NC Challenge

Starting Altador Cup IV, TNT began to hold NC Challenges. They are similar to previous game-based NC Challenges, you need to buy a ticket at the NC Mall. With this ticket you could compete in various challenges during the Altador Cup. When successfully completed all the challenges and you received an exclusive bonus Neocash item prize.

Altador Cup IV

The NC Challenge begun at 12:00:00 AM Neopian Standard Time (NST), June 2nd, 2009 and ended at 12:00:00 AM NST, July 6th, 2009.

As previously mentioned, you needed to obtain special challenge tickets fom the NC Mall. Tickets were released late in the day on June 2. A 34-Game Ticket Pack sells for 2500 NC. 10-Game Ticket Pack is 900 NC, 5-Game Ticket Pack is 500 NC, 1-Game Ticket Pack is 200 NC.

To take part, you had to buy (or be gifted) NC challenge tickets from the Altador Cup Shop in the NC mall. Once you have bought a ticket, you had to activate it. Once activated, you could select a challenge from the Altador Cup NC Challenge main page.

Each challenge costed 1 ticket. Once you selected a challenge to complete, you could play that game as many times as you liked to complete the challenge. You had until the end of the Altador Cup to complete the challenges. Beware, you couldn't start a new challenge untill you had completed any challenge that was in progress.

After the NC challenge is over, the tickets cannot be used anymore, but you can still show them off in galleries, etc. Tickets can't be used for any future NC challenges.

Bonus items
These bonus prizes were awarded for completing all 7 NC Challenges

Bonus Items

Crazy Techo Fanatic Hat

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Challenges & Prizes
The NC Mall Challenge started on June 2nd and lasted until July 5th 2009. The game you had to play was Shootout Showdown, and all it required was to score 5 goals. These were the prizes:

June 2nd (1) June 3rd (2) June 4th (3)

Designer Eye Patch

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Waving Altador Cup Pennant

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June 5th (4) June 6th (5) June 7th (6)

Crazy Altador Cup Foam Hat

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Laurel Leaf Belt

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Referee Smasher

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June 8th (7) June 9th (8) June 10th (9)

Blast Off Space Rocket

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Green Island Hat

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Pretzel with Melted Cheese
June 11th (10) June 12th (11) June 13th (12)

Golden Yooyu Locket

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Maraquan Wind Chimes

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Altador Cup This Way Sign

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Extra Large Jousting Lance

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June 14th (13) June 15th (14) June 16th (15)

Virtupets Map Screen

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June 17th (16) June 18th (17) June 19th (18)

Tyrannian Lunch Bag

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Yooyuball Snowglobe

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Altador Cup Nail Varnish Set

King Altadors Golden Noil Throne

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June 20th (19) June 21st (20) June 22nd (21)

Skeletal Face Paint

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Kiko Hammer

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Yooyuball Lava Lamp

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June 23rd (22) June 24th (23) June 25th (24)

Spike Darigan Bracers

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Yooyu Purse

(Click to Preview)

Sparkling Ice Staff

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June 26th (25) June 27th (26) June 28th (27)

Faerie Make-up

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Fiery Yooyu Pizza

Delicate Desert Pottery

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June 29th (28) June 30th (29) July 1st (30)

Rough Game Bandage

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Gikerot Kite

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Yooyu Marble Set

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July 2nd (31) July 3rd (32) July 4th (33)

Altador Cup Warm-up Tote

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Rag Doll Yooyu Plushie

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Altador Cup Sunglasses

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July 5th (34)

Frequently Asked Questions
Below you can see a list of frequently asked questions regarding the challenges from Neopets.

What is the Altador Cup NC Challenge?
The Altador Cup NC Challenge is a brand-new addition to the Altador Cup tournament. To participate in the Altador Cup NC Challenge, you must purchase a Game Ticket (or a pack of multiple Game Tickets) from the NC Mall. The Altador Cup NC Challenge features Shootout Showdown, the new Altador Cup game. There are 34 game challenges (one for each day of the event): 30 regular tournament challenges and 4 finals challenges. To successfully complete a game challenge and earn the special Neocash item prize, you must match or beat the posted score for that challenge. Each game challenge offers its own unique Neocash item prize. If you successfully complete all 34 game challenges, you will earn an additional, extra-exclusive Neocash item prize.

When does the Altador Cup NC Challenge begin and end?
The Challenge will begin on June 2nd, 2009 at 12:00 AM Neopian Standard Time (NST) and end on July 6th, 2009 at 12:00 AM NST.

How does the Altador Cup NC Challenge work?
To get started, head to the NC Mall to purchase your Game Ticket(s). You can choose from the following options: 1-Game Ticket, 5-Game Ticket Pack, 10-Game Ticket Pack, or 34-Game Ticket Pack. After purchase, you may activate the ticket(s) for game play by clicking on the item in your Inventory and then selecting "Activate Your Altador Cup NC Challenge Game Ticket(s)" from the drop-down menu. Once your ticket is activated, go to the Altador Cup NC Challenge hub page and choose the game challenge for the day you'd like (e.g. "Day 4"). If you earn the required number of goals for that game challenge, you will win a special Neocash item prize!

