Altador Cup Ranks

As you play more games in the Altador Cup, your Rank will go up. Playing Yooyuball will gain you the most points, followed by Slushie Slinger. Finally Make some Noise and Shootout Showdown will earn you the least points.

On this page you can see all the Rank Shields, if you want to know how you can advance to the next rank, use SunnyNeo's Altador Cup Rank Calculator.

The table also shows how many games you should have played to achieve this rank. Of course you can also use a combination of these games. You do not have to have 50 Yooyuball wins to be level 1, you can also have 49 Yooyuball wins, 5 Make some Noise games and 2 Slushie Slinger games (see the calculator for combinations)

Altador Cup XIII

0 Yooyu ball wins
0 Yooyu ball draws
0 Make some noise games
0 Slushie slinger games
0 Shootout showdown games

19 Yooyu ball wins
55 Yooyu ball draws
220 Make some noise games
37 Slushie slinger games
220 Shootout showdown games

38 Yooyu ball wins
110 Yooyu ball draws
440 Make some noise games
74 Slushie slinger games
440 Shootout showdown games

57 Yooyu ball wins
165 Yooyu ball draws
660 Make some noise games
111 Slushie slinger games
660 Shootout showdown games

76 Yooyu ball wins
220 Yooyu ball draws
880 Make some noise games
148 Slushie slinger games
880 Shootout showdown games

105 Yooyu ball wins
303 Yooyu ball draws
1210 Make some noise games
204 Slushie slinger games
1210 Shootout showdown games

133 Yooyu ball wins
385 Yooyu ball draws
1540 Make some noise games
259 Slushie slinger games
1540 Shootout showdown games

162 Yooyu ball wins
468 Yooyu ball draws
1870 Make some noise games
315 Slushie slinger games
1870 Shootout showdown games

190 Yooyu ball wins
550 Yooyu ball draws
2200 Make some noise games
370 Slushie slinger games
2200 Shootout showdown games

228 Yooyu ball wins
660 Yooyu ball draws
2640 Make some noise games
444 Slushie slinger games
2640 Shootout showdown games

266 Yooyu ball wins
770 Yooyu ball draws
3080 Make some noise games
518 Slushie slinger games
3080 Shootout showdown games

304 Yooyu ball wins
880 Yooyu ball draws
3520 Make some noise games
592 Slushie slinger games
3520 Shootout showdown games

342 Yooyu ball wins
990 Yooyu ball draws
3960 Make some noise games
666 Slushie slinger games
3960 Shootout showdown games

390 Yooyu ball wins
1128 Yooyu ball draws
4510 Make some noise games
759 Slushie slinger games
4510 Shootout showdown games

437 Yooyu ball wins
1265 Yooyu ball draws
5060 Make some noise games
851 Slushie slinger games
5060 Shootout showdown games

485 Yooyu ball wins
1403 Yooyu ball draws
5610 Make some noise games
944 Slushie slinger games
5610 Shootout showdown games

532 Yooyu ball wins
1540 Yooyu ball draws
6160 Make some noise games
1036 Slushie slinger games
6160 Shootout showdown games

589 Yooyu ball wins
1705 Yooyu ball draws
6820 Make some noise games
1147 Slushie slinger games
6820 Shootout showdown games

646 Yooyu ball wins
1870 Yooyu ball draws
7480 Make some noise games
1258 Slushie slinger games
7480 Shootout showdown games

703 Yooyu ball wins
2035 Yooyu ball draws
8140 Make some noise games
1369 Slushie slinger games
8140 Shootout showdown games

Rank:All Star
760 Yooyu ball wins
2200 Yooyu ball draws
8800 Make some noise games
1480 Slushie slinger games
8800 Shootout showdown games