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Skirmish Battles

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What are Skirmish Battles?
After the War of the Obelisk Plot had ended, Skirmishes started appearing at the abandoned Battlegrounds. That this feature would become a permanent feature around the site didn't become clear until the following was posted in the Neopian Times Editorial.

Is the new Tyrannian Battleground a permanent site feature that will be some sort of rotating event (like a weekly tournament), or is this some kind of short-lived site event? It'd be really fun if it could happen all the time. =) ~setorange
The Oracle has not shown any signs of going anywhere.

This is question 8624, archived from Editorial Issue 593.

How does it work?
On the Battlegrounds page, a truce timer will appear. The truce lasts 7 days. After one week, you can pick one of three teams to join. It will be one of the following teams: Thieves Guild, The Sway, Order of the Red Erisim, Brute Squad, Seekers or The Awakened. After the truce ends, the Oracle will select three teams to compete in the next skirmish, excluding the winner of the previous skirmish. The stage where you get to pick a team lasts 3 days. After 3 days, the Skirmish Battle starts again. You (and the rest of your team) can battle the opponents from the other teams competing. After 4 days of battling, the battle ends and the winner is announced. The winner gets to claim the Oracle's blessing.

More about this was posted on the April 30th news:

It seems that the boons bestowed by the oracle have faded and the battlefield has been cleared for the next skirmish. It's again time for the factions to fight to claim the oracle's blessing for themselves! The oracle will choose three factions (excluding the previous winner) to fight in each Battleground. Choose a faction to support, aid your fellows in battle, and be rewarded!

Prizes for winning team (Oracle's Blessing)
The winning team is awarded with the Oracle's Blessing. Prizes are available to members on the team who have participated enough. The current level of required participation appears to be winning a minumum of 10 battles. If you did not meet the minimum of 10 battles, you will win nothing, even if you did choose the winning team.

The prizes include a faction themed avatar. You need to be on the corresponding faction to receive the avatar as a prize.

Battleground: Awakened
Awarded to members of the winning team: The Awakened, when visiting the Battleground after the Skirmish Battles. Members had to win at least 10 battles to receive this avatar.


We heard there is cake inside the obelisk.



Battleground: Brute Squad
Awarded to members of the winning team: Brute Squad, when visiting the Battleground after the Skirmish Battles. Members had to win at least 10 battles to receive this avatar.


I F I T A I Nʼ T B R O K E _______
B R E A K I T !



Battleground: Seekers
Awarded to members of the winning team: The Seekers, when visiting the Battleground after the Skirmish Battles. Members had to win at least 10 battles to receive this avatar.

W I T  . . ✎    
   is a weapon 
═╬─────   ▔▔▔▔


Battleground: The Order
Awarded to members of the winning team: The Order of the Red Erisim, when visiting the Battleground after the Skirmish Battles. Members had to win at least 10 battles to receive this avatar.


m a g i c i s p o w e r



Battleground: The Sway
Awarded to members of the winning team: The Sway, when visiting the Battleground after the Skirmish Battles. Members had to win at least 10 battles to receive this avatar.

name αττεndαncε is mαndατory



Battleground: Thieves Guild
Awarded to members of the winning team: The Thieves Guild, when visiting the Battleground after the Skirmish Battles. Members had to win at least 10 battles to receive this avatar.





Site Theme
In addition to the faction-specific avatar, there is also a site theme available for the members of the winning faction, representing, of course, that faction. For example:

Something has happened!
0 You are now eligible to use the 'Battleground: Thieves Guild' theme when browsing the website! Check out your User Preferences to change your theme. Or, click here to apply it automatically.

The site themes can be viewed on our Site Themes Page.

Members on the winning team are also allowed to pick one regular boon for achieving victory. Only five boons will be available to each winner of a skirmish; all possible boons are listed below. Boons last a week, until the end of the Skirmish Battle truce.

*Note: The boons for the Awakened are random each time they win!

