and the cheapest hotel for 28 days and no extras is only 140nps. This boon doesn't actually give you anything and the Neolodge can be extremely cheap.
Limited Edition Allows you to convert any one of your pets into a limited edition species of your choosing.
Duration : NA
Points : 5000
Sunny Tip - The Limited Edition species you are able to choose from are: Cybunny, Chomby, Hissi, Jetsam, Kiko, Koi, Poogle, Ruki, and Tonu. Be sure to check on Morphing Potion prices. At the time this tip was made, the Koi has a Morphing Potion that is around 5,000nps, Poogle has one around 14,000nps, Tonu has one around 20,000nps, Kiko has some around 80,000nps, Chomby and Ruki have one at 100,000nps, and Hissi has one just over 100,000nps. Jetsam and Cybunny are higher, but not unreachable. Decide whether this is worth it to you or if you can invest in a Morphing Potion. The Boons that offer more Neopoints may be a better option. If Ghoul Catchers can yield 50,000nps in a day, any of these pets are achievable in 1-5 days or so with only that source.
Healing Hoopla! Restore your active pet's hit points and get them ready to take on another challenger. This perk can be applied thrice.
Duration : NA
Points : 500
Sunny Tip - Consider only using this if you cannot use any others. The Healing Springs allows you to heal ever 30 minutes as well as buy a healing potion in the same duration. Though it is nice that it affects all of your pets, many times you only have your active or battledome pet that may need healing, this doesn't actually give you anything and can be done easily without this boon.
Bigger is Better Allows you to upgrade the size of your inventory by 5 slots. This perk can be applied twice.
Duration : NA
Points : 500
Novel Experience Experience a new way of playing without ads for a period of 5 days.
Duration : 5 days
Points : 500
Sunny Tip - This would not be beneficial to anyone who has Premium. When you pay for Premium, you do not have any ads.
Bonus Feature Look out for the multiplier sticker on games to boost your Neopoints. Once activated, this perk will be valid for 24 hours.
Duration : 1 day
Points : 100
Bring Back the Old Days Is there a site theme you wish you had? Here's your chance to turn back the clock and get a site theme you don't have. Make sure to check out the list of available site themes in the FAQs.
Duration : NA
Points : 1
Sunny Tip - Please check below this table for a list of Site Themes that are available for this that is awarded at random. Be sure to check out our Site Themes Guide as a couple may be easier to get first. First, purple can be obtained by viewing a purple pet lookup with a purple petpet attached such as or GraphicPickUps. Also, the Festival Of Neggs JUST started once again as of March 29th, 2018 and was given out last year, so may also be given out this year. We recommend being patient and wait until the festival is done before you claim. The other easier ones are harder to tell you to wait on as it is uncertain if the boon shop will be open until the next Charity Corner and when that will since it hasn't been the same. However, the Haunted Woods, Winter, and Valentines Site themes are obtainable annually if you want to risk waiting.
In a New Avatar Get an avatar you don't have from a select list of avatars. Make sure to check out the list of available avatars in the FAQs.
Duration : NA
Points : 50
Sunny Tip - Please check below this table for a list of avatars that are available for this that is awarded at random. Some of these are easy enough to obtain that you can get them before claiming this perk. You can check out our Secret Avatar Guide to see their requirements. Also, be sure you have the Usukicon - Shopkeeper avatar at the time. This avatar comes and goes if you remove the shopkeeper from your shop. So if this boon gives you this avatar, and you view your shop without that shopkeeper, you will lose the avatar and the boon is wasted.
Dragon Drama Collect your redeem codes for the Mystery Dragon Egg Chest in School of Dragons. Look out for the Redeem button in the settings to use the codes. View this Help Page to walk you through the steps! (Note: Code redemption is not currently supported for games installed through Window App Store.
Duration : NA
Points : 100
Sunny Tip - This boon is for a different site that Jumpstart offers. If you do not play or have no intentions of playing, this boon is not worth it.
Spiked! Allows you to spike up your active pet's Battledome Stats and add to either strength, movement, intelligence, health, level or defence.
Duration : NA
Points : 10000
Colour it Wild! Allows you to get your pet zapped with exclusive Lab Ray colours.
Duration : NA
Points : 5000
Random Acts Guarantees a positive random event every day for an entire week. Make sure to log in everyday from the day you avail this to receive all 7.
Duration : 7 days
Points : 5000
Sunny Tip - Due to the hefty point value, this boon may not be worth it unless you don't have much time to get on Neopets that week except to check in. Browsing the site can trigger random events, and although some can be bad and some do nothing, the more you do, the more your chances. Playing non-flash games like Solitaire and other such games where you have to load each turn are great for Random Events. Consider making one of the non-flash games one of your regulars and avoid paying such a hefty price for one positive random event for 7 days.
Bank Bribery Raise your interest rate at the bank by 3%. Note: The Charity Corner 'Bank Bribery' perk does not stack with the Skirmish boon of the same name, which leaves you free to choose another boon should you be a member of the winning faction at the Battleground of the Obelisk.
Duration : 1 Year
Points : 1000
Sunny Tip - This boon can be rather amazing especially since they dropped the point price. A 3% increase on bank interest can really increase your earnings in a whole year! Just be sure you collect your interest every day. All you have to do is click it. So have the page open on your computer or bookmark it. If you use mobile to go on Neopets, have a tab open that you can just click. If you take 3% of 1,000,000 you'd get 30,000 per year. The more you keep your interest earned in the bank, the more you'll earn each day. The more neopoints you have in the bank, that number grows ie: 3% of 20,000,000 is 600,000nps! Make this year, your year of saving to gain the best with this boon.
Glam Up Get 300 NC and finally buy those clothing items you've been longing for.
Duration : NA
Points : 5000
Sunny Tip - 300 NC is equal to $3 (USD). Decide whether the 300 NC is worth your 5000 points. When it was 1000 when the shop first appeared, this wasn't so bad, but now that they've raised it to 5000 points, this boon has drastically lost appeal.
Cheaper by the Dozen Circumvent the old rule at the stock market and purchase stocks selling for as low as 10 NP. Note: The Charity Corner 'Cheaper by the Dozen' perk does not stack with the Skirmish boon of the same name, which leaves you free to choose another boon should you be a member of the winning faction at the Battleground of the Obelisk.
Duration : 1 Year
Points : ??
Sunny Tip - Another amazing boon if you stay on top of it. Buying stocks can really increase your neopoints when you are willing to wait. You can check out our Stock Market Guide for more information on how to use it to your advantage. For every 1,000nps you buy at 10nps a share instead of 15nps a share, if you sell at 30nps a share, you've gained an additional 5,000nps. Image a whole year worth and multiply it by 1,000 shares. Though, it is a waiting game, there may not be stock available at 10nps a share daily, and hopefully you get lucky that this boon is worth it. If you only have enough for this or the bank bribery, take that into consideration - a daily click of a button for bank interest if you have a large amount of neopoints may be more worth it than this boon - especially if you can get this boon from Skirmish Battles.

