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Below you can see a complete list of all the Secret Avatars, how to get them, and their matching fonts. If you are looking for some of our older fonts, check out the Old Fonts page.

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That's Not Rubbish
Collect a rare item from the Meridell Rubbish Dump.

Items that are confirmed to work are: Apple Cores, Bottled Faeries and Petpets.

This is what your post will look like on the neoboards!

another neopets treasure


Master Vex
You get this avatar while playing Cellblock. Tournament level 3 seems to be the lowest level people have reported getting it thus far.
The Neopian Times Editorial Issue 210 said getting the avatar is not random, as you can see below:

TNT, can you make it where you can go back to tournament 1 on cellblock, most game avatars are hard to get, true. but dang this is just crazy, at least on flash games it dosnt just keep getting harder and harder to the point where you cant play it anymore, thats just crazy. it bugs about 30% of the people that play and arnt lucky couse you made the avatar random, i mean why does it have to be "SUPER HARD" AND "random". dosnt make it fair one bit for us unlucky ones.
We will look into a reset feature, however the avatar is not random. Not random at all. From what we've seen, not one person has actually figured out the real trick to getting the avatar. It may seem random, but it's not by any means. I think it's the only one we've ever really stumped people with. *cackle*

Edna - Cackle!
Complete an Edna's Quest. Getting this avatar appears to be random. However, there have been clues indicating that it is not random. From what we've gathered, everyone who has received the avatar did a quest where Edna asked for three items. This does not mean that you will automatically get the avatar when completing a 3 item quest! It means it is random when doing 3 item quests and getting the avatar with 1 or 2 item quests is not possible. Once we have confirmation we will post it on the site.

E D N A - *cackle*
¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯


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