Normal Boons

Bank Bribery
You feel uplifted and your presence puts the bank manager in a delightfully good mood.

What it does: This boon will increase your daily bank interest by another 3% from what the daily % you get is. Depending on how many nps you have hoarded away in your bank, this could be a very nice difference over the course of a week, and is a pretty good boon to pick.

Available For: The Sway, The Seekers, (Awakened*)

Black Market Goods
Shopkeepers don't offer their finest goods to just anyone, but there's something about you...

What it does: This boon will highlight certain items when they restock with a yellow flamey border. The exact qualifications for what items are highlighted and what ones are not is unknown.

Available For: The Sway, (Awakened*)

Book Smarts
You feel as though every word you read somehow means more than it usually does. Is your mind expanding?

What it does: This increases how many Intelligence points your pet receives when it reads a book. Useful if you need to get your Intelligence up to be able to weild some Battledome weapon.

Available For: The Seekers, (Awakened*)

The faeries may have powerfull spells of misdirection, but they fall like cobwebs before you in the caves.

What it does: This boon will automatically direct you to the treasure in the Faerie Caverns. To find the treasure follow the the voice in your pet's head as indicated in the hits on the pages.

Available For: Order of the Red Erisim, (Awakened*)

Cheaper By the Dozen
By some force that defies explanation, the rules of the Stock Market bend to your will.

What it does: This boon will allow you to buy stocks priced as low as 10nps each stock, instead of the usual minimum of 15nps in the stock market. If you buy stocks daily, and have a set price you hold them until, this would save you 5k a day, and isn't a bad option if none of the other boons appeal to you.

Available For: The Sway, Thieves Guild, (Awakened*)

Doctor who?
Sometimes, everyone gets to be healthy.

What it does: This boon will cure your Neopet at the Healing Springs if it is sick. On sick pets it will also restore your pet's hitpoints. You still have to wait 30 minutes to use the Healing Springs though. If your Neopet is healthy, the Healing Springs will act like normal for you.
Tip: to make most of this boon, you would need to make your pet ill. Look at the Diseases and Cures guide to see what would make your pet catch a disease.

Available For: Order of the Red Erisim, The Seekers, (Awakened*)

Used up? Not today. Today, the laws of physics take a little nap in the Battledome, just for you.

What it does: This boon will allow you to use one-use battledome items (snowballs, muffins, potions) more than once in battle before they disappear. Some one-use items will still disappear after one use, but often, you'll find that you get to re-use them. This does not apply to once per battle items.

Available For: Thieves Guild, Order of the Red Erisim, Brute Squad, (Awakened*)

Double Bubble
There seems to be a little essence of Everlasting Apple in some of your potins. Tasty.

What it does: (UNCONFIRMED) When using Essence of Everlasting Apple on a pet it will refill so you can use it a second time.

Available For: Order of the Red Erisim, (Awakened*)

Why choose when you can carry even more implements of chaos? It's like you have another hand.

What it does: Allows you to have 9 equipped Battledome weapons instead of 8.

Available For: Brute Squad, (Awakened*)

Five-Finger Discount
The shopkeepers just like you better than everyone else. It must be your sparkling wit.

What it does: This boon will provide a 10% discount when haggling at Neopian shops. The discount only applies during haggling, so any shops that do not require haggling (like the Hidden Tower) will not be discounted.

Available For: Thieves Guild, (Awakened*)

You're feeling a bit stronger lately. Now might be a good time to stomp around at the Battledome.

What it does: (UNCONFIRMED) This boon will provide a 10% damage increase in the battledome. It may bump your pets attack up to the next training bracket. Your pet might get 17 multiplier if their stats are maxed.

Available For: Brute Squad, (Awakened*)

You suddenly feel the need to admire others' avatars... closely. Is that glitter?

What it does: This boon allows you to "steal" someone else's avatar for the duration of the boon. Instead of appearing as a normal avatar, however, it will show that you have "pilfered" the avatar from someone else. If you get bored of your new pilfered avatar, you can just steal someone else's avatar to switch. These stolen avatars do not count toward your secret avatar count.

