Altador Cup Rank Calculator

What is on this page?
This calculator can be used to determine which rank you have in Altador Cup, and how many games you should be playing in order to get the rank of your desire.

How to use this calculator
In the fields below you can enter your current game statistics, you can find them on the Altador Cup Games page. After you've filled in how many Yooyuball games you've won, drawn and how many times you've played Slushie Slinger, Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown you can fill in the rank of your desire. This can be the next rank, or your ultimate rank. The calculator will then calculate how many more points you need and how you can achieve this number of points.

All the games except Yooyuball have minimum scores, this means that you need to get above certain score, or the games will not count towards your overall points.

Game Minimum Score
Yooyuball No Minimum score
Make Some Noise 2,700
Slushie Slinger 270
Shootout Showdown 35

UPDATE: We've made some changes to the calculator to fix some slight inconsistencies with rank calculation, and to factor in recent TNT changes.
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Slushie Slinger:
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Make Some Noise:
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Shootout Showdown:
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Altador Cup XVIII (2023)

On June 5th, 2023, TNT released an announcement decreasing the required points to rankup by 25%. This will allow you to achieve your desired rank slightly faster.

Hi Neopians, we have an update on the Altador Cup! 🚨

Because we know how time-consuming this event can be, we decided to implement a quick quality-of-life change. We are scaling down the maximum games cap and rank requirements by 25% and adjusting the Prize Pool proportionally. You can still play all of your same favourite games, but without as much of the burnout... and you will reap all the same benefits! We hope this helps you better lead your team to victory this year! 🏆