SN Staff Customisation Spotlight

In addition to the AC Customisation Spotlight, the SunnyNeo Staffmembers had their own little AC spotlight. Our Pets all enjoy the Altador Cup very much, and we've dressed them up according to this. This time however, you'll be the judges! You can now vote on the Pets you think are best dressed up to support their team.

Staff Spotlight Categories

Team Support

Team Player

Outside the Colosseum

Team Player

Who needs to support a team when you can play yourself? Maybe these Pets have secret skills for goal keeping or maybe they want to train to be able to play during the next Altador Cup. Maybe they even look like a player. Here you can show what a great Yooyuball player your Pet will be .

Name: BrainsMortigan
Supports: Haunted Woods
Altador Cup Brooch Discarded Yooyuball Gear Foreground Vintage Haunted Woods Altador Cup Jersey

Garin Wig Gilded Yooyuball Chalice Scored Goal Background
Description:Celebrating every scored goal and the opponents carnage left behind ^-^

Name: Remus
Supports: Altador
Altador Cup V Champion Laurel Altador Cup V Competition Torch Holiday Yooyu Garland King Altador Yooyuball Statue

Altador Altador Cup Jersey Altador Cup Flag Cape Altador Cup V MVP Skirt Archway to the Winners Circle Background Autumn Leaf Face Paint Spinning Altador Cup Star Belt Starburst Shower Winged Altadorian Sandals
Description: Remus hopes one day he will become a great Yooyuball player, just like his all time hero, King Altador once was. Playing in the Altador Cup might be one step to far for him right now, but he is all ready for the winner's circle.

Name: vktory
Supports: Roo Island
Altador Cup Roo Island Frame Black Square Glasses Vintage Roo Island Altador Cup Jersey

Adorable Wonderland Shoes and Tights Brilliant Blue Faerie Wings Commemorative Roo Island Jester Staff Games Master Challenge NC Challenge 2010 Lulu Wig Lighted Rainbow Branch Garland Rainbow Gloves Red Bell-bottom Trousers Roo Island Altador Cup Locker Room Background Silvery Blue Star Makeup
Description: Vktory dreams of playing for team Roo Island in the AC Games! She has finally made a name for herself in the minor league by winning MVP. She is hoping that when a spot opens up she will be the number one name on a list to fill the roster!