Available For: Thieves Guild, (Awakened*)

Refreshed Quest Request
The faeries sense something within you and offer a second chance.

What it does: This boon allows refresh at the faerie quest page for a different faerie quest when you have an active faerie quest. You can only refresh each faerie quest you get one time for a new one, but if you get multiple faerie quests, you can refresh each one of them one time each for a better quest. This works with faerie fortune cookies that give you 1 guaranteed faerie quest per day. If you are trying for a fountain faerie quest and have a lot of time to spend running around the site in hopes of getting random faerie quests (or can get a faerie quest fortune cookie in the NC Mall) then this is a pretty decent boon to pick.
Tip: To avoid a Crafting Faerie Quest, change your language to Chinese before you refresh.

Available For: The Sway, Order of the Red Erisim, (Awakened*)

Right Round Round Round
You feel strangely drawn to large wheels. Perhaps your luck is turning around.

What it does: Allows you to spin each neopian wheel two times (Excitement, Extravagance, Knowledge, Mediocrity, Misfortune and Monotony) before having to wait the usual time to spin again. Useful if you're trying for wheel avatars!

Available For: Brute Squad, The Seekers, (Awakened*)

Scratch Master
You feel like hanging around scratchcard kiosks. Who knows? Maybe it's your lucky day.

What it does: This boon will allow you to purchase two scratchcards at any of the scratchcard kiosks instead of just one. Normally, you are required to wait 2 hours before purchasing another.

Available For: Thieves Guild, Brute Squad

Strength of Mind
Let others grunt and shove each other about. You feel smart enough to find another path to victory

What it does: (UNCONFIRMED) This boon will allow your pet to switch it's intelligence and strength around.

Available For:The Seekers, (Awakened*)

That Millionaire Feeling
And what a feeling it is. You are mysteriously compelled to use this gift at the Trading Post.

What it does: It appears from the boards that this boon allows you to offer up to 1mil nps on a trade instead of the 800k max there usually is. We have not seen screenshot confirmation. This is a pretty pointless boon since it does not actually save you any nps or give you any advantage since you can just use auctions to bid 1 million nps.

Available For: The Sway, (Awakened*)

If you are a Premium member, next to your regular boon, you have the added bonus of being able to choose a premium boon as well.

Premium Boons

Full Pockets
The scratchcard hums in your hands and you feel luckier. This is not the Space Faerie's doing....

What it does: This boon will increase the amount of NP awarded from your Space Faerie Scratchcards. If you win an item from your scratchcard instead, you will also be awarded an additional prize of 1,000 NP. If you have more than one unscratched card, it will apply to all of them.

Available For: Every Faction

Premium Dreamium
You feel drawn to the Games Room, determined to leave richer than you arrived.

What it does: With this boon you will be able to send one extra game score in the Premium Featured Game. So instead of being able to send 3 scores you will be able to send 4. During Games Galore, you will also get one extra score (for a total of 6 scores).

Available For: Every Faction

Prizes for losing teams
No matter how many battles you've fought, if you are on the loosing team, you will be rewarded one of the prizes listed below. If you have won a prize not listed, please neomail us. You can check the Battlegrounds to see which prize you won.