FAQ For The Prize Shop

What are the avatars that I can get from 'In a New Avatar'?
On activating this perk, you will randomly recieve an avatar you don't have from the available options. Make sure to go through the list before activating this perk.

List of Avatars:
Xweetok - Faerie
Pteri - Darigan
Grarrl - Darigan
Ruki - Desert
Peophin - Faerie
Tuskaninny - Relax
Ixi - Disco
Flotsam - Tough
Acara - Roberta of Brightvale
Quiggle - Mutant
Jubjub - Tyrannian
Yurble - Forefitor
Hissi - Ice
Lupe - King Altador
Kougra - Baby
Krawk - Island Fever
Chomby - Colourful
Uni - Nightsteed
Tonu - Mutant
Lenny - Mutant
Elephante - To War!
Aisha - Disco
Bruce - Mutant
Usul - Royal Boy
The Darkest Faerie
Faerie Pteri
Korbat - Royal
Korbat - Royal
Jetsam - Bah!
Bori - Grumpy
Grarrl - Galem Darkhand
Poogle - Pirate
Meerca - Halloween
Wocky - Camouflage
Peophin - Purple
Ixi - Sophie the Swamp Witch
Flotsam - Rainbow
Acara - Angry Prince
Kau - Starry
Baby Nimmo
Quiggle - Cheesy Grin
Moehog - Avast!
Clay - Ouch!
Who Me?
Captain Scarblade
Good or Bad?
Maraquan Chomby
Spotted Gelert
Baby Buzz
Fiery Pteri
Not for Wreathale
Colorful Korbat
Mutant Draik - Back Off!
Mutant Graveyard of Doom II
Emo Usuki
Jeran - Hero
Kass Minion
Darigan Peophin
Baby Pteri - Cracked
Faellie - It's Alive
Battle Jubjub
Grundo Warehouse
Helpful Zafara
Dr. Death
Techo Master
Defenders of Neopia - Aisha
Defenders of Neopia - Lupe
Maraquan Krawk
Maraquan Krawk
Grey Faerie
Pirate! - Aisha
Pirate! - Shoyru
Pirate! - Krawk
Pirate! - Scorchio
Grundo - Faerie
Usukicon - Usuls
Usukicon - Shopkeeper

