Barf Boat

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General Info
Captain Arf just can't seem to help himself. Every night before he sets sail he manages to make himself ill, gorging on the delicious leftovers from the Golden Dubloon.

It is your job to help him steer his boat in this sickly state. It sounds like an easy enough job but when a storm brews, you'll quickly learn that keeping the decks clean and the crew on board is a little more difficult than you thought.

How to Play
Use your left and right directional buttons to steer the ship, keeping all of your crew on board and safe from your weaponry. Pressing the spacebar will command your crew to jump; you can also use the spacebar to "jump" bombs off the edge of the boat, and to bring petpets back into the boat.

You will begin the game with only one petpet on the screen, but as the game progresses more and more will appear from the boxes on the deck. The more petpets you can keep on the boat at one time, the more points you will score, so try to balance them out as best you can.

Often you will see Captain Arf barf over the ship. Sometimes he just can't hold it in. At this point, your control of the ship will be limited so be careful.

After about a score of 500, the storm grows thicker and the boat begins to bounce every now and then, making it harder to remain stable.

The game ends when there are no petpets left on deck. Ye can't sail a ship with no crew, matey! To signify the end of the game, Cap'n Arf will let out one last hurl, then it's Game Over. Savvy?

Obstacles and Bonuses
Sometimes bombs will be rocked out of your weaponry and onto the deck. If they make contact with a crew member they will explode, throwing them off the ship.
Poor Captain Arf. Often he will find the seas too rocky and barf all over the deck. Though this has no effect on your crew members, the Captain can't steer the ship while he is sick, so for a second or two, you will lose control.
Coins can appear on the deck and award extra points when they make contact with your crew members. The amount of points awarded depends on the coin, ranging from 30 to even 300 points.

Your score is reliant on the number of petpets currently on the deck. Having a single petpet on the deck is worth 3 points per second; each petpet after that adds two points to your per second score. For example, 2 petpets would be worth 5 points per second, where five petpets would be worth 9 points per second.

Score Rankings
On the High Scores List, these are the obtainable rankings.
Beginner 0-225
Amateur 226-451
Novice 452-676
Expert 677-846
Master 847-1015
Grand Master 1015+

Extreme Mode
Uh-oh! In this mode, Captain Arf has abandoned ship and is now sailing a tiny rowboat. Now there is less room for petpets and more room for failure.

This mode is played in much the same way as Normal mode: the controls are all the same, but scoring is doubled due to the difficulty of the game. 

Focus on just 1 petpet
While you can get more points for having more petpets alive, if you are are struggling with this game it's better to focus on just 1 petpet. This strategy works well when going for Daily Dare or Game Master Challenge Scores, and sometimes your score will be enough to get a trophy. Focus your attention on a center petpet and try to keep it alive as long as you can, ignoring the other petpets. You may need to change the petpet you are focusing on if it wanders too far away or has a cannonball you can't avoid. Be prepared to switch your attention to a new central petpet in that case.

Sometimes double just isn't enough.
Even though Extreme mode awards double the points, it is much more difficult than Normal mode. Unless you are super-skilled at the game, stick to normal mode.

Bombs will n'er be ye mateys.
Let's face it: bringing those bombs along was not a good idea. Try to tip them off the ship before they knock out one of your crew members, whilst not letting the crew go with them. If one comes close to exploding by one of your petpets, press the space bar to jump out of the way.

All that glitters is not gold.
Even though coins can be very valuable, they are not worth going overboard for. Work hard to get them, but be careful not to follow them into the deep blue.

Keep an eye on ye Captain.
Just before Captain Arf takes a barf, he will turn a peculiar shade of green. Let this be a warning and try not to have any petpets too close to the edge at this time.