Biscuit Table Lamp

Blackberry Rug

Bobbing Lenny

Bony Bracers

Bottled Volcano Steam

Broken Desert Pottery

Checked Kitchen Chair

Cheese and Pickle Packed Lunch

Chesterdrawers Antique Almanac Vol. IV

Christmas Zafara Picture Frame

Cream Cheese Pretzel Bites

Cucumber Salad

Dipping Apples

Encyclopedia Neopia

Egg Salad Packed Lunch

Engraved Short Sword

Fiery Carved Torch

Fire Chomby Plushie

Fizzy Apple Juice

Flame Tipped Spear

Flaming Shield of Fire

Framed Toast

Freeze Dried Bacon

Garlicy Mushrooms

Gooseberry Jam Packed Lunch

Granola Parfait

Green Ruki Plushie

Green Wocky Figurine

Ham and Mustard Packed Lunch

Hot Fudge Sundae

Maractite Throwing Net

Meepit Painted Rock

Kacheek Flower Vase

Laced Wooden Staff

Muffin Baking Book

Neopian Jambalaya

Oatmeal Raisins

Orange Wocky Puzzle

Pile of Logs Foreground

Professional Sock Collections

Protective Lime Helmet

Purple Hissi Plushie

River Rocks Foreground

Ruki Ornament

Salisbury Steak

Sentimental Sediments

Set of Spoons

Singularity Play Set

Sketch Sofa

Spotted Kiko Plushie

Sturdy Blue Sword

Sunglasses Book

The Biographies of Mostly Important Neopians

The Month of Eating

Tomato Bomb

Toy Pirate Cannon

Tyrannia Travel Brochure

Volcano Diagrams

Von Roo Dice

Wooden Vampire Stake

The battledome opponents are the same as the ones you could battle during the War of the Obelisk, with the exception of the warbosses. This time, the opponents will not come in waves, you will be able to battle all five opponents from two two factions you are up against right away. This means if the batteling factions are the Thieves Guild, the Order of the Red Erisim and the Seekers and you have joined the Seekers, you will be able to battle all opponents from the Order of the Red Erisim and the Thieves Guild.


Thieves Guild

The Sway

Order of the Red Erisim

Brute Squad




Awakened have been in 63 skirmish battles. They have won 19 times. Their last battle was the week of January 29th, 2018.

Awakened Opponents
Grumpy Mummy
Released: February, 28th 2013
Difficulty: Average - 8, Strong - 10, Mighty - 12
Allegiance: Awakened
- Amulet of Chaos
- Dehydration Potion
- Dung Shield
- Enchanted Cobweb
- Pottery Shard Dagger
- Sand Blade
- Skeletal Armoured Claws
- Spearmint

- Halitosis
- Shade
Zombie Hooligan
Released: March, 3rd 2013
Difficulty: Average - 35, Strong - 42, Mighty - 53
Allegiance: Awakened
- Amulet of Chaos
- Attack Fork
- Lesser Healing Scroll
- Rustic Wooden Spoon
- Serrated Tooth Shield
- Silver Butter Knife
- Stone Club
- Wooden Scythe

- An Icicle
- Halitosis
- Positive Thinking
- Shade
Ghostly Knight
Released: March, 6th 2013
Difficulty: Average - 80, Strong - 120, Mighty - 160
Allegiance: Awakened
- Dark Dagger
- Helm of Dispair
- Scythe of Eternal Darkness
- Skeletal Armoured Claws
- Spectral Forest Bow
- Spirit Bottle
- Staff of Impenetrable Gloom
- Sword of the Dead

- An Icicle
- Meditates
- Meh
- Static Cling
Unchained Monster
Released: March, 9th 2013
Difficulty: Average - 175, Strong - 263, Mighty - 350
Allegiance: Awakened
- Axe
- Helm of Dispair
- Flaming Log Launcher
- Jagged Stone Spear
- Molten Branch Sword
- Rainbow Scorchstone
- Stone Helmet
- Uncomfortably Large Rock of Pain
- Wooden Shield

- Bandage
- Burrow
- Cranky
- Halitosis
- Sear
- Throw Pillows
Lanie and Lillie
Released: March, 12th 2013
Difficulty: Average - 225, Strong - 338, Mighty - 450
Allegiance: Awakened
- Shrunken Skull Marbles
- Rusty Cleaver
- Moehog Skull
- Fiery Battle Duck
- Zombie Fist on a Stick
- Strange Marking Stone Necklace
- Golden Candy Cane Sword
- Kings Lens

- Bandage
- Sear
- Throw Pillows
- Cranky
- Float
- Warlock's Rage

Below you can see the results from each skirmish battle. The winners of the match are in yellow.