Where do I get Game Tickets for the Altador Cup NC Challenge?
Game Tickets can be purchased from the NC Mall Altador Cup Shop in the following quantities: 1-Game Ticket, 5-Game Ticket Pack, 10-Game Ticket Pack, and 34-Game Ticket Pack. The more tickets in the pack, the greater the savings! You may also receive Game Tickets as gifts from other Neopets users. Note: You will need 34 Game Tickets to successfully complete the entire Altador Cup NC Challenge (30 regular tournament challenges, plus 4 finals challenges) and earn the extra-exclusive bonus Neocash item prize.

How many Game Tickets can I purchase?
You can purchase as many Game Tickets as you like, but a maximum of 34 can be used for game challenges. If you have extra Game Tickets that have not been activated in your Inventory, you can gift them to other users (using NC Gift Boxes) or place them in your Gallery or Safety Deposit Box.

What if I buy a 5-Game Ticket Pack and then a 34-Game Ticket Pack? Will I be able to use the extra tickets on challenges, too?
No. There are only 34 game challenges in the Altador Cup NC Challenge, so any ticket you activate over 34 will not be eligible for challenges. However, you can collect or gift any extra Game Tickets as stated in FAQ #5. No refunds will be given on Game Tickets, so please be sure to do the math before purchasing and activating your tickets.

Do the Game Tickets expire? Can I keep them after the Altador Cup NC Challenge is over?
Game Tickets purchased in 2009 will only be valid for game play during this year.s Altador Cup NC Challenge, which begins on June 2nd at 12:00 AM NST and ends on July 6th at 12:00 AM NST. You're welcome to keep Game Tickets that have not been activated in your Inventory, Gallery, or Safety Deposit Box after that date, if you'd like.

Is it OK to give Game Tickets to other users?
Yes, you may give Game Tickets that have not been activated to other users as gifts using NC Gift Boxes (1 ticket / ticket pack per NC Gift Box). Once a ticket has been activated, it can no longer be gifted. Game Tickets, as with all Neocash items, cannot be sold or traded.

Do I have to be logged in to my Neopets account to participate in the Altador Cup NC Challenge?
Yes, you must be logged in to take part in the Altador Cup NC Challenge.

Do I have to be on an Altador Cup team to participate in the Altador Cup NC Challenge?
No, you do not have to be registered to a team to take part in the Altador Cup NC Challenge. However, if you are on an Altador Cup team, your team will automatically receive points when you play the Altador Cup NC Challenge, just as it would in normal Altador Cup tournament play.

Everything is greyed out on the NC Challenge page, even though I have a Game Ticket. Is there something wrong?
No, it simply means your Game Ticket(s) has not been activated yet. Please go to your Inventory, click on the ticket or ticket pack you would like to activate, and select "Activate Your Altador Cup NC Challenge Game Ticket(s)" from the drop-down menu in the item pop-up. Once you have activated your ticket(s), you will be able to select any game challenge.

Do I have to play the game challenges in any special order?
No, as long as that day's game challenge is available for play, you may play it. However, you must have an activated Game Ticket available (see FAQ #3) and no game challenges in progress (see FAQ #13).

I started playing a game challenge but haven.t been able to earn the required number of goals to complete it. Can I try a different game challenge?
No, sorry, you can only play one game challenge at a time. You will not be able to start playing another game challenge until you have successfully completed the one that.s in progress.

Can I play a game challenge more than once?
Yes, once you have initiated a game challenge, you may play that game and send your score as many times as you would like. However, you will only earn Neopoints on the first three scores you send for that game per day.

I haven't been able to score the required number of goals for the game challenge I am playing. Can I keep trying? Do I have to score all the goals in the same game of Shootout Showdown?
Yes, you can keep trying to meet the goal requirements for a game challenge, though you can only send your score to earn Neopoints three times in a day. You may play the game challenge as many times as necessary to earn the required numbers of goals, which are counted cumulatively across games and days.

Can I sell and/or trade Altador Cup NC Challenge prizes?
No, all of the Altador Cup NC Challenge prizes are Neocash items, so you may not sell or trade them for Neopoints, Neopoint items, Neocash, or any other currency. However, you may gift them or trade them for other Neocash items using NC Gift Boxes.

The NC Mall is not available in my country. Will I be able to participate in the Altador Cup NC Challenge?
Unfortunately, you will not be able to participate in the NC Challenge. Other users can send you Altador Cup NC Challenge Game Tickets, but you will not be able to successfully activate or use them for game play. You may show tickets off in your Gallery, though!