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The Altador Cup season is each year in June. The rest of the year, the players may still get into all sorts of adventures. You can read them here.


The Faeries' Ruin Effect on the Altador Cup teams

A Bit of Background Info...

In September, Year 12, the annual Faerie Festival abruptly came to a halt due to an unforeseen curse that turned the entire faerie population in Neopia to stone!

As the months dragged on, Neopia learnt how much danger they were in without the faeries monitoring the overall welfare of the planet. A crack team of heroes (King Altador, two of Altador's guards, King Jazan of Qasala, Captain Brynn of Brightvale, Xandra the scholar, the Ogrin Top Chop Master and Hanso the self-proclaimed master thief) went out of their way to rescue the sinking Faerieland in order to save Neopia from a horrible fate.

Many had to do battle with Shadow Wraiths that plagued the planet and drained the life out of anything they passed. It was a grim time for all.

But the destination for Faerieland was a direct collision just outside of the Haunted Woods and Xandra revealled her true powers for Neopia's rule. At that point Xandra had turned everyone in the vicinity of her into stone after tricking our heroes into believing that an ancient ritual would save the doomed world. Hanso and Brynn had been spared from the ritual's effects because Xandra believed that they could help her reform Neopia "in her image".

Brynn battled against Oblivion whilst Hanso deliberately antagonised Xandra to overload the artefact that started this mess (he liberated it from her a second time since the start of the plot) which led up to the most selfless heroic deed in Neopian history...

Hanso sacrificed himself to save the world by destroying the energy-charged artefact, petrifying himself and Xandra in the process of breaking the evil spell. This unpetrifed our fallen heroes and the faeries... although earlier on in the plot, Xandra had killed off Hubrid Nox to aid her plans and sadly he could not return.

With the faeries freed along with our other heroes, Queen Fyora returned the favour to Hanso, asking him to revisit her when he was fully healed...
(For more information about the plot, please see our The Faeries' Ruin plot coverage.)

But due to the catastrophic effect this was having on the Neopian world itself, our Altador Cup stars suffered during the off-season as well.
Today you will hear from the players themselves about how The Faeries' Ruin impacted their lives and training possibilities in the duration of the global crisis.

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Darigan Citadel


Haunted Woods

Kiko Lake

Krawk Island


Lost Desert




Mystery Island

Roo Island


Terror Mountain



Team Mystery Island

Mystery Island

Similar to Krawk Island, Team Mystery Island found themselves land-locked from unforeseen stormy weather. No sunbathing for them when they saw Shadow Wraiths take form as Faerieland plunged to Neopia!


We started gettin' tropical rain in the midst of winter... What the heck was that about?

I had to avoid the ocean. The waves were too harsh and maelstroms could be seen as far as Krawk Island.

So we all decided that indoor Yooyuball practice was a good idea.

But that wasn't all! Visitors who had climbed to the top of Techo Mountain could see that Faerieland was in horrible danger. It just morphed into this grim dark cloud that shot lightning everywhere!

It wasn't just shooting lightning, it was also falling towards land!

The Great Pango Pango was livid.

Yeah, I wonder if someone did something to really peeve our fearless god.

I just hope it wasn't because of that accidental own goal I did this season...

No it'd have to be much worse than an own goal to anger Pango Pango.

Whatever it was that angered him, we were under siege by waves of shadow spirits.

Yes! It is a good thing we had much practice in the Training School because we had a lot of shadows to battle.

So much for Yooyuball. We were off fightin'.

All the while Faerieland was disappearing into the distance. Once the weather had cleared up and the shadows were dispelled, we heard off tourists that Faerieland had crashed somewhere by the Haunted Woods and the faeries were back to rebuild.

Pango Pango must've been angry with the faeries and the Haunties then.

Makes sense. I mean, Jhuidah was turned to stone so he must've been furious!

I never really bothered with the Cooking Pot anyway.

Anyway, now it's nice weather, we have Yooyuball to play!