Start DateTeam 1Team 2Team 3
February 12th, 2018Brute SquadThe OrderSeekers
January 29th, 2018AwakenedSeekersThe Order
January 15th, 2018Brute SquadThe SwayAwakened
January 1st, 2018The OrderSeekersThe Sway
December 18th, 2017Brute SquadSeekersAwakened
December 4th, 2017The SwayThieves GuildAwakened
November 20th, 2017Thieves GuildBrute SquadSeekers
October 23rd, 2017The SwayBrute SquadAwakened
October 9th, 2017AwakenedThe SwayThe Order
September 25th, 2017AwakenedThieves GuildSeekers
September 11th, 2017AwakenedBrute SquadThieves Guild
August 28th, 2017The SwayAwakenedBrute Squad
August 14th, 2017Brute SquadThieves GuildThe Order
July 31st, 2017Thieves GuildThe SwaySeekers
July 17th, 2017Thieves GuildBrute SquadAwakened
July 3rd, 2017The SwayThe OrderBrute Squad
June 19th, 2017Brute SquadSeekersThieves Guild
June 5th, 2017Thieves GuildThe OrderBrute Squad
May 22nd, 2017SeekersThe SwayThe Order
May 8th, 2017Thieves GuildSeekersAwakened
April 24th, 2017AwakenedThe SwayBrute Squad
April 10th, 2017Thieves GuildSeekersThe Order
March 27th, 2017Thieves GuildBrute SquadThe Sway
March 13th, 2017Thieves GuildAwakenedThe Order
February 27th, 2017Brute SquadThe SwaySeekers
February 13th, 2017Thieves GuildAwakenedBrute Squad
January 30th, 2017AwakenedThe OrderThe Sway
January 16th, 2017SeekersBrute SquadThe Order
January 2nd, 2017The OrderThe SwayAwakened
December 19th, 2016SeekersBrute SquadThieves Guild
December 5th, 2016The SwayAwakenedThieves Guild
November 21st, 2016Thieves GuildBrute SquadSeekers
November 7th, 2016The SwayThieves GuildBrute Squad
October 24th, 2016SeekersThieves GuildAwakened
October 10th, 2016The SwayThieves GuildSeekers
September 26th, 2016The OrderSeekersThe Sway
September 12th, 2016Thieves GuildThe OrderBrute Squad
August 29th, 2016Brute SquadThe OrderAwakened
August 15th, 2016Thieves GuildThe SwaySeekers
August 1st, 2016AwakenedThe OrderThe Sway
July 18th, 2016Thieves GuildSeekersThe Order
July 4th, 2016The SwayBrute SquadThieves Guild
June 20th, 2016AwakenedThieves GuildSeekers
June 6th, 2016Brute SquadThe SwayThieves Guild
May 23rd, 2016SeekersAwakenedThieves Guild
May 9th, 2016Brute SquadSeekersThe Order
April 25th, 2016The OrderThe SwaySeekers
April 11th, 2016SeekersBrute SquadThieves Guild
March 28th, 2016AwakenedBrute SquadThieves Guild
March 14th, 2016SeekersThe OrderThieves Guild
February 29th, 2016Brute SquadThieves GuildAwakened
February 15th, 2016The OrderThieves GuildAwakened
February 1st, 2016AwakenedSeekersThe Order
January 18th, 2016Brute SquadThe SwayThieves Guild
January 4th, 2016Thieves GuildSeekersAwakened
December 21st, 2015SeekersBrute SquadThe Order
December 7th, 2015SeekersThe OrderAwakened
November 23rd, 2015SeekersThieves GuildThe Sway
November 9th, 2015Thieves GuildThe OrderSeekers
October 26th, 2015Brute SquadThieves GuildAwakened
October 12th, 2015The SwayBrute SquadThieves Guild
September 28th, 2015AwakenedThe OrderBrute Squad
