Customisation Spotlight

Each year we run a customisation spotlight on a few neoboards. The goal of this is to find the ultimate supporter for each team. Which pet is customised in the best way to support their team. This can be done by painting, clothes, trinkets etc. The pets you see below are the winners for each team. These are the pets of which we thought that they were the best customised to support their team, balancing support for the location and interest in the Altador Cup games. You can use the images of the winners for your inspiration to dress up your own pet.

Altador Cup XV

AC XV Customization Spotlight Entries CLOSED

  • Only enter your pet - not someone elses
  • Your Neopet must be dressed to fit the theme to which you are submitting
  • You can only enter a pet once, at the risk of being disqualified otherwise
  • You are allowed to enter as many pets as you like
  • You can enter any pet you want, both main and side accounts
  • Your Neopet does not have to support the AC team you are supporting. If you're entering more than 1 Neopet, they may support different teams. So your Maraquan Kacheek can support Maraqua, while your Kiko may support Kiko Lake.
  • Copying a previous entry will be disqualified
  • We are not giving out any prizes/awards. This is simply for fun to see who has the most spirit.

This year we are going back to Classic Customisation Spotlight. We want to just see your pets with some new items supporting their favored teams. There are so many new items from previous Altador Cups as well as items that have not been utilized to their potential. We are also going to drop the two categories of NP Only and NC Included - there will only be one winner per team. Show you support your team the best with the most creative and new look you can muster. Show us what you've got.

Customisation Spotlight Winners


Wild Snowdrops Foreground Sturdy Peophin Sword

PB Clothing:
ElderlyGirl Peophin Wig Royal Boy Peophin Cloak Royal Boy Peophin Bracers Royal Boy Peophin Tail Band

Altador Shores Background Brushed Gold Face Paint Tangerine Contacts


Brightvale Books Background Altador Cup Brightvale Frame Brightvale Headband Light Faerie Eye Shadow Fancy Brightvale Gown King Hagans Royal Cape Altador Cup Brooch Yooyu Balloons Yooyuball Stuck in a Tree

Forest Dweller Face Paint Delicate Earth Faerie Shoes

Darigan Citadel

Altador Cup Background - Darigan Altador Cup Darigan Citadel Frame Team Darigan Citadel Cap Dark Faerie Eye Shadow Vintage Darigan Altador Cup Jersey Altador Cup Brooch Wellington Boots Darigan Spike Ball

Dyeworks Black: Silver Star Bracers Black Tattered Skirt Dark Faerie Magic Effect


Fyoras Balcony Altador Cup Faerieland Frame Faerie Bubble String Lights Earth Faerie Daisy Ring Earth Faerie Eye Shadow Jungle Foliage Face Paint Altador Cup Brooch Team Faerieland Wrist Bands Illusens Laced Slippers Pretty Fyora Potted Flowers

Faerieland Team Toga Homemade Lavender Faerie Wings Colourful Pom-poms

Haunted Woods

Vintage Haunted Woods Altador Cup Jersey Wraith Staff The Wraith Resurgence Participant Badge

New Years in Haunted Woods Background Haunted Woods Team Confetti Celebration Haunted Woods Team Yooyuball Racket Haunted Woods Team Trousers and Cleats Flaming Yooyuballs Foreground Wraith Fog

Kiko Lake

Underground Kiko Lake Background Altador Cup Kiko Lake Frame Bubbles in the Lake

Nightmare Nautilus Wig Dyeworks Black: Rich Golden Eye Makeup Elegant Bone Shrug Kiko Lake Team Toga Sparkling Multi-Strand Gothic Necklace Kiko Lake Official Team Badge Spiky Bracelet

Krawk Island

Warf Wharf Beach Background Altador Cup Krawk Island Frame Ship Ropes Garland Mousy Pirate Headband Red Eye Shadow Yooyu Table Tennis Racket Caution - Pirates Sign

PB Clothing:
Christmas Vandagyre Boots

Dyeworks Red: Iscas Dress


Altador Cup Maraqua Frame Warrior Wig Icy Altador Cup Shoulder Bandage Swanky Denim Jacket Millipod Skirt Tartan Ogrin Shoes Gormball Splat Foreground

Ancient Ruins of the Colosseum Maraqua Team Yooyuball Racket


Altador Cup Meridell Frame Red Eye Shadow Cosmic Space Faerie Leggings

Colosseum Tunnel Background Meridellian Festive Flags Long Shiny Red Wig Red Eye Patch Mask Meridell Team Glitter Face Paint Golden Gear Wings Altador Cup Winner Sash Dyeworks Purple: Dark Lace Dress Meridell Team Cuffs Sparkle Body Effect Satin Ribbon Wood Staff Falling Hearts Garland Meridell Team Garland


Altador Cup Pendant Necklace Team Moltara Wrist Bands Altador Cup Fan Goblet Team Moltara Gym Bag

Moltara Altador Cup Locker Room Background Moltara Team Crazy Wig Moltara Team Face Makeup Moltara Altador Cup Team Spirit Banners Moltara Altador Cup Jersey Moltara Team Trousers and Cleats