What are the site themes that I can get from 'Bring Back the Old Days'?
On activating this perk, you will randomly receive a site theme you don't have from the available options. Make sure to go through the list below before activating this perk.

List of Site Themes:
Neoepts Purple
Valentine’s Day
Winter Holiday
Haunted Woods
Festival of Neggs
Daily Dare
Daily Dare: Chadley
Destroyed Faerie Festival
Monster Hunting
Mysterious Obelisk
Krawk Island
The Faeries’ Ruin
Atlas of the Ancients
Petpet Protection League
Tale of Woe
Cryodake’s Gaze
Curse of Maraqua
Treasure Keepers

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the rarity of the items I donate affect the points I earn?
Yes, the higher the rarity of an item you donate, the higher the points you earn for it.

For how long will the Make a Difference drive be available?
The Make a Difference Drive will start on the 12th of March at 10:00:00 NST and will go on for 11 days, ending on the 23rd of March at 10:00:00 NST.

How do I donate items to the Make a Difference Drive?
Head over to the Charity Corner hub page. For NP items, click Donate NP Items and pick items you want to donate from your inventory. These items will show up when you click on the drop down menus. Once you have selected all the items you want to donate, click Donate and contribute to the drive. Every item donated will earn you points that you can redeem at the prize shop after the event ends. For NC items, complete Step 1 by buying a pack of your choice and proceed to Step 2 to donate from your inventory. Items donated here will earn you a receipt that you can redeem at the Gift Shop immediately.

I have donated but haven’t got any prizes in return. When can I expect them?
Every donation will earn you points. Since Granny believes that charity should be for the sake of helping those in need and not a means to earn prizes, you can redeem the points you earn for something else instead. Something special that she has arranged for you by pulling some strings and getting in touch with some very influential people. At the end of the event, go over to the prize shop to redeem your points for these boons. Psst, don’t go telling you heard it from us!

Is there a specific kind of item you are looking for?
No. Anything you donate can and will make life a little better for those Neopians who have lost their homes and hearths to the destructions. From food to books to toys to everything else in between, every donation you make will earn you points that you can later redeem.

What can I donate to the Make a Difference Drive?
Absolutely anything! Granny is looking to rehabilitate all Neopians affected by the Wraiths and anything you can come forward with will go a long way in making that a success. Rest assured; your generosity won’t go unnoticed. Though Granny insists charity is only for the sake of charity this year, a little birdie told me she has something grand planned out! Granny will reward you with points for every item you donate to the drive and you can redeem your points at the prize shop for something extra special. Extra special what, you ask? You will have to find out, won’t you? At the end of the event, you will also receive a trophy and bonus prizes!

What is the Make a Difference Drive?
Charity Corner is an annual charitable event run by Granny Hopbobbin. The Year 20 version of the event is called the Make A Difference Drive as this year, the kindly Granny has decided to lend a hand and make a difference to the lives of all those who have been affected by the war against the Wraiths. You can join in and help make her event a roaring success by donating as many items as you possibly can. There are no limits to what or how much you can donate so be extra generous. Now, don’t go ask Granny what you are getting in return for your generosity. She will probably tell you off but we have it on good authority that something special is coming your way. Make sure to visit the prize shop at the end of the event.