September 14th, 2015AwakenedThe OrderSeekers
August 31st, 2015The OrderAwakenedThe Sway
August 17th, 2015Brute SquadThe OrderThieves Guild
August 3rd, 2015AwakenedThe SwayThe Order
July 20th, 2015The OrderThieves GuildThe Sway
July 6th, 2015The SwayBrute SquadAwakened
June 22nd, 2015SeekersThieves GuildThe Order
June 8th, 2015Brute SquadThieves GuildAwakened
May 25th, 2015Brute SquadThieves GuildThe Order
May 11th, 2015SeekersThe OrderThieves Guild
April 27th, 2015The OrderBrute SquadAwakened
April 13th, 2015SeekersAwakenedThe Sway
March 30th, 2015The OrderSeekersThieves Guild
March 16th, 2015Brute SquadThieves GuildThe Sway
March 2nd, 2015The OrderThieves GuildBrute Squad
February 16th, 2015Brute SquadAwakenedThieves Guild
February 2nd, 2015The OrderThe SwayAwakened
January 19th, 2015AwakenedThe OrderThieves Guild
January 5th, 2015Brute SquadSeekersThieves Guild
December 22nd, 2014The OrderThieves GuildThe Sway
December 8th, 2014Brute SquadSeekersThe Order
November 24th, 2014Thieves GuildThe OrderAwakened
November 10th, 2014Brute SquadAwakenedSeekers
October 27th, 2014The SwayThieves GuildAwakened
October 13th, 2014Thieves GuildThe SwayThe Order
September 29th, 2014Thieves GuildBrute SquadAwakened
September 15th, 2014The SwayThieves GuildAwakened
September 1st, 2014SeekersThieves GuildBrute Squad
August 18th, 2014Thieves GuildThe SwayAwakened
August 4th, 2014Thieves GuildSeekersThe Order
July 21st, 2014AwakenedThe OrderThe Sway
July 7th, 2014The OrderAwakenedSeekers
June 23rd, 2014SeekersBrute SquadThe Sway
June 9th, 2014AwakenedThe OrderBrute Squad
May 26th, 2014Thieves GuildThe SwaySeekers
May 12th, 2014AwakenedThe OrderThieves Guild
April 28th, 2014SeekersAwakenedThe Sway
April 14th, 2014Brute SquadThe OrderAwakened
March 31st, 2014Thieves GuildSeekersThe Order
March 17th, 2014Brute SquadThieves GuildAwakened
March 3rd, 2014Thieves GuildBrute SquadThe Sway
February 20th, 2014Thieves GuildThe OrderSeekers
February 6th, 2014The OrderAwakenedThe Sway
January 23rd, 2014Thieves GuildThe OrderThe Sway
January 9th, 2014Brute SquadAwakenedThe Order
December 26th, 2013The SwaySeekersAwakened
December 12th, 2013Brute SquadAwakenedThe Order
November 28th, 2013SeekersThieves GuildThe Sway
November 14th, 2013The OrderSeekersThieves Guild
October 31st, 2013Brute SquadThieves GuildThe Sway
October 17th, 2013Thieves GuildThe OrderSeekers
October 3rd, 2013Brute SquadThe SwaySeekers
September 19th, 2013Brute SquadThe SwayThieves Guild
September 5th, 2013AwakenedSeekersThe Order
August 22nd, 2013Brute SquadThe SwaySeekers
August 8th, 2013AwakenedBrute SquadThieves Guild
July 25th, 2013AwakenedSeekersThe Sway
July 11th, 2013AwakenedThe SwayThieves Guild
June 27th, 2013Brute SquadThe OrderThieves Guild
June 13th, 2013AwakenedSeekersThe Sway
May 30th, 2013AwakenedThe SwayBrute Squad
May 16th, 2013The OrderThe SwaySeekers
May 2nd, 2013Thieves GuildThe OrderSeekers

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